Weekend edition – practical advice: how to look and feel suddenly more beautiful

Beauty is an a priori essence and has very little to do with your surface. To look and feel suddenly more beautiful, you have simply to access and channel more of this essence and the rest – the surface – will take care of itself. To wit, think of

Practical advice: dealing with sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction, no matter its appearance or psycho-emotional cause, invariably originates in a deficit of kidney ‘fire’ energy and vice versa. You can boost kidney fire by

Practical advice: how to deal with insomnia

Sleeplessness generally results from over-active adrenals. Settle your adrenals by breathing slowly and low down in your belly so your belly swells on inhalation and flattens on exhalation, nine times. Then press into

Give the gift – Monday edition

There’s hardly anything more wonderful than when life bestows unexpected gifts upon you – people suddenly popping out of the blue to help you just when you need it most and in the way you most need it and so on. But you can’t force that to happen, though of course

Develop superhuman focus – weekend edition

It’s normal to spend most of your time thinking as you go along, internally passing comment and debating with yourself about how well or badly you seem to be doing in the game of everyday life, how close or far you appear to be from manifesting your dreams, reaching your

Attracting gifts of untold magnitude and splendor today

There are times to push and times to sit back and let it all come to you. Naturally I can’t tell which phase of the cycle you’re in directly just now, dear Member, but based on the

Daring to make something amazing happen

Perhaps you've had your fair share of let-downs and have so partially inured yourself against further disappointments by refusing to believe anything amazing could happen for you again. But if you dare to

Something stupendous – Monday edition

Imagine if today, you could instigate something stupendous happening in your life, something so huge, it would totally transform your existence for the better by such a high factor you’d hardly recognize your life, so magnificent was

Hello Angel – part VI – weekend edition

So you are the angel. And so is everyone else. Fallen angels everywhere as far as the eye can see. And the time has come to rise up to the angelic state, hence why the recent exponential spread of interest and focus on self-development and spiritual practice.

Hello Angel – part IV

Being an angel in human form may seem just a nice enough abstract notion but as soon as you start living from it as an assumed model, there’s no doubt reality and your relationship with it actually morphs for the better spontaneously.