All things come to pass at the appropriate time and in the appropriate form

You love your mind. You love thinking. You love working it all out. You love understanding everything.

The common link is love.

Forcing your mind, your thoughts, your reasoning, won’t hurry understanding. Understanding comes of itself by trusting the path and surrendering to it, knowing the universal love will make all things come to pass at the appropriate time and in the appropriate form for you to gain maximum existential nourishment. Maximum existential nourishment at all times is what you want and what you seek in vain when you try to force understanding.

Delete the need to understand and understanding will come of itself as a bonus.

You can either spend your energy trying to figure out how it all works or you can use it to visualise what you actually want to manifest.

Having visualised it, relax and let go into the process. Be innocent. Be fresh in every moment, unburdened by the need to reason it all out.

Let things manifest and the reason for all of it will be clearly evident – all in the fullness of time.

Reason literally means rightness. Stop needing to be right and to make things right by grappling with the externals. Relax into the journey and everything rights itself.

That’s the way the Tao does it.

May the Tao do it for you today and tonight.

Love, D

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