Crazily disordered creativity

I swore to myself I wouldn’t sit here with headphones listening to rather magnificent sonic healing music I’ve been making over and over on repeat all day, yet here I sit doing precisely that – it’s been two days now and I haven’t got sick of it, which is a good sign – to the contrary, I’m loving it more with each repetition, meanwhile, it’s quite hard to write with lyrics playing in my head but I’m battling on.

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One Response to “Crazily disordered creativity

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Yes it definitely resonates with me – am really looking forward to your sonic healing webinar. Your wisdom everyday lifts me with such aplomb and I go around with a smile on my face saying ‘Barefoot is a brick’ which he surely is.
    Thankyou with gratitude and love

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