Sixteen minutes approx of smooth superfast rich-deluxe drum ‘n’ bass under-swell replete with plethora of healing frequencies designed to cleanse & strengthen your field in general and specifically stimulate both heart chi & kidney chi and induce each to harmonize more with the other to produce an increase of true boldness deriving from stronger kidney chi related will-to-live-&-do supporting the heart’s passion to experience and express ebullience without limit, atop which an hypnotic relaxing-enlivening meditation guide sits, enticing you into the remarkable Taoist trick-of-tricks: entering the internal backwards rolling mode to generate super-speed of accomplishment in all your endeavors and find yourself sitting in a state of unshakable unity with the continuum of existence (the Tao) and all who sail in her, this explanation of which if you’ve managed to follow till now means you really deserve the reward of listening to the track – three times in a 24 hour period is sufficient for it to work its magic on your circuit-boards and leave you with an entirely new and improved view of your prospects and a palpable upsurge of boldness to follow through with – take care if using while driving, cycling, operating heavy machinery, wandering along potentially dangerous streets or engaging in complex geopolitical negotiations as this material can be strongly entrancing.


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