Attempt In Vain To Avoid The Pain

Because all phenomena are changing and ultimately dispersing, all the pain of life essentially derives from becoming attached to yourself, people, situations and/or things. However it is impossible to avoid becoming attached. Attaching is how nature organises itself into viable, relatively sustainable shapes and patterns. Hence there is no way of avoiding the pain that comes with aging, dissolution, parting, death etc.

However by remaining in the transcendent state, whence you are able clearly to see you are not fundamentally that which is attached but that which is watching that which is attached, it affords you sufficient psycho-emotional space to remain calm and in your body, hence able to love being alive in spite of the pain. And when you add to that the practice of breathing slowly and freely, relaxing your muscles and sinews, sinking your weight below your navel and drawing your mind back into the central region of your brain, into what the Taoists call your ‘cavity of original spirit’, you are able to accommodate all the pain of life without losing your ground or equilibrium.

The strategy is not to attempt in vain to avoid the pain but to accommodate it without it detracting from loving being here. This is important because every moment spent not loving being here, with or without the inherent pain, is a moment wasted and as moments are what comprise your life and your life is the greatest gift you have, it would be rude to the Tao not to love each and every one of them no matter what they comprise pain- or pleasure-wise on the local plane.

May you find yourself supremely equilibrated today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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