Digital Audio Reboot Experience



In me presenting D.A.R.E, the FULL JOURNEY MIX, nothing about the following constitutes hyperbole. To the contrary it’s necessarily understated.


Will embolden you,
Heal you,
Invigorate you,
Motivate you,
Nourish you…at a soul level,


exponentially, permanently and profoundly in six listening sessions spread over ten days – headphones recommended.


You can dance
You can lie down
You can walk
You can run
You can sleep
You can travel,
While it’s playing,

You can play it loud,
You can play it quietly

You can love the music
You can be indifferent to the music

You get the benefit either way

If you like the music too that’s a bonus for you

You will notice the effect starting immediately

It took over 9,000 hours over a 20-month span to produce D.A.R.E.

The reason:

There are binaural beats to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The signals, one left, one right, have to be out of time with each other. These had to be disguised within the various syncopated beats and sounds with utmost care – if a fraction over the optimal differential it would throw the groove.

The combination of healing frequencies used, some with tuning forks, some by tuning synthesizers generated unexpected fluctuations and required intensive management. This had to be done painstakingly by ear with extreme sensitivity, due to between one and twenty different frequencies playing simultaneously. These had to be carefully blended because the most miniscule degree of sharpness/flatness would produce disproportionate discordancy. They also had to be loud enough in the mix to resonate fully with all the various points and regions in the body, but if a fraction too loud would overwhelm the other instrumentation – and your ears.

There’s a roster of subliminal affirmations with sixteen different affirmations playing at any one time, each bouncing from left to right and back at different speeds to form a constant rhythm in time with the track, because though either almost or completely inaudible, the slightest rhythmic inconsistency would throw the whole track – and your subconscious. This required great attention at the level of minute detail.

The audible topline narrative comprises advanced, refined hypnotherapy method and technique – extremely subtle, extremely effective – and innovative use of affirmation, with voice simultaneously deployed as musical instrument. There are up to ten different vocal tracks playing at any one time to create the final vocal narrative, each with a different sound treatment to produce a fully fluid, seamless 3D experience as the words go along – side to side, front to back, down to up. This took enormous attention to detail, often just moving half- or quarter-syllables from track to track to achieve perfection.

Set in a fully contemporary/future deep/tech-house discerning main room events style sound context, in order to anchor the experience in the safe roots of the collective deep past, whether played on dance-floors or dancing around the kitchen floor, or just lying down in bed, the original non-derivative and unique musical composition honors variously the tone poems of Ludwig Van Beethoven, particularly Opus 196 & 197, Vaughn Williams, The Lark Ascending, and Edward Elgar (not Land of Hope and Glory), the B-Bop of Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, Leonard Bernstein’s show tunes for West Side Story, the Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan and all his predecessors, the Country Rock of Guy Clarke, and the altered state soundtracks of the Pink Floyd from Saucerful of Secrets through to Wish You Were Here.


Full 69 minute journey on a sea of meticulously layered symphonic psychoactive dance music for elevated consciousness set in a sequence of five interlocking rich & hypnotic deep/tech-house symphonies with high musicality factor…

To take you through an accelerated evolution process.

To accomplish a sound sonic structure with so many elements to balance, along with the anyway challenging process of arriving at optimal sound quality, sounding both crystal clear yet soft – not strident – and easy on the ear, while also maintaining the excitement of the groove – and, while retaining constant levels of soul – required extreme exactitude and discernment.

As well as the sonic tone of the music, the top line narrative is entirely original, lyrical and musical in delivery and style, method and content, yet follows the traditional hypnotherapy format: induction, deepening, reframing-repositioning, acceleration-intensification, reinforcement-reentry, as follows:


The production values are of the highest possible standard. Although total perfection is impossible, this is as near perfect as perfect can be.

What happens:

You put on headphones or put in earpieces, set the volume to optimal, comfortable loudness levels, to achieve total immersion without ear-strain.

You sit down, lie down, stand up, move around, as suits your mood, press play and let yourself be taken on a 69 minute journey unlike any you’ve ever been on before, so be prepared.


When the 69 minutes is up, go round again if you feel it, or take off the headphones and take a moment to allow your subconscious to settle into accommodating the enormous wave of sensory information input it’s just accepted.

Then carry on as you were and repeat the same action at least six times over any ten-day period in order to set up the optimal recognition-resonance pattern in the subconscious.

Pay attention to subsequent changes in patterns of thought, habit and behavior, and in the way you operate and succeed in ways you’d not explored before. This will start occurring noticeably approximately six days subsequent to the sixth listening session, depending on your natural pace of assimilation.

If you increase the frequency of sessions and continue for much longer than ten days the effect is exponentially cumulative.

This will show up in your manifesting facility, as well as in your mental and physical health.

Swiftly transcend self-created limitations and deficit of confidence and self-belief and draw far more of whatever you require, both in quantity and quality, with far more ease, fluidity and speed, and have far more fun doing it.

Your relationship and dialogue with Tao will develop and grow increasingly central to all experience.

You will feel increasingly at home, safe, guided and provided for.

