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Try these simple, quick, effective ways to

reduce tension & anxiety

Relax your belly

A failsafe fast and fundamental technique to reduce the tension so you can sit back and love being here rather than wasting the gift being all stressed and worried.

Watch the film then don’t forget to leave me a comment


Stop fighting yourself

What you feel is not a compelling force you have to obey. You can stop fighting yourself, fighting what you’re feeling.

Try this then leave me a comment if you feel a sense of shift.

Decrease the anxiety response

Short technique to decreaseΒ the anxiety response and increase the courage, wellbeing response

I love to get your feedback so leave a comment – andΒ share these exercises with anyone you know feeling anxious, tense or stressed – especially young people

Find out aboutΒ Barefoot Doctor’s Anxiety Busting System here

56 Responses to “

  • I liked the first two and will use them, but the third felt most empowering/effective to me. My mind instantly felt clearer and more positive – and it’s all so simple – you’re a star!

  • Hmmm…don’t know if that head tapping has delayed reactions?…yet I listened to a spiritual talk sometime after it…and just started laughing…and laughing…they were speaking about celebrating all that we did…that we’ve spent every day of our lives anxious…and what a wonderful job we did here being anxious…and I just found this all so funny. At the point we were asked to repeat out loud ‘Contrary to popular opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me’ I lost the plot completely and laughed so much tears streamed down and my belly still aches this morning. THAT seems to release eons of stuff in one dose of very good medicine!

  • I’ll try the 3rd one at the station and airport next week when going somewhere that feels rather stressy – and if I don’t get carted away for bizarre behaviour i’ll report back! Does produce a rather sublime head buzz, that hangs around for quite a long while πŸ™‚ Interesting as its one of the repeated movements children with autism I used to work with made – tapping or in some case banging their heads like this. I tried copying their behaviour often to step into their world and it was amazing how these so called socially unacceptable behaviours produced feelings of calm or euphoria.

  • susy johns
    2 years ago

    Diolch Barefoot Doctor,that was great as always

  • Beth Peterson
    2 years ago

    Thanks dear Doc, you made me chuckle in the very first video, belly relaxed and after that I didn’t need any more work. Got me thinking that maybe I need to hone my funny skills more than anything else! Love to you always.

  • Deb Hawken
    2 years ago

    You landed in my in box like an angel today. I’ve done so much to combat acute anxiety that I can be proud of myself, however, when something tips me back in that direction I find it even harder to bear than I used to because it’s so foreign to me now. I’ve been having a stern word with myself today not to do this to myself, and then I find your email and I work through your exercises. Doing the first one I was actually able to relax my solar plexus a little. Doing the second one I let go of telling myself off and just sat. But the third one makes me want to keep bashing my head even though I have a dreadful headache! I’m sure you built the sequence in this way, but it was better, easier, wow! I’m not going to tell you I suddenly feel great, but that’s okay isn’t it. Especially now I’m not tiring myself out by battling the feeling. Now I have the energy to feel better, and find paracetamol (I’m a hard basher). Thank you isn’t an adequate word for what you’ve done today magic man. But you really have been an angel. Thank you.

  • Decided to check my bp levels before and after (recently put on meds). Diastolic went down by 5 and systolic by 8. May soon be off everything at this rate. Thank you for the love Doc

  • Sabine Konrath
    2 years ago

    cool stuff πŸ˜‰ I found the first two relaxing, calming…dissolving anxiety when I put my hands on my belly…the last one instantly cleared my mind, love it. Just what I need right now. Thankyou πŸ™‚

  • Ju Owens
    2 years ago

    Helpful & worked immediately, stopping the mental loops I was experiencing that were causing the anxiety. Thanks doc x

  • Lisa Gentle
    2 years ago

    I found this immediately effective – felt a physical relief and shift simultaneously with the mental and emotional ones. Remembering there is a choice is such a good feeling.

    Thank you BD

    Much love

  • Shelley Skinner
    2 years ago

    Thanks! When I did this technique I became aware of the tightness in my shoulders and immediately relaxed them.

