Call to healing

This retreat I’m running is going amazingly well. I’ve done a lot of these over the decades and am comfortable in the milieu, happy taking people deep within to face their glitches and retrieve the full glory of their wholeness, and this happens to be a remarkably accomplished group of people, international bankers, fashion buyers of large global chain-stores, advertising creatives, international tax experts and so on, so an educated, successful bunch, all ready and willing to make a leap in their lives.

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One Response to “Call to healing

  • Maureen Kelly
    6 years ago

    Perfect timing to see this.:) Yesterday I was reading about the Venus transit and how the Sun, Venus and Earth would be forming a ‘trinity”, and in this Divine union of higher frequency light energy, that our absorption of this light and ability to assimilate higher frequencies would also be magnified.

    What I pictured was one of those ‘glow sticks’ that light up when they are shaken- that as I opened myself with awareness to this infusion of light, that I would then be able to radiate it wherever I go. (A human glow stick.) 😉

    And then I read this. Yep. Perfect. Off I glow.

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