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Thing of bliss

Today I'd like to extend the theme of the newsletter for your benefit. I was mentioning the use of the phrase 'holding it all together', and explaining how this belies a spurious sub-template to the description of what's happening to a person, which begs the question,

Weekend edition: there is no order of difficulty in making miracles happen, no matter how big

This is one of the more difficult aspects to learn about making miracles, ironically: there is no order of difficulty...

Weekend edition: Powerful technique to expand your vision-scope

Place the forefingers of both hands on the centre of your forehead between your eyebrows. Relax your shoulders, arms and elbows and very slowly, using some pressure on the forehead, separate your

Powerful technique for boosting the chi in your belly so you can feel it better

Start by placing the forefinger of your dominant hand in your navel. Place the palm of the other hand on top of the dominant-hand wrist. Use the weight of the arms and hands to

Engendering a miraculous flowering of your life-story today

Following your chi rather than your internal list of shoulds and shouldn’ts, coulds and couldn’ts, in terms of making decisions...

Powerful psychophysical reset technique

Being able to withdraw awareness from the construct of reality you’re generating and enter the transcendent state instead requires the ability to slide your mind back out of your forebrain, where constructed reality is upheld by constant mental activity, into the mid-brain and if really serious about it, from there into the rear-brain and if really, really serious about it, from there

Powerful instant way to reset yourself to receive the blessings you desire

The cultural ambience in which you grew up as a small child provided the reference points by which you defined...

Powerful technique to expedite tension release from the belly

If you can get someone to do this for you, so much the better, but if not and you do it for yourself, so much even more the better, because you’re not dependent and it’s good to be able to do this any time at a moment’s notice.

Transmute stress into excitement now

I was working (doing some coaching) with a man a couple of days ago, a very successful showbiz character complaining...

HEXAGRAM 36 – Dimming Light

Strangely as the light of goodness in the world seems to dim and things appear to be getting more difficult as a result, rewards are increased if you pluck up the courage to be persistent and keep going in the face of perceived adversity. The Tao is merely using this adversity for theatrical effect just now, in order to