Bubble like force field

Monday, literally day of the moon, invites tuning into and accessing the intuitive faculties associated with the lunar effect on your psyche – a day dedicated to what you’re feeling rather than what’s going on in your rational mind.

Switch your rational mind onto autopilot momentarily and focus on what’s going on in your belly and chest.

What are you feeling in there, deep down at the core around your spine – what’s going on?

Can you feel anything?

Tension, relaxation, fear, excitement, the urge to retreat, the urge to advance, cold, warm, a mix?

Focus on your breathing.

Slow it down.

Even it out.

Let your belly swell with the ingress of air.

Flatten it to push the air back out.

Watch all this from the centre of your brain.

What are you feeling now?

Have you identified it?

Once you have, simply breathe with it.

Don’t try to change it.

Let it be what it is.

And keep breathing slowly.

Gradually you notice that whatever you’re feeling, you’re now also feeling quite settled with it.

From this more settled state visualise a huge bubble-like force-field of bright white protective light all around you, through which only good energy and news can penetrate and keep it sheathed about your person for the rest of the day and night.

Every hour or so, repeat the above procedure and allow your mind a moment or two of stillness thereby, in which, if you listen carefully, your innermost self will give you messages. Be sensitive to these. When they arise, simply note them mentally and carry on. Do nothing with them. Simply let them inform you and continue as you were.

By the time you fall asleep tonight these messages will have collected into a shape of sorts facilitating a new picture, or a fresh angle on a current one to do a reveal, if you want it. If so, help this along by commanding your unconscious, ‘by the time I fall asleep tonight, a new picture, or fresh angle on an old one, will have been revealed’.

It is from such revelation that you create your reality anew.

May you create it in an unimaginably pleasant way for everyone now.

Love, Doc

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