Weighing in at just under 30 minutes and half a ton, this voyage of consciousness into the depths of your own existence is so compelling you simply have to let yourself go with that.

It’s not too difficult to do. You’re supported all the way by a discreet but complex bed of frequencies designed to stimulate chi to circulate freely and effectively/efficaciously in the ‘three burning spaces’ or ‘psychic chambers’ that comprise the psycho-anatomical structure of what Taoists call your ‘immortal spirit body’. This puts you in touch with what we’d call your soul, the immortal/eternal aspect of you. Embedded amidst these frequencies are multiple positive messages relating to stilling yourself, trusting yourself to relax, trusting yourself anyway, rolling fearlessly with the adventure, valuing your existence, acknowledging your own beauty and so on. These bounce rhythmically and variously alternately and in combination from side to side though they’re subliminal hence barely audible so as not to interfere with your meditation. Riding on the top of it all like a pacha is the meditation guide. This is a spacious one, not too much to distract you, just enough to help hold you steady and focused and pointed in the optimal direction.

But none of this would mean that much in itself as far as experiences go, no more say than the average gong sound-bath, were it not sitting as it is in a timelessly-all-time classic super-groove 117BPM techno sound-bed even the likes of old-school lovers of such groove-masters as Dr John, Little Feat, Johnny Rivers, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly would appreciate.

Take care listening as the hypnotic effect though fully benign is powerful and can make you want to close your eyes and let yourself go with that, so best to not use if driving, cycling, operating heavy machinery, engaging in geopolitical negotiations, taking care of babies, or indeed anything requiring full awake alertness.

Three listens (more if you like it), will not only enhance your meditation practice and experience no end, it will also subtly yet actually reposition your internal set-up to induce a significant quantum spurt in your process of developing poise and potency as a key actor in the field of existence.

And it’s great to dance to.


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  • The Queen
    1 year ago

    Doc is a genius
    What more needs to be said

  • Paul Darbyshire
    1 year ago

    Good gracious Doc. that track does it for me..
    Boom !! Boom !! Boom !! Boom !!!
    Many thanks Paul Darb. 🙂

  • Pnina C Gagnon
    1 year ago

    It does not work: After a few seconds of sound Buffering… Is it a the Dau joke?

    • Hello Pnina – it’s Sue from the Crew – have you tried downloading to your device? It’s working fine for us and we’ve not received any other notifications of issues. Hope that works for you. Sue

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