  • Hedy Lanthier
    2 years ago

    Always good, this self-hypnosis. I usually rub my entire perineum clock-wise and counter-clockwise several minutes ” Γ  la fois,” mornings and evenings, saying vigorously out-loud to myself : ” Physician, heal thyself !”
    It’s magical, every single time.
    Thank you dear BD for reminding me. We are our own physicians, that’s for sure !

    • That’s a brilliant thing to do dear Hedy – everyone take notice – I generally hesitate mentioning this one lest it’s too intimate for polite company but doing as you do activates the main flow of chi up and down the spine and engenders great health and longevity – and yes we must be sure to remember to ask for and receive the healing stream for ourselves as healers – at least once a week if not once or more a day – it’s an honor to be of help to you dear Hedy

  • A variation on the Sedona Method ~ brilliant! I’d never have thought to use it that way. And that is why you are the teacher and we are the students!

    • And it’s an honor to be in the role – thankyou for saying dear Dawn and bear with my pedantry but the Sedona Method is a variation of this as it happens – this method came along about six thousand years (at least) before they wrote that manual in fact – I’m just doing the interpreting and explaining – and wonderful it is to serve so when I get feedback like yhis, bless you

  • So good! Worked for me and used it straight away with someone I was working with who is experiencing extreme stress and anxiety, and worked immediately too! Brilliant, thank you, very appreciated : ))))

    • Total pleasure – I’m delighted it did the trick – bless you

  • The energy is in my solar plexes…not belly. Placing my hand on my belly / womb space always feels good and soothing and I do this every morning in bed…yet the ‘energy’ and I dont even wish to call it anxiety as i’m not keen to define it with an emotion…its a reving feeling…is higher up…and sometimes causing through the whole of me. Am sure your reminder here to relax the belly throughout the day, will help support the energy held in other places in the body. Note to self – rub belly often πŸ™‚

    • That’s good – make sure you concentrate on the solar plexus for this to get the full effect though

  • Feeling better!

  • It lightened how I was feeling and caused me to smile. Simple and direct is so good with anxiety that’s manifested physically, as when in the grip of anxiety/panic, it’s hard to concentrate. The cognitive intervention works! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • My utter pleasure, Kay, and yes it’s so true, when in a heightened state usual rational thinking doesn’t help initially.

  • Dear Barefoot,

    You have clarity and a practical quality in all your teachings that can be rare to spiritual teachers.
    Thank you
    This one was lovely.
    It came right on time!
    Be blessed

    • Thankyou dear Salome, most kind of you to say so – I’m not sure I’d ever describe myself as a spiritual teacher these days because spiritual is such an amorphous term – maybe someone who reminds everyone what they already know anyway. I’m glad it came so on time for you. Love, Stephen

  • christine
    2 years ago

    Great tip! It works, thank you Barefoot.

    • My utter pleasure dear Christine – it is – actually it’s the tip of the iceberg

  • Didn’t realise I was tense until I tried it. Thanks doc.

    • That’s the beauty of these things isn’t it dear Stella, coming aware and letting the omniscient subconscious take over

  • Shelley
    2 years ago

    That made the apprehensive feeling in the pit of my stomach just drop away. Now I want to try it in more situations.

    • Perfect – imagine having command of that all the time – it transforms your life

  • Very cool! It works, thank you. Looking forward to more.

  • Wavecloud
    2 years ago

    Wow.. Immediately calmed. πŸ™‚

    I needed too – I can tell you πŸ™‚

    You’re a star!

    As we all are πŸ™‚

    • we are – especially on coming back to ourselves like this and you’re one for saying so dear Wavecloud

  • Didn’t even notice I had a huge knot of anxiety in my stomach. It really does work

    • Perfect. Good you spotted it. You highlight the wonders of exercising mindfulness

  • Jonathan Woodman
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Doc. Good and useful stuff. Honestly helped me.

    • And I’m honestly delighted it did (can’t help flushing out your excellent innuendo, Honest Jon) – may it provide ongoing power to your elbow, sir

  • Lynn Smith
    2 years ago

    Found it most helpful. At last I felt in control.

    • I’m happy to hear it Lynn – not just as a matter of semantics but more in terms of the way we speak to ourselves, the way we describe our experience dictates the way we experience, I tend to use command instead of control – because control implies effort while command implies effortless authority.