You will default increasingly to the joyful state.



FULL JOURNEY MIX, and the price of $77:

Aside from price being set to be relatively congruent with pricing of other audio-based state-changing products, bearing in mind the indescribable dedication and input of time, focus, energy, skill, creativity and soul, over 9,000 hours to bring this to fruition and have it available for you, a little over $1 per minute is extreme good value – and 77 is a lucky number – in numerological terms it represents a booster rocket in the manifesting process – it’s lucky for me, and now it’s lucky for you.

Call to action:

For now,
Play the sample to get a feel – the variation of mood and tone across the full cycle is immense – this sample  represents just one of many:

Purchase D.A.R.E for yourself and/or another

Give thanks as do I for your grace, discernment and wisdom in following all the above,
Assuming you like what you hear, that is, and so consider the preceding constitutes a creditable descriptor.

And spread awareness of it to as many as you can.

Because the more of us who get healed by it, the better it is for all.

Digital Audio Reboot Experience


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“I hear silence much louder while listening. I see my normal, natural, kookie self shining. I want to dance and my jaw bones lift and I am smiling and very close to giggle which is nice. It works best when I stay connected to the beat rather than spiral off into rogue moves. It is boosting my sense of humour playfully and joyfully. I feel connected to my fellow beings and in the global soup. I am bursting out of my shell outrageously and safely. I can listen and be totally absorbed yet in the real world too. Big out breath of love. Expansive yet present. Gratitude.”

“I’ve been listening to DARE regularly off and on since downloading it – walking, in the gym, having a tea/coffee and always on repeat – so must be a lot of hours by now. Different parts of DARE make themselves known to me on each listen and sometimes it’s the same part again and again! I have gradually learnt to just accept this process more often as just a ‘what is’ and trusting deeper stuff is going on, rather than trying to analyse the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ in detail as I used to do more often in the past.”

“I like to listen in the mornings, sometimes without earphones, sometimes with. The music/ meditation/ sounds/ mystery magic does mysterious stuff: As if it were loosening up, making me more fluid, bits move, physical and spirit/mind/ body, as if I was changing dimensions, or parts of me were shaken loose, to be unstuck, or the dust and gunk shaken loose. I keep listening, it opens me up to feel lighter, to have more alternatives, to suddenly feel/think a new idea, more freedom of movement- to call it something. Thank you!”

“First I thought it a bit challenging to find 69 minutes….I did it anyway…listened 6 times in 8 days…couldn’t stop, it ‘s amazing 🙂 simply amazing….I feel lighter in my body, mind and spirit. I love the “letgo and jump” part! I enjoy every part of it, the first ones for joy and lightness – the last one, dare to rule, for moving along my path, for the courage to take action – I really feel unstoppable. I hear the affirmations in a different way each time I listen – and I hear them – unexpectedly – in my dreams and when I wake up. I am addicted to this – I love it!!! Dare I say it’s the best I ever listened to, dear Stephen :)”

“Listened to it straight through to the end 9 consecutive mornings. Felt a definite shift, like I shed something. Felt lighter and freer. Much less worry and negative thinking and I am able to take myself out of that quickly and easily when it does come in. Thank you for this beautiful gift xx”

“I have done it every day; it is kind of addictive. Sometimes I am ready to stop after one hour but the last 9 or so minutes are my best. I love the beat of the music , love the affirmations which come back when I face a challenge … Love it,love it,love it..Thank you very much”

“I absolutely Love this, and I am hooked on listening, listening 5 times a week. I have no problem listen for the 69 minuets, in fact I am always sad each time the recording finishes.. Each time I listen I hear something I swear was not there yesterday. Since listening I feel less stressed, more jovial and relaxed, and looking forward to feeling exhilarated all the time…soon I hope. My appreciation and gratitude to you Doc for being such a wonderful gifted generous hearted person. Many blessings.”

“Hi, found the 69 minutes difficult to start with but stuck with it. I love the jumping through the door into nothing, wonderful feeling of freedom… and the front of my body feels “empty” but full of space even though It is 12hrs since I last listened. I feel brave too. Life is so extraordinary…..beautiful…just wow!”

“These D.A.R.E.s are an epic opus. Barefoot’s supreme mastery, consolidating his taoist teachings and adept techniques upon a backdrop of subliminal hypnotherapy designed to both unwind and strengthen.

With his Virgoan precision and meticulous dexterity he presents an eclectic, adroit and fun series of deep psycho-liminal messaging which gets to work reframing the subconscious and unconscious…as well as being awesome to move to: this is the apogee of EDM.

It is musical wizardry at its very best. It’s the pinnacle of the healing power of music, through the alchemical catylyst of gentle hypnosis and infused beats.

These D.A.R.E.s uplift and exhilarate. They cheer and comfort. They edify and inspire. They soothe and repair.

Medicinal, magical musicianship. I urge you to try these restorative remedies. You will be rejuvenated, and deep seated tensions will be alleviated and repaired. The D.A.R.E.s bring one to full, holistic regeneration.

They are, in short, truly Digital Audio Reboot Experiences…..”


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