Communicating about communicating

barefoot-doctor-004_003.jpgJust yesterday there I was on stage at the London Wellness Festival doing what I love doing almost more than anything and ironically the thing most people hate even the thought of doing – public speaking. And it brought to mind how we started a conversation about expressing ourselves confidently and overcoming fear of public speaking – or even just having a difficult one-to-one conversation.

Our conversation about conversation began with the survey I sent out a couple of weeks ago, to which hundreds responded expressing their fears and concerns – my deep gratitude for that, it’s so useful to have your take on this and all important subjects.

In the hundreds of responses, there were some pervasive themes running throughout and it inspired me to create a mini series of what I expect could be useful exercises to use if you have fears about expressing yourself confidently.

One of the most common worries obviously was nervousness – if you get nervous will you stumble over your words, fidget and fumble during the conversation and as a result fail to express the important information you’re trying to convey – especially poignant if the conversation is an important one at work, at a party or social event or, worse still, in an intimate relationship.

I’ve come up with a couple of fairy nifty moves to help with nervousness when you’re communicating – see them here in this clip

They’re fun and easy – give them a go and leave me a comment, I love your comments.

Try the exercises and leave a comment here.

More communicating about communicating next week.

Love, Doc

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