Reviews from members of Barefoot Doctor’s trusted beta-testing team

This is, loosely speaking, my professional beta-testing team each accomplished in their respective fields, and each loosely representative of a different walk and style of life – traditional health service, alternative health, art, internet marketing, music, sound-frequency design and sound-healing, social care, and world of entertainment.

Bless them all for undergoing the aural and psycho-energetic rigors of unfinished, unbalanced mixes, what with the potency of the frequency design and hence how it can be disorienting if not quite sitting right yet, and moments of pre-polish vocal sibilance, and so on – my gratitude is unbounded. With their range of careers and lifestyles, their feedback, if positive, somewhat ensures I’m resonating with as broader range of the people-spectrum as possible.

I asked each of them at the start to provide feedback on general impression, and on how they were feeling at the time of starting the process, how they were feeling around the middle, how they were feeling by the end, and/or whether circumstances had shifted, whom they might recommend this to, and any overall comments. They have each been through the whole process now, come out the other side in tact and have kindly précised their findings to help you have a clearer view of what AMPED can do for you. (These are not in any order of importance, just as they came).


Multi-discipline polymath artist and agriculturist, who has a broad and vast awareness of all the various strands if the human story and can be relied on to present a balanced view.

“I loved the music, the empowering messages and they way it made me feel. It helped me immensely in an effortless and fun way.

“In addition to juggling multiple businesses, I was stressed and overwhelmed, going through a recent break-up with innumerable other monkey wrenches thrown in.

“The effect of using AMPED was immediately supportive. A few weeks into it I was I was directing my mind easily to a more peaceful place.

“I feel empowered and renewed after completing this multilayered dynamic experience. It’s helped me stay balanced and sane during some of the most stressful times, and the benefits just continue to unfold. I’m more productive and focused now and I don’t feel weighed down or overwhelmed by what I have to deal with anymore. (Thank You! Thank You!)

“I recommend AMPED highly because no matter what you’re going through, you’ll benefit from the enlightened perspective and the upbeat tunes!

“I feel like I made a forever friend with AMPED. A friend I can turn to anytime to help lift my mood, inspire me and remind me of so much to be grateful for. I listen again and again. I’m completely in love with it.”

Professional international and utterly brilliant comedian, expert on esoteric philosophy and philosophers, the most well-read person I know, and with a wry, well-balanced view we can rely on.

“The effect of ‘Amped’ is impossible to put into words as it takes you to a place that is way beyond words, a transformation at the level of dna so profound that mere language can’t do it justice.

“I didn’t come at the process with any specific issue, just looked at it as a general life enhancer which made the depth of it’s hit all the more surprising and revelatory.

“Halfway through the six weeks I was being guided to stories I didn’t even know I was telling – I found myself dealing with people from a place of complete honesty and truth as said stories dropped away leaving me more present then ever (and I was present before, believe me. But Amped dropped me deeper into it then I thought was possible)

“Once the process was up I felt more turned then ever before, particularly in the area of money where I thought I was pretty sorted but Amped revealed stuff under the hood I didn’t even know was there, so deep was it rooted, and rewired it so that a huge amount of fear was released with the domino effect reaching other areas I didn’t realise the fear of money was even effecting.

“I’d recommend this for everyone, no matter where you fall on the self improvement spectrum. It goes deeper and further then anything else out there and rewards you in ways you can’t imagine.

“Psychedelics work by turning on your complete brain to focus on an issue, rather then the usual ‘one part of the brain at a time’ of regular consciousness. Amped works in exactly the same way – the music, the visuals, it opens you right up so the deepest of transformations can take place in the fastest time possible without having to travel up the Amazon and puke your guts up while a shaman drones gibberish in your ear. And you can revisit it! Listen to ‘love’ before hitting a club, ‘money’ before the big pitch…it’s incredible.

“Over the last six weeks I’ve used Amped on a plane, on a beach, in the bath…the instant hit is fantastic and the effect over the day, the week, the months…you just find yourself noticing things you wouldn’t of noticed, opportunities you’d of let slide with a ‘that’s not for me’ being grasped fully, a massive upswing of spontaneity as the static on the screen that blocked the flow just isn’t there anymore. The glut of mundane self help products bombarding your inbox just offer more apps to cover your screen. Amped updates the entire operating system so everything works better. It is an utterly incredible resource.”


Horticulturalist, artist, medicine woman, sound-healer and daughter of ‘300 hertz’ sound engineer Ken Owens, so always reliable for a balanced view says:

“Amped is an utterly unique experience. It’s like walking into a temple of sound, incredibly powerful and the effects are nothing short of miraculous.

“At the start of the process I was actually going through a phase of feeling anxious, stressed, my confidence & energy were low, I felt unmotivated, didn’t feel very creative, wasn’t relating very well with people and was feeling alienated.

“By halfway through the process I was starting to feel my core strength returning. I noticed feeling more confident, relaxed & at ease and much less stressed, worried and anxious, or obliged to behave a certain way to earn acceptance.

“At the end of the process, my joy of life and inner smile have returned. I’m now more confident, compassionate and accepting of myself and relating better with others. I feel more openness, acceptance & warmth. I feel whole, motivated, creative & open to experiencing new things. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life.

“I’d recommend this to anyone who is serious about changing their own story. It’s so thorough it’ll help with anything you could possibly feel challenged by.

“This is the most powerful experience with sound I’ve ever encountered. Each track is utterly unique, the music powerful, beautiful and meaty. I couldn’t stop dancing or smiling. AMPED is life-affirming, life-enhancing and life-changing. This is a masterpiece of sound healing brilliance at its very best.”


