Hexagram 7

HEXAGRAM 7 – Supporters Gather

Persist in your endeavours now and, provided what you’re doing is integral to the good of your soul somehow, the Tao will manifest helpers and supporters for you. Through a sudden, unexpected wave of

Hexagram 58 – Joyfulness

Surrender to the innate joy of being alive. Do nothing to block it with the habitual killjoy thoughts of your rational mind. Override all the rational reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t be allowed to enjoy yourself now. Revert to your natural state – be yourself rather than who you vainly think you should be and you will spontaneously be in a

Hexagram 33 – Focusing On The Small

By desisting from struggling to attain big things now and instead focusing on doing each small thing that presents itself along the way, with utmost attention and care, you will, paradoxically attain success in the big thing you’re trying to achieve. It’s a yin-yang dynamic at work here this week and one to

Hexagram 24

Hexagram 24 – Coming Back To Yourself

Coming back to yourself, will engender great success in all your endeavours now. But before coming back to yourself, you have to realise you left yourself in the first place. You have to acknowledge the extent to which you’ve been pulled away from your centre and core by the myriad diversions provided by the external world.

Hexagram 28

HEXAGRAM 28 – Overload

The weight of pressure on you has reached an excessive level now and is about to be transformed by the alternation of yin and yang, into its opposite, leaving you feeling burden-free, clear-minded and light as a feather for the first time in a while. As s result, it

Hexagram 31

Hexagram 31 – Sensation

This is a good week for exploring your urges and following where they lead you with less constraint exerted by your rational mind, trusting that your Tao will lead you precisely wherever you’re meant to be and with whomever you’re meant to be in this way. If you’re

Hexagram 25

Hexagram 25 – Unexpected developments

By focusing now on integrity, as in being fully integrated, all aspects of you working in harmony together, body, mind and spirit, furthermore by staying put and not seeking external distraction, sublime success will enter your reality, as if floating in on a sudden, strong sea breeze and

HEXAGRAM 37 – Balance

At times the picture goes wonky and it’s hard to see how to proceed. What’s required is a reorganisation of the internal landscape according to the yin-yang model. The yin is the supportive, nourishing force that works consistently to hold things in order and give

Hexagram 51 – Explosion

Reality seems to suddenly explode with a loud, terrifying noise that makes people tremble for hundreds of miles all around but the Tao is laughing. It’s merely a trick – a device to awaken you to the awesome power of the cosmos and though what comes next might

Hexagram 11

Hexagram 11 – Peace

The way of mean people and harmful influences is diminishing now and all that is good and wonderful is growing in your life, even if you can’t see it yet, causing good fortune and huge success to come your way. At this time the