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A reframe game

Here’s a game for bold people. Suppose you could choose your moment of death – I’m not talking about suicide...

Boundless stamina

I’ve told you about this before and I’ll tell you about it again: there’s an acupuncture point below the outer corner of your knee joint, which when stimulated on a daily basis increases your natural lifespan (according to Taoist lore). It works on a more up-close level too, by

Flow in an unprecedented way

When I used to treat people as a full-time hobby, one of my specialties for a while, back in the '80s, when the drug was quite fashionable, was helping people come off heroin. I’d use a combination of hypnosis, cranial work and acupuncture and had enormous success in some really tough cases. It was good work, as heroin addicts tend,

Achieving things miraculously

Rather than multi-tasking, I use miracle-tasking to accomplish implausible amounts each day without much effort, simply by relaxing into each...

Change the movie

Nine and eight ninths out of ten showbiz people will freely admit that they can keep rolling along happily enough,...

Increase motivational energy in a jiffy

Motivational energy is obviously partly initiated by intention – I intend to move myself now and attend to this or that task/challenge/whatever – but the energy that supports and facilitates implementation is produced by a combination of

Hexagram 14 – Huge abundance

Hexagram 14 – Huge abundance

The I Ching is magic. Each week, I sit here and with my mind empty other than the question, what is the Ching’s wisdom for all members of the site and me and I flick the pages and stop when I feel the instinctual urge to stop, then wherever that page is, I translate the

Most handy help to enrich you all the way

At the most advanced stage of Taoist training, or rather what's traditionally considered to be the highest attainment, along with developing the immortal spirit body, is, having accommodated and embodying the tai chi, then accommodating and embodying the wu chi as. In fact to be more concise and less linear, it's that to know and embody the tai chi, the supreme ultimate reality, you have to also

Take command of your destiny – Weekend Special

When discussing destiny, paradox is inevitable and no less so even when doing so in the clear light of the...

Thrusting Thymus Power

Every now and then I like to throw in one of the really important sublimely life-changing techniques from the vast...