Achieving A Result Without Making Effort

One of the keys to successfully using the Taoist model of wu wei (magic/effortless action) to manifest what you want, is the willingness and capacity to let go and trust the process once the initial magic of setting a clear intention and letting it be known to Big You has been done.

However letting go doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing waiting for the universe to make everything happen. It’s a partnership and one in which the other partner (the Tao/Big You) will be only too happy to bend over backwards to fulfil your desires, but only providing you show willing by aspiring to being excellent at everything you do, including following the inner prompts to take appropriate action in respect of what you want to manifest. But the way this is done, is with grace, only ever applying 4 ounces (100 grams) of pressure, metaphorically speaking, never pushing or puling the world too hard, yielding to oncoming force and sticking to the action as it recedes, while always keeping your centre and holding fast to your dignity and virtue (authenticity).

King Wen’s cook used the same carving knife for slicing open cattle for 19 years without having to sharpen it once. On being asked how he managed that, he modestly explained that between the tendons and ligaments holding the carcass together, were super-fine gaps and that by being sensitive he was able to discern these gaps and pass his blade through them thus meeting only minimal resistance. Like this he was able to dismantle the carcass with just four wee passes of the blade at key junction points.

This is an example of 4 ounces in action, an example of achieving a result without making effort and being supremely excellent at what you do.

May it serve you well as a metaphor for the day (and night) and may you slice through the obstacles in your path with ease and aplomb.

Love, Doc

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