Hexagram 28

Hexagram 28 – Too much

When things get too much as they’re tending to do now, there’s danger of falling into despair, however resist this temptation, for the burgeoning weight of reality is about to cause a benign tipping effect in your favour, presaging unexpected success in your endeavours, which will totally

Hexagram 32

HEXAGRAM 32 – Persistence To Endure

Should you have been toying with switching courses because the one you’re on doesn’t seem to be working, hold fast instead now, for by persisting on your path, by enduring through the hardships and doubt now, you will soon be rewarded with success in all respects. This is a powerful time to

Hexagram 9

Hexagram 9 – Feeding

Looks like the storm clouds are gathering but no rain falls and nothing untoward occurs. To the contrary, success is coming once the storm blows over, success that will feed and fulfil you satisfyingly on the local plane of existence.

Hexagram 58 – Joyfulness

You may have been feeling  a tad desolate or despairing of late but be joyful now, because, provided your mission is one from the heart and hence one capable of benefiting others as well as yourself, success and rewards are coming your way.

Hexagram 56

HEXAGRAM 56 – On The Road Again

Time to move again. You may have started to feel quite settled to the point of being slightly stultified of late. You may have noticed yourself starting to become attached to your comforts and beginning to lose your warrior’s edge. The time has come again for movement. This could be

HEXAGRAM 3 – HARDSHIP (but don’t be fooled)

As the year slowly gathers pace, hardship will appear to loom. Do not be fooled however. This hardship may at first appear extremely real but is merely illusion and in the wake of its clearing comes sublime success. Hence why it is imperative not to

Hexagram 11

Hexagram 11 – Sublime relief

Following a phase of everything feeling somewhat disjointed and out of sorts, during which the way of ignorance and stupidity appeared to be holding sway in the world, now comes the blessed relief of a phase of entirely the opposite, one in which the benign power of the Tao is clearly felt here

Hexagram 23 – Generosity

At times when the weaker/weakening (destructive) element gains control of the action on the world stage, rather than fight it and attempt to wrest back control of the situation, it is better to save your chi by accepting things as they are and wait, knowing full well that the natural ebb and flow (yin and yang) of the play will cause a

HEXAGRAM 18 – Beautiful Entropy

Allow what needs to fall apart to fall apart now. Have no fear about it, or if you must indulge in feeling fear for no reason, be aware you have options and are free to drop it at any time. Allowing things to fall apart is appropriate (rather than insane or irresponsible) because it

HEXAGRAM 40 – Universal Revolution

Stay true to your course now. Till now others may have doubted your choice to go for such or such a goal or path but stick with it at this point, when most probably attainment of success looks least likely and rampant success will be surprisingly yours, followed by