Weekend special: wonderful method for letting go of the attachment to yourself and thus elicit an unprecedented lightness of being

This one really is good fun, so sit comfortably and cross one leg over the other so the upper one’s foot is facing you sole-up. Then make fists and ruthlessly pound a drum roll with the edges of the fists from the ridge under

Let go in a trice

Letting go of the illusory importance you give things inappropriately, thus determining your priorities in an upside down way, in turn leading to increased stress and decreased effectiveness and enjoyment, it works well to release your

Super-supple-up technique

By enacting the following, dear Member, not only will you engender a notable increase in existential, emotional and psychological flexibility, requisite of the Taoist master-state, you’ll also supple-up your joints and physical self and thus

Monday special: super-powerful trick for increasing focus-ability

This works and it’s simple, so without preparation or preamble, dear Member, press into the base of the skull in the middle, just under the occipital bone, into the indent there, while steadying your head by

Weekend Special – technique for strengthening healthy self-fullness

Knowing yourself intrinsically to be an expression of the Tao in human form, yet also honoring the illusion of your everyday self and the everyday world, requires a strong sense of self-fullness. Your consciousness must feel firmly anchored to your

Technique for stimulating your intuition

Your subconscious mind already knows all the answers to all the questions, to the point that all questions and answers become superfluous, because the universe in all its unfathomable mysterious glory is revealed at that level. The trick, dear Member, is

Bringing on the new – technique

Constipation is a horrible thing and most uncomfortable. This so, whether referring to the bowels or to the conditions of your life in general, dear Member. But philosophical standpoints aside, you can

Monday Special – acupressure points for eliciting greater Buddha-mind activity

To help you let go of that irritable, judgmental, critical tendency and so have a far merrier and more rewarding Monday, look at your right palm, then trace a line from

Unleashing the power of intuition

This is a properly long weekend column on an important topic to read at your leisure, dear Circlist. Only relatively recently have we as a species given prominence to the so-called rational mind over the intuitive mind. The trend exacerbated by Cartesian

Weekend special – splendid acupressure technique for letting go

By attending to the hands and forearms, by getting them to relax deeply, it automatically increases your ability to let go psycho-emotionally, usually within an hour or so. You almost don’t notice it, you simply