Affirmations To Turn Your World Around

Affirmations are an aspect of magic, casting a spell, as in spelling out your intention. When your intention is focused you generate results. Affirming something – saying yes to it – is a way of focusing your intention.

So for instance if you’re feeling sluggish and resistant to the day, write down by hand a minimum of six times, ‘I am imbued with infinite energy, with infinite energy I am imbued,’ and as you write it, let your mind see it – let it see you accessing energy from an infinite wellspring within.

Within 24 hours you’ll notice a significant easing of the flow and upsurge of vitality.

Or if you’re feeling financially strained, ‘I am imbued with infinite wealth, with infinite wealth, I am imbued,’ and as you write it, let your mind see you accessing wealth-on-demand from an infinite wellspring of abundance within and again, within 24 hours you’ll start receiving money from unexpected sources.

Or if feeling lonely, ‘I am imbued with infinite support, with infinite support I am imbued’, or, ‘I am imbued with infinite love, with infinite love, I am imbued’.

Of course, you can phrase affirmations any way you like as long as you construct them positively – the above construction is merely one I’m in the mood for today – but it’s a good one that I find always works.

May it work for you stunningly well and magic abound in your life.

Love, BD


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