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Barefoot Doctor Global – helping you find more freedom, fun & fulfillment

If you want more freedom, fun and fulfilment, then you’re in the right place. I help people feel good from the inside out and this site is here to support and empower you to end the struggle, break free and heal – so you can make successful change and live your life on purpose, without regrets.

I started my Barefoot Doctor Global website back in 1997, when things were easier for most people. Times have changed and now I want to provide better support than just words of wisdom on the website – not that these aren’t important or helpful, and they continue.

There are four free Wisdom Drops every week – just go to the Wisdom section for those – plus updates of where you can connect with me at live events on the events page.  And for members of Barefoot Doctor Global, there’s members only content to complement those free Wisdom Drops. Members Wisdom Drops take the process further, usually offering a helpful, simple, quick exercise or technique.

Members also receive my weekly reading of the I Ching oracle, plus audio meditations and other members-only material – and key to being a member is access to Barefoot Doctor trainings with substantial discounts (for which you’ll need to be or become and remain an Inner Circle member for six months, and it’s worth it).

The trainings provide practical ongoing support- to help you learn to meditate, deal with fear, heal from the inside out, learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong or become a modern day warrior with School for Warriors.

Each training is based on over 40 years personal practice and teaching of Taoist internal alchemy; each is reasonably priced, most have payment options and don’t forget, if you become a member (and remain so for six months) you can access those trainings free or with substantial discounts (many are half price) and access half price one to one coaching with me.

What I teach is perfect for you if you’re
• feeling stuck, stressed, anxious, worried or downright desperate
• lonely, lacking confidence and wondering if you’ll ever be good enough.
• procrastinating rather than taking action to move forward
• living in fear, feeling a failure, or suffering from other self- limiting beliefs and

My life purpose is to help you live your purpose, fulfil your potential, break through whatever is holding you back and make the changes that will enable you to live the life you dream of and deserve.

Those free Wisdom Drops four days a week in the wisdom section offer regular ongoing support, when the struggle feels too big, too powerful, too overwhelming or when you just need that little push, that small piece of advice or word of encouragement.  And if you want specific help – consider one of the trainings or  one-to-one coaching with me.

I’d love to have you join me as a member – just choose annual or monthly subscription and click ‘add to cart’ and I’ll send you your log in password so you can begin benefiting from the members-only content right away.


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As a member of Barefoot Doctor Global you will receive MEMBERS ONLY: 

 Yin Yang

  • Wisdom drops

Practical, regular advice & inspiration – the Taoist take on life to give you a
boost, help you through trying times & make you smile

  • Weekly I-Ching

My readings of the Hexagrams for you

  • Monthly audio meditations

Set to a Pure Barefoot Beat – these monthly meditations are yours to download and play whenever you feel the need

  • FREE or discounted Barefoot Doctor trainings


FREE Barefoot Doctor’s Psychology of Fear training ($197 non-members)

HALF PRICE School for Warriors training

– SFW1 The Eight Principles of Personal Power ($147 member /$297 non-members)

– SFW2 Accessing, Developing and Focusing Chi ($197 members /$397 non-members)

–  SFW3 Transmuting Chi Into Pure Spirit ($247 members /$497 non-members)

– SFW1,2 & 3 ($597 members /$1191 non-members)

DISCOUNTED trainings including

Sonic Healing $27 members / $47 non-members

QIGONGO – $97 members / $197 non-members

  • HALF PRICE one-to-one coaching 

If you have thorny issues to deal with and want some extra help, members benefit from half price one-to-one coaching.

  • Membership bonuses

Healing Sounds Meditation, Healing Sounds video, Health Solutions webinar series – Barefoot interviews 18 experts about health and wellness.

Choose one annual payment – $270 or spread the cost and pay $27 per month


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Annual membership $270


Monthly membership $27 per month


100%, no-questions-asked, 30 day money back guarantee

If your membership of Barefoot Doctor Global does not live up to your expectations for any reason, we have a 100%, no questions asked, 30 day, money back guarantee.  That means you can access every available aspect of the website and save 50% on Barefoot Doctor trainings…and if you still feel that Barefoot Doctor Global is not for you, then we will gladly refund your membership fee within 30 days…no questions asked.(Please note, to benefit from the free trainings or substantial discounts on trainings and coaching you will need to remain a member for six months – should you cancel your membership within that period, we will ask you to pay the full price for any discounted trainings you have purchased).

You have nothing to lose and I’d love to have you join me as a member of Barefoot Doctor Global.  It’s better with you than without you!

Thanks for reading, your energy is important.

With love

Steph, BD


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Refund policy
We offer a 100% refund policy for 30 days on all sales, no questions asked