Clear your energy field to invite in more good

You know how there are these little things you can do that are really good for you that take no more than 20 seconds but that you resist like a child rebelling against parent or teacher – and think you’re clever for doing it (Freud viewed self-sabotage as a symptom of the intrinsic entropic force or what he called the death urge)?

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3 Responses to “Clear your energy field to invite in more good

  • Anna Ross
    2 years ago

    Beautifully succinct ,thank you!

  • Shelley Skinner
    2 years ago

    That felt very nice, and now I’m smiling. Thank you Doc!

    2 years ago

    This style and type of information is BY FAR, my favorite. It is interesting, unique and effective. Love it. Thanks Doc!

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