Music video – what you focus on grows

Get spanky with Barefoot and Leakster!

13 Responses to “Music video – what you focus on grows

  • William Stridar
    2 months ago

    I only just found this – has put such a smile on my face !

  • What a wonderful message and so very true! Thank you for this, listen & watch quite often! Gives me ummppff to my day !

    5 years ago

    ,funny, brilliant ! love the giant banana you rock awesome message!

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      thanks man – yes that banana was somehow inevitably always going to make its way into the storyline

    • Nurhanisah
      2 years ago

      Towdochun! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  • So so very true. x

  • Marcia White
    5 years ago

    Great fun! Love it! Great words of wisdom! Thank you.

  • William Freimuth
    5 years ago

    Focusing on Climate Change ‘Denial’ is the World’s greatest challenge.
    People should become aware of what is happening to spaceship Eaarth as a result of our bad habits, the severity of the consequences, and what can be done to mitigate the harm.

  • Sassy!

  • Magical fun Dudes xxx

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    6 years ago

    Great Fun and I love it.

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