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  • Really enjoyed that exercise BD and the way it made me accept my feelings in the present understood by yin/yang within my body.Everytime I put my hand on my solar plexuses a deeper level of understanding and acceptance grows for which I am eternally grateful. Keep up the good work. Toodle pip!

  • Hi BD. Thanks so much for this, it is really going to help me. i also liked Sandy’s addition of rasing both hands to the sky and saying “Now i’m free to be me”. i think i will conintue to combine these.

    I feel ever so pleased that I have discovered your work and am truly greatful to you for helping me boost my confidence to be my highest self. It also helps that i have a new person in my life (a man) who may well be my soul mate.

    Please could you release the video about being your own desicsion maker first, as that is so relevant to my life.

    All the best Julz

  • great video,feeling free as a bird,thankyou,B

  • As always a calm and healing exercise….i have been working on acceptance for a long time so I trust that this will help to do it! Rosie x

  • This exercise has given me a sense of release; I plan on watching many more times. By listening to your videos I feel positive and recharged. My anxiety levels lower, the worries and woes disappear. This practice as many others that I have learned from you are done daily. Thank you!

  • Third attempt and i can now feel the difference, its truly amazing stephen, many thanks

  • Thank you so much for this. I am still feeling slightly dizzy after doing this exercise twice and still have a feeling of ‘butterflies’ in my stomach. But also a feeling of excitement and eager anticipation. I shall continue to do this exercise and await the results with interest. Thank you for your kindness. Karen

  • Thank-you,BD. I enjoy and learn much from your video’s and e-mail’s.

  • Thank you so much for the video. I loved it and I felt a whoosh of energy and joy as I accepted responsibility for being and feeling the way I do now. I will keep using the exercise. Mary

  • so in line with my current mindset i am a EFT er tapping on the acupressure points and am currently organising a training event in Guernsey. I find so many people have difficulty accepting themselves and even more difficulty in loving themselves . I find a lovely positive phrase is .. even though i have (whatever the issue is) and want to find a way to love and accept myself anyway.

    keep up the good work and if you ever wish to come to Guernsey i’ll host the event xx

  • Still enjoying-and tryin’ to be employin’-your wisdom, Doc! Many thanks.

  • Thanks Steph. I just love listening to you. I have a few years on you, but you’re a SAGE full of wisdom and kind thoughts. Just watching this short video has given me a tremendous boost. To share your energy with gratitude and thanks. Basil

  • Deborah
    6 years ago

    Thank Steph

    I am only just catching up with the e-mails so have only watched this once, Bur straight away I felt good and not sure if that is a common reaction but I also felt a great emotional release and even shed a e few tears but in a good way.

    Look forward to watching the other videos

    Keep up the great work


  • My darlings, I tried microsoft windows 7 and firefox…I surrender…

    Whatever you are conveying… I totally align my mind with yours…Connecting on a COSMIC LEVEL.

    I have been wanting a GlOBAL AFFAIR, these local ones just aren’t doing it for me. THANK-YOU!


  • Hi! Thank you very much for the video 🙂 The thing I would most like to have freedom from would be having to do what other people tell me – mostly this means my job. I wish I had the freedom to make my own decisions and choose myself what I will do with my time, not spend it doing what my boss tells me I have to do. Between the hours of 9 and 5 I am a slave, and for an hour either side I am stuck in traffic 🙁
    I am not adverse to work – in fact I would be bored without something to keep me active and give me a sense of purpose and achievement – I just wish I had control and freedom over what that was and that I didn’t have to sell my most precious and limited resource – my time – to pay my rent 🙁

  • I can feel your loving care! I can only say: Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Blessings! And much LOVE and LIGHT for you to share with all of us!

  • Suzanne Travis
    6 years ago

    I have worked for a long time and it is my a continual exploration to be with my authentic self in self acceptance and love. I use 5 Rhythms dance as my spiritual practice but I also really value the Taoist way of looking at the world.

    To have a practical exercise to help this process along is great.

