You can do it – Weekend edition

Even if you’re feeling weak, deflated, tired or defeated, you can achieve whatever you want. Even if you feel stymied by inertia you have the drive required. All you need do is see it. You don’t even have to believe it. In fact, forget about believing for the time being. Instead simply dare to glimpse an image of you having jumped over all presently perceived hurdles and standing there in triumph, having achieved your goal already. Dare to keep flashing on this image momentarily often throughout the day and night each day and night henceforth and believe it or not, you’ll achieve the desired goal or state of being.

I was climbing up a mountainside in the Pyrenees one day with a Catalan friend, part person part mountain goat, when we arrived at a more or less sheer cliff face about as high as a four-story house. My friend clambered all the way up to the top without hesitation and vanished. I got halfway up and froze on account of the foot holds being diagonally slanting and shallow and not knowing where to put my foot next. I was too high to jump back down without breaking my neck and too far from the top to stay where I was and hope to be rescued. By and by I realized it wasn’t a game and that if I didn’t do something soon I’d die on that mountainside, which seemed a careless, wasteful thing to do.

Starting to shake like a jelly, I began saying over and over, ‘I can do it, I can do it, I can do it,’ a bit like Thomas the Tank Engine or a Hay House event, not believing it for a moment, yet before I knew it, I was suddenly up at the top without a clue as to how I did it. I still don’t recall the mechanics of how I adjusted my footing to enable me to continue the ascent – I have to put it down to being a miracle, which is precisely what I wish you in respect of whatever’s blocking your own path to reaching the summit of wherever it is you want to go next.

Love, D


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