Dear Barefoot

Spiritual companion for those times spent in the smallest room in the house

The best of five years’ worth of hugely popular weekly columns written for the Observer (UK Sunday rag) – amusingly framed Taoist-based wisdom and self-help techniques to make life go with more of a swing.

Handbook for Heroes

Spiritual guide to fame and fortune

Smart ancient Taoists used a formula for success in all aspects of life, known as the Five Excellences, comprising the arts of meditation, healing, self-defense, creative composition in any artistic discipline, and presentation, to ensure making a valuable contribution to society and be rewarded for it with fame and fortune.

This Handbook breaks the system down to the bear nuts and explains precisely how to manifest fame and fortune, while also reminding the reader how these two are merely the tinsel on the froth of life and that the real deal is to be in full contact with the power of the Tao whatever you’re doing.

This book has helped many.

Handbook for Modern Lovers

Spiritual guide to truly rude and amazing love and sex

The mysteries of the ancient Taoist sexual yoga system laid bare, Barefoot style, replete with tension-breaking schoolboy humor and a thousand and one useful hints for improving your sex-life by a few quantum leaps.

Handbook for the Urban Warrior

Spiritual survival guide for the 21st century

This iconic counter-culture ‘bible’ has sold in voluminous measure all around the world to the youth and youthful-spirited and is splendid a primer for the whole Taoist system of philosophy, meditation and self-help techniques to encourage ease, success, freedom and joy in your passage along The Great Thoroughfare’.

108 Blessings – Instant Enlightenment

A perfect oracle book to flip open at any random page and get a steer on how the day or situation will go – presented in the form of blessings with pithy wisdom to jolly you along on the ride and remind you to keep things in perspective.

Invincibility Training

Like a game of spiritual twister, this one comprises a 64 hours of intensive training you do in the comfort of your own home, guaranteed, if followed carefully, to produce a totally transformative effect on your whole existence.

Only recommended to the hardiest of spiritual warriors.


Holistic approach to resolving mental health issues.

From 1983 till 2000, I ran one of the busiest healing practice in the world. My speciality was (and is) helping people resolve unbalanced psycho-emotional states using acupuncture, acupressure, positive thinking, visualization and exercise. Chinese medicine is well known for this in any case but because I was also trained in psychotherapy by (arguably) the most brilliant of them all, RD Laing, I was able to discern the subtle mechanisms requiring rebalancing with some precision. Having watched what worked for all those various states of mind over that 17 year span, comprising approximately 100,000 treatment sessions, I put all salient information in book form so the reader could sort themselves out on the run, as it were, no matter their state of mind (depression, anxiety, stress, grief etc), using these simple, effective techniques and so liberate themselves from suffering.

Manifesto – how to get what you want without trying

A straight-ahead exposition of Taoist magic: the ancient ‘wu wei’ method of manifesting what you want by honing your intention then letting go.

The book takes you through the full manifesting process and it works.

If I was more organized I’d paste a slew of big-ups and testimonials from thousands of delighted readers, who manifested houses, fortunes, relationships and all the stuff people (Think) they want – but for now, take my word for it – it’s sound.


Living beyond reality

PURE takes you on an irresistible journey into the depths of you and your cosmos, there to gain personal power of such a refined and exquisite nature, the world around you melts in your loving presence, and yields you all the benefits you so deeply desire and richly deserve. You’ll learn the structure of the soul, the advanced way to visualize to manifest what you want according to ancient Taoist WU WEI principles, how to meditate in a way never previously explained, and how to manage yourself as you undergo the inevitable trials and tribulations along the manifesting road.

Reading this will introduce and bond you to your real self, the pure you, whence arises all the power you need.

You don’t have to be good to be pure, you just have to learn to be you.

OK, as you were.

Return of the Urban Warrior

Advanced warrior training

The only comprehensible explanation of the advanced stages of Taoist meditation and internal alchemy required to produce the ‘immortal spirit body’ extant, which owing to the complex nature of the material and its potentially profound effects, is presented in theme park ride style, enabling you to simply read it and be taken on a journey through the intricacies of your energy circuits to produce the desired alchemical effect without you having to think about it.

Strongly recommended to anyone who’s done School for Warriors 1,2&3 or is keen to take the whole Taoist experiment all the way. As a bonus, it also includes the Taoist healing sounds for the vital organs and the Tai Chi Sovereign technique for developing chi.

Twisted Fables For Twisted Minds

This’ll either heal you or make you go insane

An absurdist, satirist fiction of interlinked fables demonstrating the Taoist cosmological laws and mercilessly ridiculing the modern self-help movement and involving the unlikeliest set of characters, each of whom undergoes a series of implausible challenges, at the apex of which, a being appears: maybe an angel, maybe a barefoot doctor, who makes what could be a sensible intervention, but which invariably sends the subject off into an even greater spin. The story progresses exponentially faster to its soaring, ridiculous resolution, while subliminally healing you. These fables are a real tonic but not for the feint-hearted.

The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed

This is the story of how I became me: the teachers I had – RD Laing, Ram Dass, Al Huang, Sid the Barber of Commercial Rd and so on – and the patterns of events, only spied in retrospect that led to me doing everything I do today – if I momentarily divest myself of all identification with the main protagonist I can say in all humility it’s a remarkable story, inspiring to read and entertainingly obliquely instructional in respect of the Taoist way, and you’ll most likely love every minute of it.

Supercharged Taoist

Exactly the same as The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed translated into American English.

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