Something about a rainbow, no matter you know full well how it’s caused, that instantly transports at least one level of your mind beyond the everyday. Perhaps it’s the fleeting privilege of seeing the whole spectrum of colour contained in a shaft of light. Perhaps it’s the sheer scale of it. Or perhaps it’s its now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t nature. But whatever it is, I challenge even the most hardened pragmatist not to feel inexplicably uplifted and mildly awed by the spectacle.

We all respond to light.

Not just in a physical sense but in the metaphysical too. Light is the carrier of life and consciousness. And it’s especially appealing when displayed across the colour spectrum.

So while it might be infantile and primitive to think of rainbows as some deity’s covenant never again to flood the human race out of existence, it’s certainly right on the money to identify with them as a sign of the Tao, in close cooperation with the sun, having a flare for a fine display.

The sun, being the source of life as we know it, is the nearest point in our section of space to actually see the Tao, yet we generally overlook the deeper meaning and tend to merely regard it as a conveniently positioned giant light-bulb.

Tune into the sun as the source of life, consciousness and the miraculous circumstances in which we find ourselves – actively, consciously tune into its power and even though you might be in a darkened room or under gloomy skies at the time and you will feel yourself almost instantly empowered from within.

Overcome your sun-as-mere-light-bulb, or just-something-nice-that-happens-when-the-clouds-pass prejudices and spend a moment in silent appreciation of it. It will warm your cockles, put things in perspective and still your galloping mind.

I wish you perspective, wisdom and joyfulness growing exponentially throughout the day and right through the weekend.

With love, Steph the BD

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