Confident communication – training starts tomorrow

DSC_1111 lo resTaking opportunities, changing direction, saying yes or no politely but firmly to someone (or something), invariably require having conversations with the people integral to, or affected by, your choices, both the people who’ll expedite your progress and those who’ll hamper it.

You may have an important panel interview for a job you want – with more than one person to communicate with simultaneously. You may be giving a best man or woman speech, a eulogy, even a birthday toast. You may have a date or new social contact you’d like to nurture. You may want to convince a bank manager or financial backer about the viability of your new enterprise. You may be in negotiations over a house you’re trying to sell or buy. You may be winding up to negotiate the end of a personal relationship without starting world war three. You may be in delicate discussions with a sensitive teenager, an elderly parent, a sibling, or any close beloved you’re having difficulties with.

Whatever the scenario, you need to be in command of your communications skills to preclude messing things up on the one hand, and optimizing your chances on the other.

It’s for this I’ve developed the Great Presence training – to give you confidence and the skills to fully engage others, no matter the context, personal one-to-one conversations, and one-to-many conversations as in public speaking.

So though it’s certainly perfect for you if you want to step up and address an audience it’s no less so for attaining the best outcomes in important potentially life-changing everyday conversations, when you need to convey your thoughts succinctly and engagingly because you care so deeply about the outcome. It will give you the skill to express yourself brilliantly with optimum effect in your own unique way. And the training is so easy and enjoyable to follow you’ll love it, I know.

As part of the process you learn how to take command of your voice, your face, your hands, your posture, your body language, and of course your message – and you learn how to claim the space. The skills you learn are relevant to all aspects of life and will greatly increase your enjoyment of being you.

You also learn how to harness the power of your intention, how to define and hone your role and function as a communicator on whatever scale, and how to embrace whomever your communicating to with your love, the greatest of all interpersonal lubricators – you learn how to induce everyone you’re talking to feeling enlivened and uplifted.

The ability and capacity to do all this myself, acquired and developed over decades has enriched my life more than I can describe and as a cherished fellow traveler I’d love you to enjoy this same benefit.


As well as deeply informative it’s huge fun to do. There are 20 well-produced videos – the full introduction sets the whole training and background out for you. Then you receive one 10 minute-or-so video each day for 18 days each with excellent exercise processes to do that day. And then there’s an outro-and-off-you-go video, PLUS a thorough full 14,000 word set of companion notes to provide a different or expanded view on it all – AND an audio-based guided motivation and confidence booster to play on repeat while you sleep or the equivalent, that having done the training will instill all the confidence you require.

Training starts TOMORROW – Saturday May 23rd – you can buy it with one payment or in two installments – right here

In honor of that, we’re running a new six week CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION Satsang series starting mid-June too – it’s a gift to everyone registered for the Great Presence training by midnight tonight (Friday 22nd May) – six guided meditations on six important areas requiring confident communication.

It’s always a challenge communicating something that’s important for you to get across – this for me, for example – to convey just how damn amazing the method in this training is – so check it out and see for yourself – if you don’t like it or find it doesn’t strike the relevant resonance within a month you get a no-questions-asked refund so you’ve nothing to lose anyway.

Meantime, may every syllable you utter strike a chord with enough angels to trigger a shower of good fortune with every phrase.

Love, Doc

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  • sorin badea
    3 years ago

    hi doc!its sorin here.i sat next to you at the heeling talk in london.comercial road.i missed registration on time coz work commitments far from home.can i still start the training please and send me the link for the payment as well.thanks doc big hug!!!

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