Dancing slowly, sinuously and sensually

Liberation consists in detaching yourself from the desire for specific results whenever you undertake something, so that rather than focus on the potential rewards in doing something, you focus on receiving the actual rewards of enjoying the actual hands-on process of taking care of, to the best of your abilities at the time, whatever specific task lays to hand.

The reward, in other words, is purely in the doing. There is no there to get to. The process of doing what you have to do is the there you crave.

In other words, love whatever you’re doing, however menial or grand, not because of what it may bring you in terms of personal fortune or prestige but simply for the pleasure of doing it. And if you find it hard to conceive of the pleasure to be derived from menial tasks, consider being so incapacitated you weren’t able to perform the simple daily tasks requisite to keep you alive – that tends to make you appreciate every movement and every micro-movement.

Make the fingers of your right hands start dancing slowly, sinuously and sensually like five sexy belly dancers, moving to a beat only they can hear. Consider the near infinite number of processes required for that highly complex manoeuvre to be rolled out into flesh and bones reality and give thanks for both the miracle of your existence and the consciousness you are endowed with to appreciate it – this no matter how currently in pain you may be psycho-emotionally or physically.

And the way you love what you’re doing is to make breathing be at the heart of each moment’s experience. Focus on breathing slowly, smoothly, deeply and mindfully, letting the belly swell as you inhale and flatten again as you exhale. By focusing on the breathing and on loving the sensation of breathing, everything else is mere bonus. And if the tasks at hand should happen to result further down the line in you picking up some sort of prize, then even better.

But whatever these bonus prizes are, no matter how stupendously magnificent, splendid or glorious, they are only symbolic of the real prize, which is to enjoy being here in the moment.

Which is what I wish you, moment after moment throughout today and tonight as you wend your way along the Great Passage taking care of your tasks, whatever they may be: total enjoyment of being here, moment-to-moment, something which as you know, is easier said than done – because if you’re not enjoying it moment-to-moment, you are actually wasting your time.

OK, relax your hand now.

Stay strong.

With love, Doc

4 Responses to “Dancing slowly, sinuously and sensually

  • Thank you, very helpful. xxxxx

  • Thank you, I have lived my life in making the choices to love something, life becomes much easier and happier.

  • Maureen
    5 years ago

    “There is no there to get to.” This whole piece is just beautiful. Interesting… I had written in my journal just prior to reading this:
    I hear the music within my heart… I dance and sway to the the beat of my infinite becoming, in rhythm with my soul.
    (moment by moment)

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    What a beautiful way to go and do each and every task enjoyably, slowly, sinuously, and sensually -just like dancing or doing tai-chi – magnificent dear Stephen – you are a joy to listen to and read your wise words every morning – puts a smile on my face everyday.
    with love

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