Creating Peace

Sitting on a plane a week or so ago, opposite a woman with a mean, pinched mouth, haranguing the guy she was with – she reminded me of one of my nasty school teachers at elementary school – I found myself getting irrationally irritated by her facial expression. I know we all get that from time to time – someone’s face pisses us off for no real reason other than unconscious association. However, knowing that sitting in judgement of another merely traps me in self-judgement, and that relinquishing judgement of another frees me up too, I instead trained my inner eye to spy the Buddha within her. It was hard as she really was evidently a obsessive, compulsive control-freak of the highest order, but then I tuned into the notion we’re all mirrors to each other and immediately noticed how my own mouth was held a bit pinched and realized what was irritating me about her was the aspect of myself I didn’t accept or forgive. Realizing this, I relaxed my mouth, my irritation with her diminished, the Buddha in her revealed itself and as it did her mouth relaxed too. Pure magic.

For some more pure magic to specifically release mouth and jaw tension, check today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

I wish you peace, ease, harmony and mutual compassion today.

Love, D


One Response to “Creating Peace

  • Gul Sarah Ellis
    1 year ago

    People who feel compassion usually understand and tolerate people like her. People do not set out in life to become like that = they allow it to happen to themselves. God knows what she went through. At least she is being herself. I would prefer to trust her rather than someone who has perfected the art of looking chilled all the time… I am wondering as to why you find it sooo iritating!

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