Alignment With The Tao

Amazing things happen now. If you’re feeling a bit same-old, same-old about life today, if your mind has got locked into a view of you being stuck and if you wish to release yourself from the grip of such delusion and thus trigger an actual flow of healthy movement in your affairs, all you have to do is ordain it be so and it will be so.

This implies arranging yourself internally, to optimally sense your alignment with the Tao within at the moment of doing the ordaining, otherwise it has no power. So relax your body, lengthen your spine, drop your shoulders, draw your mind back into the centre of your brain, soften your chest and breathe deep down in your belly, then with the fullness of your person brought to bear on the utterance of every syllable, say with contained, focused gusto: amazing things happen now.

And as sure as Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your firkin, providing you did indeed bring all of yourself to bear on the moment of ordaining it, amazing things will happen now.

So sit back, be excellent and let the universe surprise you.

May you be amazed and delighted by outcomes you weren’t counting on today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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