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Produce a profound qualitative shift in your life now – weekend edition

Because everything in the manifest universe is in motion and flux, the urge to change things is innate to human...

Develop superhuman focus – weekend edition

It’s normal to spend most of your time thinking as you go along, internally passing comment and debating with yourself about how well or badly you seem to be doing in the game of everyday life, how close or far you appear to be from manifesting your dreams, reaching your

Attracting gifts of untold magnitude and splendor today

There are times to push and times to sit back and let it all come to you. Naturally I can’t tell which phase of the cycle you’re in directly just now, dear Member, but based on the

The wisdom of f*cking it up a little

Give yourself a break from the game of trying to be perfect at everything, cut yourself some slack and allow...

Daring to make something amazing happen

Perhaps you've had your fair share of let-downs and have so partially inured yourself against further disappointments by refusing to believe anything amazing could happen for you again. But if you dare to

Getting amazing, unexpected results from life today

Being attached to the erroneous notion that being happy is the point of life is not only childish and daft...

Something stupendous – Monday edition

Imagine if today, you could instigate something stupendous happening in your life, something so huge, it would totally transform your existence for the better by such a high factor you’d hardly recognize your life, so magnificent was

Developing the golden touch – Monday edition

Don’t be fooled for an instant. Just because everything around you may feel familiar and somehow strangely Monday-ish, it’s actually...

Hexagram 58 – Joyfulness

Surrender to the innate joy of being alive. Do nothing to block it with the habitual killjoy thoughts of your rational mind. Override all the rational reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t be allowed to enjoy yourself now. Revert to your natural state – be yourself rather than who you vainly think you should be and you will spontaneously be in a

High frequency

I’ve never actually done the calculation but it strikes me the process of making decisions occupies/requires more brain-space/activity than pretty much anything else. Hence if we can streamline the process it’ll allow more energy for the brain to do more interesting things, which in turn