Collectively Transforming The World By Collectively Visioning It Differently

While it’s true it seems the world as we know, fear and love it is crumbling before our very eyes, it is more important now than ever for each of us to acknowledge we co-create this reality. And though the flow of events once initiated gain a momentum of their own that seems irreversible, everything eventually turns into its opposite according to the law of yin and yang, contraction and expansion, one leading to the other, back again and so on, in an endless procession of dearth and glut and by collectively visioning a particular outcome, we will manifest that outcome in broad terms on the next expansion phase, however long that takes.

So for instance, in the face of the conflicts in various parts of the world, if we collectively send a vision into the universal sorting office of a planet in a state of peace and plenty where wisdom and love prevail rather than ignorance and fear, where cooperation rather than dominance is the way and everyone has a chance to shine and grow to full potential, something along those lines will manifest in some form or other in the fullness of time, as soon as the wave turns.

You might think this is just pissing in the wind but I do believe it’s possibly the only chance we have of transforming the basic warp and weft of reality now, not just for ourselves but for our children and their children.

It’s surprisingly hard to see that vision because the rational mind baulks at it, so entranced is it with the notion of downturn and disintegration but once you break through the barrier you’ll notice your entire energy field be elevated as you resonate with a higher frequency of thought.

Try it for yourself, this merry Monday morning and in spite of spiralling conflicts and tumbling conditions, you’ll feel happy and light the whole day and night long.

And even if we don’t quite manage to pull it off in the end, at least we won’t have wasted all that precious time walking around feeling miserable, so it’s a real win-winner.

It’s time to rise up to all that is beautiful and make it happen.

Pass it on to as many people as you think it might resonate with – the more there are, the more powerful its healing force will be.

May your day be blessed with a hundred different surprises that thrill and delight you to the quick.

Love, Doc

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