Amplifying The God-force, The Tao’s Chi

You are God. You are the Tao.

You can’t conceive it. You can’t believe it. yet you know it’s true.

At least the God in you does.

The benefit of adopting willingness to allow this be so even though you can’t conceive it or believe it, is a naturally growing amplification within you of the God-force, the Tao’s chi.

The benefit of that as well as the obvious internal empowerment and increase of wellbeing in the deepest sense, is that the greater the amplitude of God-force, of the Tao’s chi within, the greater it is without as it moves like a spirit of healing and harmonization in all your affairs.

And the greater it is as it moves through you and the details of your life, the thicker and faster come the miracles or quantum shifts for the better.

Momentarily drop your pride and all the bolstering it gets from your rational mind that assumes it knows what’s what but which in fact sees only a miniscule segment of the reality spectrum and entertain the possibility that things can work out via a series of miracles or quantum shifts, rather than incrementally from now on.

You’ll be surprised at how instantly and elegantly the Tao within you and all phenomena responds as soon as you do.

And then if you like, you’re always free to go back to the rational, doubting, non-divine mode if you find that works better for you and makes you feel happier.

May this serve you well and remind you, if only through a mere glimpse that there’s infinitely more of you than meets the eye.

Love, Doc

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