What if all you had to do to initiate more magic in your life was just to press a button?

What if all you had to do to amp up change in your life was to tune in and listen?

What if you could alter your consciousness, shift the way you think, rewrite your internal story so your life is NEVER the ‘same old, same old’ EVER again – and in just six weeks?

What if the mechanics of manifesting that magic, that new way of thinking, that new set of conditions, that new, improved command of your outcomes was already taken care of so its easy and effortless for you?

Welcome to A M P E D

Affirmation Manifesting Procedure Electronically Delivered



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A M P E D > [Just] press play > once a day for [just] six week to change your life forever…


It’s taken all your life to develop all the blocks and limiting patterns that prevent you having it all – six weeks to change all that is not only fast it’s a miracle.

A M P E D is a tool that can do that. It combines the strongest imaginable elements.

  • Affirmations expertly composed and delivered in the precise sequence, frequency and amount to have maximum impact on your internal narrative.
  • Subliminal affirmations containing fundamental core messages composed and delivered sequentially to have maximum impact.
  • Energy-shifting sound frequency design to deliver the most powerful frequency of 300 hertz to have maximum impact.
  • State of the art, lush, deep, cinematic, soundbath-style mood-elevating electronic music to deliver you the total combined effect with maximum impact.

A M P E D > The procedure

Six weekly episodes ranging from 34 to 55 minutes each – mind-focusing visualisers, pure audio file, thorough companion text.

A succinct six week procedure – you just press play once a day and listen and/or watch and in six weeks you’ve changed your entire story about your life so powerfully you’re already effortlessly manifesting the new set-up, mind-frame, and external constellation of the life you’ve always wanted.


You receive one multimedia episode a week for six weeks, that will

Change your story about people so other people treat you differently.

Change your story about the world of things, details, tasks, obligations, responsibilities, so the world of things treats you differently.

Change your story about yourself, so you treat yourself differently.

Change your story about money, so money treats you differently.

Change your story about love, so love treats you differently.

Change your story about life, death and eternity, so life, death and eternity treat you differently.

A M P E D > The reason

Manifesting change in your life is initiated by manifesting a change of consciousness, a change in the thought patterns dominating your internal narrative.

To change the patterns in order to change your circumstances, requires creating a new meta-pattern to ride on top of, supersede, supplant and altogether cancel out the residual effect of the negative elements of the existing one, while at the same time amplifying the existing positive elements.

Meaning you have to entrain your mind to talk to itself in a different way. You have to alter and, in some cases, completely do away with whole chunks of your internal narrative and rebuild it with a new balance.

ENTER: A M P E D – affirmation manifesting procedure electronically delivered…DIRECTLY THROUGH YOUR EARS AND/OR EYES VIA YOUR BRAIN INTO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

A M P E D transforms your internal narrative – and when you change that it changes your life.

Simply by pressing play a minimum of once a day for just six weeks you’re in the throes of deep transformation – immediately feeling more in command of your own mind, thoughts and choices, more in command of your own time and pace, and more in command of your outcomes.

A M P E D > [Just] press play

Each multimedia episode comprises audio, video visualiser and companion text – everything can be downloaded so you can listen and watch on the device of your choice wherever you are, whenever you wish.

Use headphones or good speakers for best effect.

Use the video visualizer to help focus your mind and embed the subliminal messages – the subliminal script runs throughout these in a ‘now you see it now you don’t’ pattern, while key elements of the top line script move across the screen.

The visualizers exponentially compound the effect – the hypnotists’ spinning wheel motif that runs throughout (changing color and shape) is actually two – one spinning in way, one the other but co-spatially – based on the Taoist assertion the anticlockwise spin dispels negativity and the clockwise attracts positivity.

A M P E D > Completely unique

AMPED offers a unique combination of musical pieces, frequencies, affirmations and subliminals, unlike anything else from anyone else anywhere else.

Music that pushes boundaries

Each episode consists of four or more distinct musical pieces or movements, each of which appertains to a different set of musical references culled from a vast and eclectic range of styles and genres, though always on a solid bed of multi-layered, multi-textured electronic-plus-organic dance-meditation ‘open-genre cinematic deep-tech house’ music to be precise, produced to the highest world-class standard throughout, weighing in at over 91 lbs or 200 kilos, hence in the super-heavyweight category, yet light as a feather and rich in tone as a hummingbird throughout.

This music pushes all boundaries without veering into unlistenable avant garde in the slighted, completely original and unique in composition, format, style and timbre, yet replete with enough familiar references to make you feel safe as you’re transported through previously uncharted sonic territory.

432 and 300 hertz soothing, healing frequencies

AMPED instruments and sound-sources have been tuned to 432 hertz to promote harmony and wellbeing as opposed to the standard 440 hertz tuning, introduced first via the Berlin Philharmonic by the Nazis, and which provokes disharmony, and the full solfeggio range of frequencies is used. More importantly though, the rare 300 hertz frequency, appears in every piece, either undisguised in its raw form, effected through modulators and filters, or used to create melody.

