Being Successful

In talking about goals it’s sometimes helpful to delineate between goals and targets.

When you want to achieve something that becomes your target. As the master archer you set your intention by lining up your arrow and taking aim. You then release the arrow and stand back to watch whether it hits the target. However hitting the target is not your goal. Your goal is to be so centred, so enjoying the actual act of firing an arrow from your bow, that you don’t gauge your levels of success by how close to the bulls eye you got, nor even whether you hit the target at all.

Your goal is being successful at being happy to be alive.

Your intention is to hit the target, the bulls eye and you know with practice you’ll eventually hit it again and again but you’re not basing your sense of self-worth on it.

You’re basing your self-worth on the incontrovertible fact that you were evidently worth it enough for the Tao to take form as you, so you’re worth anything less. You’re basing your success on how fully you’re able to enjoy being here in the moment without disturbing yourself with self-attack thoughts. That’s your goal.

May shining a light on this distinction serve you well today and tonight and you reach both your target and your goal with ease, dexterity and deep enjoyment.

Love, Doc

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