Activate your visionary powers and KNOW EVERYTHING by directly stimulating your optical cortex and readjusting its relationship with the rest of you – because how you see something completely dictates how it affects you… and all you have to do is listen to this PSYCHOPHONIC CINEMATICS SOUNDTRAXXX FOR VISIONS – preferably with eyes closed wearing good headphones and watch dramatic internal and external changes occur

64+ minutes of powerful sonic psychedelics – visioning-power stimulator – experience full psychedelic vision without needing mind-altering drugs


  • transports you to the realm of angels and gods
  • refreshes and fortifies your earthbound aspects
  • returns you reinvigorated & ready for 
  • a profound frequency adjustment to your mind, body and, by instantaneous extension, even your circumstances
  • enabling greater harmony to prevail in relating with yourself, with others and with that which creates the void and everything in it

In short – you’ll never be the same again…[but then you never really were the same before]

The legend is this astonishing work has all been painstakingly recorded live on a platform in space using choirs of real angels – but no angels were hurt in the production of this work, and full union pay was received by all.

Whether that’s true or not we’ll never know.  What we can know with certainty however is the effect of listening to this 64 minute cycle of PSYCHOPHONIC CINEMATICS (sound to alter the mind by stimulating internal movies):

  • an irreversibly beneficial effect on your mind-state and life – hitherto intractable dilemmas will be resolved by seeing the best direction for you
  • your innate sense of being fully entitled to your birthright to enjoy the very best life can offer grows within without needing to even think about it
  • immediate, startlingly palpable increase of mental strength and acuity 

Now all this could have been achieved simply by presenting you the 432 hertz and 110 hertz frequencies, along with the variable-tempo pulses, binaural beats and subliminals raw – and it would work as pink bumpy binaurally noise but as well as being a healer your producer is also a composer and experienced multi-instrumentalist musician with decades of deep studio-based investigation into the effect of frequency control combined with the other elements as above.  So no sudden flash in the pan.  Indeed this

highly complex work required over 1200 hours to produce and we think you’ll agree it was worth it

Because whether you actually like the compositions, styles or genres or not, it will still have the desired effect. If you like the music so much the better – a lot of it comes down to mood and reference points at the time.

The compositions though are special and hugely soulful as you’ll hear – Schubert, Shuman, Sibelius, Stravinsky and Strauss (Richard) have clearly been big influences over the years but nothing really accounts for this

exciting and original mélange of classical, choral, big band dinner jazz, drum and bass, broken beats, skiffle, techno, up tempo and down

it takes you on a vision journey as if you’ve taken LSD but without the disorientation and stimulates the flow of emotion needed for deep healing but the most astonishing effect is the way it STIMULATES YOUR VISUAL CORTEX to enable you to see things differently from now on

WARNING: listen with care – frequencies used can stimulate your optical cortex – if in doubt consult your physician, optician or electrician… or just relax and feel the effect – as it says at start of the whole cycle “the best thing you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride”.

And what a ride it is – 64+ minutes of sonic psychedelics, deploying vsolfeggio frequencies including 63 hertz, 174 hertz, 285 hertz, 396 hertz, 417 hertz, a lot of 528 hertz, 639 hertz, 741 hertz, 852 hertz, 963 hertz, 1074 hertz, 1185 hertz, 1296 hertz, 1317 and 432 hertz, in specific patterns that double up as melody, harmony and counter-harmony lines energy is skilfully stirred in the kidneys and fed to the backbrain in a series of high-speed pulse tones to activate the visionary power stored in the optical cortex and then led down through the heart or ‘crimson palace’ and thence back down into the kidneys to be regenerated – this stimulation protocol of the ‘jade palace’ was a fundamental aspect of the area of Taoist inner alchemical practice that deals with having visions, or if you like enjoying the psychedelic experience with or without LSD or whatever, whence comes enlightenment quickly.

This is responsibly combined with simultaneous balancing of the left and right brain-hemispheres using buried binaurals, so your ability to process and utilize the visionary power effectively is enhanced.

And then just in case your mind rebels and tries reducing your vision scope back to the myopic, the sonic sub-swell is replete with subliminals suggesting omniscience and reinforcing self-worth so you feel happy using it. And

why would you want visionary power – why would you want omniscience? Because why would you want anything less?

  • When you can constantly see your way you no longer need indulge in the illusion of dilemmas and that saves a lot of time and stress around decision-making.
  • When you can see where you’re going and where life is taking us all you can more easily discern how best to serve and contribute and remember the better you serve and contribute the better it all serves you back and contributes to your own cause.

And the way it works – the carrier for this psychoactive sonic psychedelic trip – is a series of five musical pieces that happen to be of high musicality and soulful rendition – symphonic structure, drum and bass, broken beats, fast techno, groove and so on – epic scale cinematic soundscapes to stimulate and accompany your inner visionary escapades.

As I said – strangely you don’t need to like or even enjoy the musical entertainment as good as your writer considers it to be – it’s all a matter of mood and tastes on that score – so much the better if you do of course but it’s unessential – it’s only there to entertain you while you’re being sorted otherwise it would be like all the other tedious products on the market designed to do things to you. However aside from the musicality of the entertainment the actual technique underscoring it is possibly the most effective of all these sorts of things – your writer certainly considers it to be.


Listen to it.

Use the best headphones you have. Play at a volume that feels comfortable and at which your ear can discern all the frequencies. Whether the rich musicality of this unique composition pleases your tastes in the moment or not, the effect is the same. Obviously, if it pleases your tastes in the moment so much the better.

Listen to it at least once every other day over at least a ten-day period for full activation and adjustment effect.



Extended concerto for two choirs, 120 piece electronic orchestra, 22-person digital drum troop, male vocal quartet, and guitar, recorded live on a reverse-engineered self-propelled perpetual-motion interstellar platform 500 meters square moving through the void against the background radiation wave at speed with externally pointing high-powered specially adapted wind-shielded condenser mikes that pick up the frequencies of passing asteroids, planets, stars or galaxies.


Short four-to-the-floor galvanizing-orientation session for reassurance – included FREE!: personal hello from the Guru recorded live in three parallel universes simultaneously using advanced magnetics and pitch-shift and delay.


Extended fast-tempo techno-space-disco-skiffle-jazz-blues raga recorded live at over 150,000mph going through an intra-dimensional wormhole that almost destroyed it and everything in sight – but this was stronger – for the best atmosphere and blend of energies to adjust your background frequency field.


Extended drum-n-bass and broken-beats choral-orchestral symphony structured on the precise mathematics of cosmic frequency and gravity to bypass the lateral prefrontal lobes, arouse the optical cortex and take you directly to the subconscious subatomic level to experience infinity now, recorded live with a choir, orchestra, drum-troop and acrobats spinning on the ends of lightening bolts in a specially built capsule suspended in and propelled by the magnetic field flux between Saturn and Jupiter.


Mid-length down-tempo future-blues groove with soaring space-organ cadenza delivered like a sonic chip to activate gnosis. Recorded live in a heat-resistant airship floating in the mouth of a live volcano on an exoplanet south of Alpha Centauri, the only place in the universe you can still pick up genuine recovery frequencies.

“Man, this is like the craziest trip ever – I’ve been round the block, taken LSD, mescaline, ketamine, DMT, changa, mushrooms and pretty much every mind-altering substance ever made or discovered, and lots of it, but I’ve never felt anything like this before – and it lasts – PSYCHEPHONIC CINEMATICS is the way to go.”

Guru Ragabon, Mount Shasta, CA


Get it now and be listening in minutes


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