Though there have been studies done showing its effect on rebalancing the electromagnetic field of the forebrain, and on its power to help the mending of tissue, you only need to hear it for a moment to feel the immediate effect it has on quieting the normally busy, noisy prefrontal lobes.

The frequency design is the same used in the popular Sound-bath series but evolved to the next level.

The rhythms are sublime and sophisticated to match and though the almighty kick drum rendering the 4-4 beat serves as the sonic substrate, every care has been taken to round out the bottoms of every kick to produce a satisfying gentle yet undeniable thud in the chest as opposed to bang in the brain.

The musical vocabulary is large and referential nods range from Count Basie to Skrillex, from Nirvana to Bill Evans, from Magical Mystery Tour to Bob Moses, from Balkan beat to blues, from Beethoven to Bossa Nova, from Mahler to the Orb, from Sibelius to Leftfield, from ZZ Top to Faithless, and from pretty much anything you care to mention to anything you care to mention. So you won’t get bored.

But don’t get the idea it’s in any way busy, schizophrenic or pastiche – it’s not, it’s sound as you can get, pun intended, and fully groundbreaking and all the above references are more how your writer would like to think an advanced alien might interpret them when composing such a work.

Affirmations and subliminals for effective, subconscious shift

Under the surface of all that, swimming from side to side in fascinatingly complex rhythmic formation, similar to the swimming action in Busby Berkeley movies but more up to date, occasionally bobbing up out of the water like flying fish are the subliminal messages, comprised of all the key affirmations along with extra, inclusion of which in the top-line narrative would have left no space at all to breathe, all of which are detailed in full the companion text, so you know what messages are reaching your subconscious.

Woven into the sonic fabric, sometimes moving just above the surface, sometimes sitting big and bold on top, always comforting, always solidly there, though with all the tasteful gaps required to leave due space, then is the top-line audible narrative, delivered by your writer, and composed with painstaking care, based on decades of live and recorded practice and knowing what works and doesn’t with an audience of one or thousands, but more importantly based on decades working with individuals and groups comprising well over a million people, and hence privy to what makes people tick, what repels and what appeals, what motivates, and what deflates, and above all what works and what doesn’t when it comes to framing positive statements as affirmations.

Naturally it’s not just the words that carry the impact, but even more, the shamanic template underscoring the delivery, and the sequenced variation of tone, cadence, temperature, and tempo of how each phrase, often each word, is delivered. And decades of practice informs every syllable.

The combination of all these elements generates an unprecedented synergy far, far greater than any individual element, in terms of its effect on you.

AMPED > Reviews 

Here’s just a sample of reviews from Barefoot Doctor’s trusted beta-testing team – it’s what they had to say about the full AMPED process having listened to all six episodes: 

Melissa“I loved the music, the empowering messages and they way it made me feel. It helped me immensely in an effortless and fun way….

Danny“The effect of ‘Amped’ is impossible to put into words as it takes you to a place that is way beyond words, a transformation at the level of dna so profound that mere language can’t do it justice….

Juliette“Amped is an utterly unique experience. It’s like walking into a temple of sound, incredibly powerful and the effects are nothing short of miraculous…

Maz“The words and music synergy hit me deep in the feeling zone, because it’s truly medicinal. It kept and is still keeping me aware, awake and curious. I couldn’t and can’t stop moving to it….

Teresa“I think AMPED is absolutely fantastic in all ways. I’m especially taken by how the intricate musicianship and the spoken word beautifully entwine with each other. It has left me feeling complete, balanced and happy…


A M P E D > Ready to change your life?

Plug back into the magic of life – AMPED is the medicine for that.

Quantum jump your manifesting process – AMPED is the tonic for that.

Pump up your self-assuredness, self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and self-worth – AMPED is the tool for that.

Enjoy a big life with the mind-tone, mindset, perspective of the fully self-realized Taoist master or sage – AMPED is the fast-track mechanism for that.

Feel far less stressed and worried, and more flowing, relaxed and at peace with yourself – AMPED is the path to that.

Feel a vast improvement in your immune response, energy-flow, strength of body and mind, suppleness of body and being, and full global, glowing health – AMPED is the method for that.

Feel and experience far more love in your life – AMPED is the medium for that.

Enjoy far more fun in every moment whatever you’re doing – AMPED is the trigger for that.

Ensure full realization of potential this lifetime – AMPED is the insurance for that.

Amplify everything good and beautiful about you and your life – AMPED is the switch for that.

A M P E D > IS:



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Full money back no quibble guarantee

You have a full seven days from delivery of the first episode of AMPED Volume 1 to decide if it’s for you.  Please note this is different from our usual 30 day refund policy because if you’re not thrilled by the first episode, AMPED is not for you.



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