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Hello Angel – part VI – weekend edition

So you are the angel. And so is everyone else. Fallen angels everywhere as far as the eye can see. And the time has come to rise up to the angelic state, hence why the recent exponential spread of interest and focus on self-development and spiritual practice.

Hello Angel – part V – weekend edition

So there you are, an angel in human form, your angel tackle, wings and so forth, huge and resplendent yet...

Hello Angel – part III

So assuming you really were an angel in human form, a beautiful fallen angel who forgot they were an angel,...

Hello Angel – part IV

Being an angel in human form may seem just a nice enough abstract notion but as soon as you start living from it as an assumed model, there’s no doubt reality and your relationship with it actually morphs for the better spontaneously.

Hello Angel – part 1

If, rather than the person you think you, you were an angel in human form, with your wings and other...

Hello Angel – part II

So assuming you really are an angel in human form, a fallen angel, besmirched by the ways of the world, as it should be, or what was the point of falling here in the first place, and you have these beautiful wings and other assorted angelic bits, invisible to

Hexagram 33 – Focusing On The Small

By desisting from struggling to attain big things now and instead focusing on doing each small thing that presents itself along the way, with utmost attention and care, you will, paradoxically attain success in the big thing you’re trying to achieve. It’s a yin-yang dynamic at work here this week and one to

8 short sharp shots of Taoist wisdom and technique – 8 (accelerate the manifesting process) – Monday edition

Allow your mind to clear itself of the drama of Monday for a brief moment, let go of all self-pity, worry and any other negative mind-state with a few heartfelt exhalations and mentally or on

8 short sharp shots of Taoist wisdom and technique – 7 (simple manifesting technique) – Monday edition

Each time you worry today about not getting everything done, instead visualize yourself at the end of it all, having...

Orbits in proximity

Sitting watching the sunrise after my habitual east-facing morning qigong and martial arts practice as I prepare to dust from a lengthy sojourn sequestered on a hill overlooking Lake Zurich surrounded by the orderly stratification of day-to-day, month-to-month reality called Switzerland, noticing the