  • Patricia Costello
    2 years ago

    I always feel pretty calm and collected, but I tried the exercise anyway. Interesting…I was feeling a bit of anxiety after all…I just wasn’t acknowledging it. Even better now! Thanks, Doc!

    • Hi Patricia, that so insightful of you and wonderful you brought it up for how it highlights how we carry layer after layer of subtle excess resistance and can and do keep going forever releasing and releasing – and for how it highlights the way we operate with selective awareness. Thankyou and may you grow ever calmer and more collected – I love calm and collected as a phrase – it’s so wonderfully retro

  • Sally O'Connell
    2 years ago

    I am signed off work with stress at the moment so help is very welcome right now. Thank you BD

    • Hi Sally yes, this really gives you the center ground on the squash court of your nervous system so you can stay more and more in command of it. I wish you swiftly to stresslessness

  • Yes, this works!
    I will remember to utilise it.
    Thank you so much Barefoot Doctor,
    love and good energies.

    • Thank you dear Rose (not) by any other name – and you’re most utterly welcome – may it serve you full well

  • Thank you Barefoot! It made my tummy relax and expand and put a big smile on my face! Thank you! Peace, love and light to you. xxx

    • Hey dear Jo – just the opposite if what they’d want to hear at weightwatchers – but yes wonderful I know you mean internally and that’s brilliant – it’s one of the main keys to being and feeling utterly magnificent with or without alcohol or whatever

    2 years ago

    It works. Another tip from the top. Thank you doc.

    • Sean MacGowan
      2 years ago

      I felt a short sharp pain emanate from my belly to left arm & tingle for a short while, then my brain emptied some cerebro spinal fluid levelling out. (like a fluid level in a tank settling) Another little shot of pain in belly then like a gurgling sensation suggesting a toilet was imminent. Became acutely aurally aware of background radio music playing (Mozart Requiem) wonderful. Then you finished broadcasting but my right hand remained gently magnetized still to the tummy. Released it, felt strangely calm in mood & movement whilst making morning coffee, now sipping instead of the usual gulping & writing this reflection to you. Thanks for the gentle awakening Stephen, y’all haveaniceday ….

      • Hi Sean, what amazing sensitivity you have – you’ve opened my eyes by it in the sense I’m always concerned people are so busy and distracted by the externals they’ll find it too challenging to to exercise the requisite proprioceptive awareness to get the full intended effect – you’ve made me realize I can push the parameters out a bit more now – thankyou for that. And for you, I’m delighted you’ve felt that release – it strikes me as one of those profound ones that signify the start of a new phase of being – and if so, how wonderful we have this method of transmitting and receiving – so civilized. Again, my admiration and respect for your remarkable sensitivity and acuity. All my love, Stephen

        • Sean MacGowan
          2 years ago

          After stopping tip-tapping the sides of my head, everything externally slowed down & the space between the skull & my brain took on the form of an air filter (like the circular one in a car) & rotated anti-clockwise drawing outwards & depositing in the space between. My nose began to ooze small amount of fluid & my eyes welled up a good bit, almost but not quite crying,(must’ve opened up the sinus canals) & then closing eyes began to chuckle at the absurdity of it all, my anxiety & worry that is, which has now morphed into a full blown smile with an occasional self-deprecatory chuckle, ha ha ha ….now i’m getting a dose of the giggles & i swear i’m sober. The body was heavy & leaden before & thought process turgid & slow, now i;m lighter,
          cleaner & moving more gracefully, considering a dance perhaps. This Tao thingamajig is amazing medicine isn’t it,? ThanQ again Uncle Barefoot & also for that spot-on wonderful word above, ‘proprioceptive,’ great onomatopoeia isn’t it & yes agreed, ‘ this method of transmitting & receiving is so civilized.’ & feel the World could do with a bit more of it right now, but there we go. A substantial peace of my Love to you too Sir & Ciao 4 Now, G’luck ~

    • Bless your heart sir – tip top thing to say, Love

  • Adelaide
    2 years ago

    You xx

    • And that’s so lovely of you to say, a beautiful Adelaide Accolade, bless you

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