WEEKEND SPECIAL – Communing With The Golden Immortals

If you’ve been following the Wisdom Drops for the past couple of days, you’ll no doubt have detected a bit of a theme: the use of affirmative thinking to trigger a shift in the circuitry of your autonomic mind, causing you to unconsciously

A Game To Play With Reality

A Game To Play With Reality

Wherever you find yourself, however you find yourself, is precisely where and how you’re meant to be. The Tao-Of-You shunts you hither and thither and produces the various mind-states you experience in order to gradually

Laughing Uproariously

While on the topic of using affirmative thinking as a tool for reshaping actual flesh and bones reality (see today’s...

MONDAY SPECIAL – Stunned By The Elegance

You probably get your knickers in an awful twists sometimes attempting to weigh things up in your mind about what you should or shouldn’t do next in any given situation, when in fact all that valuable chi could be just as well spent being

Hexagram 23 – Generosity

At times when the weaker/weakening (destructive) element gains control of the action on the world stage, rather than fight it and attempt to wrest back control of the situation, it is better to save your chi by accepting things as they are and wait, knowing full well that the natural ebb and flow (yin and yang) of the play will cause a

There can be no missing out or being missed out

On a festive season theme here, let us explore the mechanism of inclusion and the feeling of wellbeing it grants. The fear of missing out and perhaps more crucially the fear of being missed out is one of the big drivers, if not biggest drivers of human activity there is. As a


Focus on your heart area. Deep in your chest, visualise a wee Buddha-like being, no bigger than the end of your thumb, with your face – glowing with the light of absolute perfection – no flaws whatsoever. Take your time to get familiar with this being – this perfected, unscathed, untouched, pure version of you – take your time to

Spiffing Time

Breathing is the most important thing in life. Everything else can wait. We all know that. What’s slightly less know is that controlling the tempo, duration and quality of breath directly determines the way your

HEXAGRAM 18 – Beautiful Entropy

Allow what needs to fall apart to fall apart now. Have no fear about it, or if you must indulge in feeling fear for no reason, be aware you have options and are free to drop it at any time. Allowing things to fall apart is appropriate (rather than insane or irresponsible) because it

MONDAY SPECIAL – Talking To Yourself

Talking to yourself, depending on how you do it, constitutes the greatest sanity. Without realising it you’re talking to yourself all the time anyway. The trouble is, a lot of what you say is self-negating. If you examine the dialogue going on with yourself in your forebrain, you’ll notice