    The spleen points are ones which Donna Eden tells us to use in Energy Medicine. It is interesting to see the links between different approaches.
    I have been told that building up spleen energy is particularly important for women, in particular with dealing with menopausal, menstrual, hormonal issues.
    It appears it is important for everyone too, male and female, which seems to make sense.

  • You rock dude- thanks for the great video~ freedom is simple just be free!

  • Dear BFD, it’s a great releas to listen to your voice and practise the exercises. I am enthusiastic about that , it really works, thank you very very much.

  • Acu-point under arm as indicated feeling very tangible (sore). No sourness under the rib cage though, seemingly. Will experiment more with it later as I was feeling rather relaxed (present) at the time. Good stuff Doc! Much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  • Meridee
    6 years ago

    Hiya. Just played your 2 videos. Very interesting and very powerful. I will use them both and see how they make me feel. Taoist approach is very illuminating and thought provoking. Thank you BD.

  • Richard
    6 years ago

    Hi D,

    That was great – have had a painful feeling under my ribs on the left hand side for a few years – feels like a hard ball is present there (luckily – the doctors couldn’t find anything), am guessing this is my resistance. Hopefully have something to change this now



  • Thank you Steph.
    Will keep doing to rid the blues. Each time spirals and circles surround this body in cloud form.
    Is this natural to feel this way?
    Wonderful you – light up this spirit!x

  • Wonderful video and great exercise. I just was able to look and listen. Will do exercise several times.
    All my life I have been busy with making people happy, but lately I have indeed noticed a feeling within me that tells me: Be yourself and stop pretending that you have to make everything pleasant for others. To be honest, I am totally sick of doing this and I am swaying the other way and think: screw it, I’m not doing this anymore. So please address both issues when you can. Thanks so much!

  • Thank you B.F.D. for sharing this feeling of lightness – spiral – head to toe and beyond, a light of
    much appreciated,with love Lavone

  • rob ryan
    6 years ago

    Feel immediately uplifted.

  • dear BFD – thank you. pax.

  • pratima mitchell
    6 years ago

    Authentic self please…this was so timely and so encouraging. Thanks a lot

  • Lovely! Thankyou. Diaphragm feels softer and I feel more planted immediately. Will keep repeating and see what happens… Love that spleen point!

  • frances cranton
    6 years ago

    Hi Doc ,thanks for sharing .I didnt seem to get rid of the stitch feeling

  • Cheers Doc, will continue the exercise and see what happens. Always inspiring to hear your words.

  • Not feeling much at the moment. Will continue with it though. Although – had already started to feel better today and had moved towards acceptance. Is that odd? (I think possibly not). I personally take great comfort and inspiration from your 108 blessings book which I dip into regularly. Authentic self would be my preferred starting point.

    Thank you so much for all you do. With love, Lucy

  • Dear BD opened and viewed the video at a time I needed it most! (no surprise there!) For me the second proposal is preferable as being my authentic self is a daily challenge!

  • Carol SACHS
    6 years ago

    Dear BD – looked forward to making time for myself to watch your video with no interruptions and am
    very frustrated that I cannot download more than 3mins48 – it has just got stuck there -and it is jsut where you start deomonstrating where to tap for the spleen ! I suppose that this is a problem with my PC as
    judging by the comments noone else has had this problem. AMAZING just after making this ‘complaint’ and thinking that it was submitted – to PC clicked into action and continued downloading !! what do you think of that ? And I would like to say that we should have the Finding your Authentic Self video next because
    if we can do that THEN we will no longer try to please everyone before pleasing ourselves ! so that one first please. cheers Carol PS looking forward to your visit to SA where I am attending the workshop at Buffalo Bay

  • Carol SACHS
    6 years ago

    Dear BD – looked forward to making time for myself to watch your video with no interruptions and am
    very frustrated that I cannot download more than 3mins48 – it has just got stuck there -and it is jsut where you start deomonstrating where to tap for the spleen ! I suppose that this is a problem with my PC as
    judging by the comments noone else has had this problem.

