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Basically the way it works is I do a generous act towards you, then you do a generous act towards someone else, by which we connect a circuit, and then the Tao, the Great Generator, does a generous act to you and I. It’s simple magic but it works.

I’m saying this in reaction to the current rash of what I perceive as a potentially growing tendency to meanness in the world and displays of some of the less than savory aspects of human nature.

I’m aware the news tends for the sake of sensationalism to highlight and thus magnify the nastiness and increasingly gives the impression that kindness is just for big babies and softies, but I’m feeling overwhelmingly the growing importance of promoting the opposite: generosity.

It’s sometimes hard being generous when people all around are behaving meanly – you worry you’ll be left behind in the queue and wonder if you shouldn’t act like a toerag with them – but this derives at root from imagining mistakenly others to be the original font of sustenance.

In fact, at least from my own Wayward Taoist perspective the font of all sustenance is the same generative force that sustains the universe, the Tao for want of a better name – and other people are merely the delivery system the Tao uses to get the relevant bits and pieces to you.

So when you take it upon yourself to actively engage more in the delivery process the Tao starts pumping more of the juice through you and as if on a commission deal you find yourself receiving lots more back your way – often from unexpected quarters too (which makes it all much more fun).

This is the reverse of the philosophy of mean, the objectivistic, ruthless, self-centered approach, whereby the less you give away the more you have – and while that does presumably work for many or they wouldn’t be so insistent on doing it, this way of generosity also works – I’m not saying it’ll make you the richest body in the graveyard by the end of the ride, at least not in monetary terms, though it may, but you’ll always be provided for, often in the most spectacular, surprising way, and as far as riches go, the true riches of loving connectedness will be yours all the way – the visceral experience of being an active funnel of goodness for the Tao is profoundly nurturing and the benefits of being nurtured like that in return are innumerable and immeasurable.

Considerations of personal benefits aside though, seeing as the global game is so delicately in the balance and can tip either way at the drop of a hat just now, and seeing as we’re all increasingly interdependent with each other, my vote is to throw our hats down on the side of generosity and see if we can’t tip the scales a tad here.

The idea is a SUNDAY MEDS six part weekly sequence of global meditations called THE GENEROSITY SEQUENCE, chaired by your writer starting Sunday August 7th at 18:00 BST – and Sue du Crew most ingeniously came up with as a good idea, many of which she has, that as an example of generosity we reduce the already damn good value price to the original very ridiculously good value price when it all started five years ago of just $50 for the six-part sequence – then you treat yourself to that and doing so can then also invite a friend to come along for the whole sequence as your guest entirely free. That way you both connect the circuit for yourself and set an example of generosity to them too and it starts to spread this much needed generosity meme.

What say?

Treat yourself to the full ‘Generosity Sequence’ of Sunday Meds from 7 August to 11 September for just $50 and gift a friend the full series absolutely free (you and they attend live and/or get all the recordings).

Sue du Crew has set it up so that when you book, you get asked to give us your friend’s name, email address and any message you wish us to send them on your behalf – then we send your friend all the links with the personal message from you (and the replays in case they don’t want to/can’t attend live).

Make sense? We can’t do it for individual sessions because it’s too complicated on the booking form side… just the full sequence – and you can pay by card or Paypal.

Here’s a good place to click to sort out a place for yourself in it now.

With all these things it’s hard to know how it’ll look or work ahead of time but my hunch is by focusing together in meditation on the relevant energy centers to increase the giving spirit and shunting an increased flow of that chi through the system, and doing so in a crowd as it were, especially as we’re fairly well distributed all around the globe, the effect should be palpable and the result wonderful for everyone. That’s the intention and with enough of us intending likewise the potential is limitless.

Here’s the link to make it happen again.

And talking of making it happen again – we have been privileged to have experienced humanity at its finest hour so far at the cusp of enlightenment and though right now endarkenment seems more the flavor of the day we can get the light shining brighter than all that again, we can, we can.

Join us in this madcap but damn worthwhile endeavor, do.

With love, Barefoot the Young Elder, brother of a magnificent humanity in deep flux and in imminent danger of tipping itself into history’s cesspit so let’s get busy, thankyou for considering being part of it

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