Breaking cycles to initiate the new

Here is your replay audio of the ‘Breaking cycles to initiate the new’ webinar, together with a pdf to take you through the exercises:

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9 Responses to “Breaking cycles to initiate the new

  • Frances Folan
    6 years ago

    WOW DOC ….LOVE THIS!! Thank you soo much

  • Nita Saini
    6 years ago

    Dear Steph

    What a beautiful visualisation of the illuminated, colourful, bright ferris wheel for positive affirmations, and releasing old unsupportive thoughts via the diamond.

    I could feel it awakening something good in my mind! 🙂

    Thank You.

  • Elizabeth Murray
    6 years ago

    You are funny xxx much love

  • Iris Liebner
    6 years ago

    Re Sunday 24/06/2012, I am interested in:

    * Liberation from self pity in troubled times

    Thank you.

  • Shaun Tolmie
    6 years ago

    Liberation from not trusting your own decisions

  • Shelley Skinner
    6 years ago

    Hello Dear BD,
    For the next Liberation session, I vote for Liberation from not trusting your own decisions (but I’m not sure that’s the right decision 😉 )

  • John Cole
    6 years ago

    I was not able to download the webinar to ITunes; any suggestions???


      5 years ago

      Hi John . . . are you using a MAC??? I had same problem!!! Anyway for me the answer was to make sure I left ‘mp3′ somewhere in the title when I saved it . . . that’s the way iTunes can recognise it . . . hope that works for you . . .

      happy listening . . . and here’s to new and bigger loops with many brightly lit passenger cars . . .

      love n’ light

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    6 years ago

    HELLO Dear Stephen
    Thankyou for the video, it has certainly helped me regarding what points to press when doing these excercises.Listening to the webinar again has clarified a lot along with your video and audio recording.I Will try and attempt to do these as often as possible, and see if the shift of the new state happens – as I am so new to this alternative thinking and manifesting. Having said that, I have been doing your taichi exercises for about 4 months and doing sound healing since I joined you- that has certainly resonated with me andj I feel more positive, alive, happy,and I deal with situations for myself and others with more compassion and care.
    I owe all this to you.
    So I say my heart felt thankyou to you.
    Lots of love

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