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With the very structure of material everyday reality shifting exponentially before our very eyes, existential insecurity is rife and on the rise. Without a stable inner ground upon which to stand so to speak, the propensity for panic grows.

Panic attacks occur when the person is not cognizant of the panic going on within, so the autonomic system kicks up and produces symptoms strong enough for them to sit up and pay attention in order that they may suitably address the panic and deal with it. The body-mind complex is clever like that.

However panic attacks like this can be precluded simply by training yourself to become cognizant of what you’re actually feeling about life and your place and role in it from moment to moment.

As soon as you notice you’re panicking, even mildly, about your situation, even if it’s entirely irrational, remind yourself you have options, one of which is to desist from panicking. Then remind yourself that panicking only produces more panic and is entirely counterproductive to achieving the security and success in life you need right now, plus it makes you feel physically horrible and is bad for your health. And then remind yourself that when you stop panicking so you can return to your inner personal power base, you’re able to think more clearly, make better decisions and enjoy more confidence in the decisions you’re making.

Then assuming you’re not an existential masochist and so choose the latter as your option, the next thing you need is a viable lever by which to take command of your internal state there and then on the spot and so preclude a panic attack or alleviate one once it’s started. And the most viable lever at your disposal is your breath.

When you panic or are in the throes of a panic attack, your breath speeds up and grows shallow, intermittent, uneven and rough to the touch.

By taking command of yourself and reversing that, you cause the panic to subside, the pulse slows back down and your mind clears within approximately nine breaths, give or take a breath or two.

As you enter the breathing process to allay panic, follow the following steps:

Step one: become mindful of your breathing.

Step two: slow the breathing right down to as slow as possible and then slow it down even further.

Step three: breathe straight into your belly, letting it swell like a balloon as you inhale and then flatten in the direction of your backbone to expel the air as you exhale, all the while keeping the chest relatively still. This is the real meaning of deep breathing.

Step four: concentrate on equalizing the duration of the in-breath and out-breath.

Step five: concentrate on making the breath as smooth, fine and silken in quality as you can and then make it even more so.

Pass this information on to anyone and everyone and free up time and beds in emergency departments at a hospital near you.

May you feel as secure as the most solid granite plateau, safe as a safe and as loose as a long legged goose in respect of your passage through the world today – and may you have a very merry Monday as a result.

Love, Doc

PS In depth training to overcome panic, anxiety, stress, paranoia, OCD – Psychology of Fear

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    Have shared, as more helpful to Emergency departments than most politicians 🙂 Thanks Barefoot Doc x

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