Weekend Special – But what happens if you break your secret compact?

Well it’s inevitable that you’ll break it from time to time – you’ll feel overwhelmed for a moment or two when things go really pear-shaped. But you’ll quickly remember the compact. Then you’ll fight it. You’ll question it. You’ll tell yourself

The mechanics of authenticity

According to Taoist legend within, around and co-spatial with your physical body, there are a number of other bodies, one of which, perhaps the most important, is your ‘immortal spirit body’, a vehicle, which if developed during this lifetime through

Creating a fearless self

Take yourself back, dear Member, way back to a time you just did things without judging yourself, hampering yourself or unnerving yourself in any way, you just did what you did with the enthusiasm and wholeheartedness of an innocent child and

Monday Special – Drumming up your energy levels

I’d like to tell you about one of the most powerful ‘levers’ for entering the state of supreme personal power, to the extent you can uproot an opponent in combat simply by moving your mind, let alone handle the usual stuff of the everyday with extraordinary ease and excellence.

Visualization technique for drawing down more light for the benefit of everyone – weekend edition

There’s a certain kind of streetlight they have in the grander parts of London, especially along the Mall, leading to Buckingham Palace – they’re rose-gold coloured rather than yellow or white. These are the closest to the Taoist ideal for

What to do if you find yourself being so universally loving it unbalances you

Love is the most powerful drug, stronger even than adrenalin and equally addictive once you get in the habit. The danger – and there’s always a danger with drugs, even the benign ones – is that if you’re indulging it from an ungrounded place, it’ll

Powerful way to overcome self-critical inner voices

The voices that tell you not to relax and trust the Tao are usually internalized parental voices insisting you do stop being such a ninny and get back to worrying like any self-respecting responsible adult should, as if that might make things better, insinuating that this business of trusting the Tao is just for kids and hippies. However,

Powerful way to clear the mind when it’s all over the place

This is the most powerful mind-clearing technique in the entirety of Taoist practice as far as I know. I’ve used it myself during times of extreme muddle-headedness to great effect. It requires being

Choose your mode – weekend edition

Did you know you could choose the mode in which you’d experience any particular event, passage or interlude? For instance, you may have a challenge before you that’s stressing you out a bit. Instead tell yourself

Don’t get hung up on the good or the bad – Taoist key to true wisdom

We all get hung up on chasing the good things of life, while doing all we can to avoid the bad, deluding ourselves into believing life’s solely a linear process, overlooking its lateral circular aspect and its inherent yin-yang (contraction-expansion) cycles. All manifest reality is relative, hence