Access Peace And Joy

When you relax your belly, rather than keep it tense, you can more easily psycho-emotionally accommodate both the discomfort of your life appearing to contract and the pleasure of it appearing to expand. Breathing in, let your belly swell, and your life expands – breathing out let your belly contract and you’re at one with the contractive flow of life – it stops being your enemy and becomes just part of the inevitable dance of life – it becomes your friend and you love it as much as the expanding phase.

Your breathing is the living physical, tangible metaphor for the swing of life.

Let the breath be relaxed and slow and the swing feels pleasurable rather than jarring.

Try grabbing hold of your lower ribs in the front and prizing them apart.

Now relax and enjoy the expanded sensation there and know that in this expanded sense of self the swing will be easier to accommodate.

For that’s the goal if there is one: to maintain an unbroken silken thread of inner peace all the time no matter what occurs externally, or internally – so at the root of it all there is this peace.

And in this peace there is joy for being alive.

Terrific Tuesday wish: this joy will bring you a hundred happy surprises today.

Love, D

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