There can be no missing out or being missed out

On a festive season theme here, let us explore the mechanism of inclusion and the feeling of wellbeing it grants. The fear of missing out and perhaps more crucially the fear of being missed out is one of the big drivers, if not biggest drivers of human activity there is. As a

On the path

Closing in as we are in this date we collectively agree to honor as profoundly universally significant, by arranging our lives and finances around it, and taken by the seasonal spirit I found myself writing in the newsletter about the existential torment that lies at the core of each of us, and how that by loving it as yet another apparition of the Tao in disguise, it evaporates and

Magic for making a beautiful Buddha of yourself today

Seriously had you been of a fortune-telling or predictive bent even 30 years ago, could you have possibly foreseen the hue, shape and tone of humanity’ s story at this time? Could you have foreseen the

Instructing the subconscious

All of us are essentially in a state of mortal dread yet on the surface of things how we all put on a great show and make the whole thing look easy, like the pros we are. And that we do that by

You want covering

Deadly but fun – that’s life, dear Member. However if we look behind the story of human life, step outside the linear time frame and feel ourselves momentarily immortal and eternal, it’s clear that though the

High frequency

I’ve never actually done the calculation but it strikes me the process of making decisions occupies/requires more brain-space/activity than pretty much anything else. Hence if we can streamline the process it’ll allow more energy for the brain to do more interesting things, which in turn

Orbits in proximity

Sitting watching the sunrise after my habitual east-facing morning qigong and martial arts practice as I prepare to dust from a lengthy sojourn sequestered on a hill overlooking Lake Zurich surrounded by the orderly stratification of day-to-day, month-to-month reality called Switzerland, noticing the

Strengthening your trust in the Tao

Strengthening your trust in the Tao

When I talk about this, dearest Member and fellow intrepid explorer of the psychospiritual realms, understand I am reporting subjectively, from the front line of my own experiment with reality, yet basing both my experiment and the method of describing and sharing my findings on the traditional Taoist template, with an intention to share something of infinite power with you, yet which is all but ineffable, so do bear with me.

Blow me, he was right

Elegance is such a…well, elegant word. It derives from the Latin for having the taste to choose (something tasteful) and is so elegant you can use it as an adjective for anything from good to bad – an elegant speech or an elegant life.

Move forward with gusto and aplomb

As with all things Taoist, to effect a shift for the better, you go further into the stuckness. It’s the same as with pushing someone off their feet and into the air when practising Tai Chi: you push them down first – they then naturally rebel and want to go upwards. It then only takes a