April Fools Day

As the world continues to go through discreet economic convulsions threatening the stability of the global infrastructure in ways people haven’t even thought of yet, it is ever more crucial to attend to stabilising yourself internally, for not a government in the world can provide personal stability in the unlikely event the system actually breaks down and while it’s true you can’t control the markets nor the knock-on effect their downward spiral would have on the economy at large, you can control the way you’re experiencing life from moment to moment, in terms of the way you respond to external stimuli.

Consider all the benefits of having lived in a society which aside from the regular cycle of ups and downs has remained relatively affluent for the past few decades and they generally boil down to feeling more physically comfortable as a result of being more materially comfortable, however the extreme rise of such stress-related conditions as anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on, entirely commensurate with the extreme rise of wealth generation in recent years more or less proves that physical comfort arising from material comfort does nothing to lighten the soul – to the contrary, it actually appears to weigh it down.

This might be because the comfort we all naturally crave, is not actually the physical and material variety, though these are pleasant enough, but the existential sort.

However, no one enjoys having their toys taken away from them through economic circumstances. But, if you are able to generate the existential comfort your soul craves, by accessing it within, rather than seeking it vainly externally, the turbulence accompanying any potential economic and by extension, social unrest, will only be relatively minor.

So don’t wait for any potential turmoil to turn into actuality, if indeed it will, before embarking on a programme of self-adjustment to achieve the above. Start immediately, by taking a deep breath, sighing for all you’re worth to release pent-up tension and draw your mind back into the centre of your brain, whence you can witness reality with the eye of the spirit in a state of pure consciousness, rather than being distracted by the noise coming off the incessant existential debate going on in your prefrontal lobes.

Close your eyes (after reading this) and visualise yourself a year from now, regardless of how global changes may have affected your external circumstances in the interim, looking prosperous, safe, happy, at ease, comfortable, secure, excited to be alive, healthy, enthusiastic and confident. Assume that this is so both on account of reality having worked out well enough in your favour to facilitate your ability to thrive, let alone survive and because of your own diligence in practicing the art of relaxation, introspection and visualisation on a daily basis between now and then.

Use your imagination to enter the body of this you, a year down the line, as if linear time had ceased to exist and no longer prevented you flitting to and fro between now and then. Allow yourself to feel the sensations of that person who feels so secure and sorted in all ways. Take your time. Thank the Tao Of You for making this be the case as if it is already so and gently return to the everyday state, bringing those feelings back here with you.

And if that resonated, smile, clap hands and exclaim, ‘so be it!’ with gusto and feeling, then let the whole notion go and aspiring to excellence at everything you do from now on, carry on as you were.

On the other hand, it could all just be a joke and everything’s going to bumble along as it has been for evermore – after all, it is April Fool’s Day.

May you feel so rock-steady today, tonight and henceforth, nothing in the external world can ruffle your feathers.

Love, Doc

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