Senior nurse who ran a big and busy emergency department for 20 years, and having seen and dealt with what most people wouldn’t see in a thousand lifetimes, is always reliable for a balanced view.

“The words and music synergy hit me deep in the feeling zone, because it’s truly medicinal. It kept and is still keeping me aware, awake and curious. I couldn’t and can’t stop moving to it.

“At the time of starting I’d had challenges of boredom, and mild anxiety around finances. Felt a bit lost as to my place and worth in life, yet generally having a gratitude perspective.

“By around halfway through the AMPED process I found I’d become more spacious towards people, more accepting of life. It was cathartically dissolving an underlying existential crisis about my abilities and talents I hadn’t realized I’d had going on prior to starting. That’s powerful healing.

“I use AMPED first thing, dancing round the kitchen while repeating the affirmations. It resets my internal dialogue with the world.

“I felt the affirmations changing my internal niggle around money, which amazingly definitely affected a positive change in my financial circumstances, and there was no logical reason for it.

“And because the music, and whole thing, is superb, it’s a graceful and powerful way in for anyone to the world of manifesting. It tweaks your internal narrative for you and sets your mind straight without you having to do anything except enjoy it. I’d recommend this to anyone – and will be recommending it to everybody.

“It’s beautifully medicinal and therapeutic. The hypnotic synergy of music and words magically resets your internal narrative, which is the foundation of true health. It must be. AMPED is an undeniable and necessary benefit to the world.”


Lecturer in commercial law, accomplished professional actress, writer, and co-founder of Wayward Publications, who has an incisive mind and great sensibility, and presents a reliable view:

“AMPED is mesmerizing in the most wonderful way – affirmations to amazing tunes and beats, that have you looking at life completely differently afterwards.

“I was feeling very down before I started AMPED. Many changes had been going on in my life, and I had health problems.

“By around halfway through I noticed I wasn’t dwelling on things as much, and my problems were unbelievably starting to resolve, everything was getting easier.

“Having finished the AMPED process my whole perspective has changed. I don’t worry and I’m taking life as it comes.

“I feel more love around me, more love for and from others, and more love for myself – and am also more forgiving of myself. I suddenly wasn’t worried about a serious operation I had coming and knew destiny would look after me, which was a remarkable state to arrive at under the circumstances.

“AMPED is truly amazing. Barefoot’s voice is soothing, the music seems to enter my brain directly and calm me in a lovely gentle way, and I find my mind saying and singing the affirmations all day long, and will be more than happy to recommend it everyone I know – anyone can benefit from this.”


Student of homeopathy, healer, au fait with what’s going on self-development and healing-wise on the internet, and kindly wise-woman, who’s reliable for providing a clear view.

“I think AMPED is absolutely fantastic in all ways. I’m especially taken by how the intricate musicianship and the spoken word beautifully entwine with each other. It has left me feeling complete, balanced and happy.

“At the start of the process I was feeling the regular annual strain on mind and body of the UK winter months with little or no sun for days, and was feeling off-kilter with physical and emotional low energy levels

“Around halfway through the process, I was aware of saying ‘yes’ to whatever was showing up, without the habitual feelings of anxiety, and my solar plexus was already feeling noticeably steadier.

“I was also aware, that whilst interacting with others I was much more present for them. Also my preconceived ideas of a ‘them and us’ world were disappearing, as boundaries began to dissolve. I was noticing a tangible softness and was feeling lighter within, along with a sense of growing more fully into myself.

“I’ll be recommending AMPED to anyone who may be feeling closed off, confused and/or lost. Because it will get them to open more to the blessings life is offering – doors will begin to open and the light will once more permeate their lives

“I loved this – I loved the entire process. I loved that whilst listening to the end of Episode 6 from nowhere I felt my ancestors as people gathering behind and around me. And the power and inner strength emanating from within as a result of doing it has left me with what I’m sure will be a lasting feeling of quite massively increased inner steadiness and sturdiness in both body and mind, and an increased feeling of safety and love for being alive and a better-functioning part of the Tao.”


Social care professional who for many years ran groups for troubled people, has a balanced and compassionate view of the human behavioral range as a result of many years experience in the field, and is reliable for a clear view.

“I don’t find it easy expressing this as I’m a very poor subject but a hugely grateful recipient, and when I am so blessed I just like to feel that blessedness, rather than have to talk about it. Because I did and do feel blessed by doing this AMPED process.

“I can say my fortunes have changed a bit financially, which is interesting, and nice, though I’m content with just being able to pay the bills anyway.

“I notice my heart & body are feeling even more content now though.

“I’m feeling increasingly fine with who I am, with a clearer and clearer knowing I don’t need to be more than.
Sounds weird, but inside is not attached to the stuff I do, I can just be. And I’m able to show others love more easily for it.

“And now at the end of the process I’m swimming two miles a day and about to do a marathon swim in the Thames for charity, so something must be working. Overall, I say dreams can come true – and I’d recommend this to anyone.”


“What I love about AMPED, having worked with Stephen for 10 years now is that it represents the culmination of decades of his work and yet is at the same time entirely new and unique, fresh and original, challenging and beguiling.

“The music is just damned good music – it pulls you in so your body’s moving and your mind is soothed, then it really gets to work. And that’s the thing, you don’t feel it happening, you just feel the change over the weeks when you find yourself humming a section of a track or hearing the affirmation in your head and you realise, yes, something has shifted, something has changed, I’m different, I’m approaching that differently, I’m seeing that differently, I’m reacting and behaving differently.

“My life is shifting – and that has to be a good thing.”

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