Awareness of the presence of the Tao

As the world’s wealth shifts swiftly from west to east, those in the western hemisphere will be starting to feel the pinch as food and fuel prices rise on account of exponentially increasing demand from China and India and gradually, as the balance of power shifts along with the money, we’ll soon be finding ourselves living a very different version of the global dream from the one promulgated by Hollywood for the past 60 years or so and which, on account of the natural rise-fall cycle being precipitated by an ill-conceived and  poorly conducted set of strategies on the part of the outgoing ‘empire’,  is now all but dissolved into the ether. It’s not a question of better or worse, perhaps one of easier or harder but because yin and yang operates as a dynamic at the heart of every situation, when certain aspects of life get harder, others grow easier.

It’s too early to tell how the switchover from western to eastern dominance and the rapid draw on global resources from that direction will produce ease of any kind for people in the western hemisphere but it might be something as profound as causing, or rather forcing, a genuine return to spiritual values for sustenance as opposed to the gross materialism that has held sway till now, ironically at this time, especially in connection with the so-called self-development arena, which is increasingly resembling more an arena of self-importance development.

It’s tricky holding fast to awareness of the presence of the Tao, the Great Spirit, God, or however you want to call the ineffable, when your gaze is diverted by the glitter of material prizes. It’s hard to feel the unconditional love flowing when your mind is investing in developing self-importance, even when it’s dressed up as spirituality.

Looking at it from that angle, should an irresistible return to authentic awareness of spirit be the blessing hidden within the folds of this unprecedented shift in the global wealth and power balance at a time of exponentially rapidly dwindling resources, then it would be appropriate to be immensely grateful.

For while the rational mind surely baulks at the notion, true wealth consists in knowing the ineffable presence in everything you think, feel, say and do, along with everything everyone else thinks, feels, says and does. Knowing it, all lesser gifts are automatically bestowed and though the way these show up might not immediately gratify the ego and drive for status, it will comprise everything your soul needs for its healthy growth and as your soul is presumably the only thing you take with you when you go it would seem to be a viable and wise direction in which to invest.

This has all been said in one style or another again and again throughout history by people from all walks of spiritual discipline and throughout history people have nodded sagely in agreement and then forgotten all about it in the next breath as they dive back compulsively into the race for wealth and status. And why? Because we’re fools for things that glitter.

Meantime, pull where you’re looking from, backwards into the centre of your brain. Tell your body to relax. Breathe slowly in and out so your belly swells on the in-breath and flattens on the out-. Lengthen your spine by imagining someone raising your crown by means of an invisible thread towards the ceiling, drop your shoulders, sink your weight below your navel and simply be here, loving it. And as you love it, let your love be channelled specifically to the mysterious intelligence informing each and every atom comprising reality, as you perceive it. Actively spend a moment loving the Tao, in other words.

And no matter the way the cookie crumbles out there in the world of the world, no matter which way the wealth is flowing, you will be abundantly cared for and all will be well. In fact as you look around you, tell yourself, ‘I am abundantly cared for and all is well now’.

May you feel the abundance of life in every cell in your body today and tonight.

Love, Doc

3 Responses to “Awareness of the presence of the Tao

  • Philippe
    4 years ago

    This is Pure metaphysical poetry and it helps me a lot !!!

    • Steph, BD
      4 years ago

      sheer poetry of you to say so dear Philippe, bless your heart 🙂

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    4 years ago

    This is just beautiful dear Stephen..thankyouxxx

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