  • Thanks Stephen. Very genuine and useful as always. Authentic self marginally edges it for me for the next video, although I can’t see that it matters which way round if you’re going to cover them both anyway. Thanks again for sharing. Bring on the Big Ohm! Andy

  • Julie Harrison
    6 years ago

    Just started reading your manual, which is just brilliant and the best friend anyone could ever have sent me the link to watch this clip. I am very lucky and just love my life – but am still learning and growing so tried these exercises. My mind was definitely clearer afterwards. Thank you.

  • I was surprised at how tender the accupressure point was (although the spleen itself was not uncomfortable). After one viewing of the video and doing the exercise, my mind feels clearer. I intend to continue with the exercise and see what happens.

    I would like to see a video on finding my authentic self as I have often felt that I am playing a part rather than being me.

    Thank you for your time and energy, both given freely and with love.

  • I would like to remind people the power of grounding(do as much of these as you can barefoot on wet grass or just grass,I look toward to al your classes I can afford.I studied the art you teach with Dr.John Painter “Arlington Texas”and know how powerful your teachings are.Please give us plenty of notice if you every come back to Texas, I’m in the Dallas /Ft.Worth area.Harry

  • Freedom from pretending and being a people pleaser is powerfully profound and extremely scarey.The deep down conditioning that nurtures these negative and very destructive emotions often goes way,way back.
    So,to discover a means of empowerment to initiate the journey of self acceptance is truly spectacular!
    Your fundamental gift to the universe is yourself.May your generous spirit never,ever be diminished.
    Sending much gratitude,love,light and peace.

  • Great exercise, in true BD fashion. Read Liberation a while back, a great book too, inspired to go throough it again. I did the exercise a number of times throughout the day and found a peaceful centering, my body/spirit really liked the focused attention. Thanks so much for the vid and your help, The acceptance info sounds good to me. Thanks again for your support and compassion. Namaste

  • Ouch! That point under the arm is a killer! Thanks so much for the kick start Barefoot, your wisdom is a blessing I feel lucky to have access to. When I wrote my original response to your email I was in a really bad place but I’m already moving into the acceptance stage so really looking forward to the next vid. I think the one about pretending is a good one for me as I tend not to try the people pleasing bit so much anymore. Pretending to myself is probably the most needed transformation, that is how I survive the pretending to others I think. “How are you today?” “Oh I’m fine thank you, yourself?” Classic pretense, eh?

    Love and Many Blessings x

  • Rosanna
    6 years ago

    Thanks, Doc, most useful as always. Felt rarely uncomfortable doing the exercises, and then a bit dizzy, but afterwards OK. I suppose we must have a lot of blockages in that precise area…

    As to your question of which video would we like to see first, I’d say first the one on how to stop pretending in order to please others.

  • bridget
    6 years ago

    The next one i most interested in is ‘authentic self’ please.

    Namaste. Bridget

  • Sara Jane
    6 years ago

    …..the number of responses certainly shows how many people you touch 🙂 … have helped me through some dark and difficult times…..your books, barefoot doctor world and SFW……I am learning taichi, chigong and neigong….you have been the access point to all these Taoist practices. I think acceptance of yourself and where you are have to be the starting point……everthing else develops from this….choices made from acceptance of yourself and where you are will be the right ones for you. Sun is shining here….thanks BD ….for your genorosity and Love SJ xxx

  • I found the video especially helpful. Acceptance is key, and I felt like I had connected with that part of myself that needs to be reminded that all is fundamentaly well. Thanks Doc. I like the idea for the authentic self as the next video. Look forward to it. Love and blessings.

  • Shelley
    6 years ago

    Dear BD,
    Love your methods for teaching acceptance! My vote is : both.
    Also, I’m wondering when does the next SFW-3 start? I missed the last one and would love to sign up for the next.
    Thanks for all your books n classes!

  • Thank you so much Doc, perfect exercise at the perfect time. Much love coming your way

  • Gilbert
    6 years ago

    You’ve done it again, doc ! Right on target.Thanks so much for your love.May the Toa of wisdom grant

    you more to enable you to continue doing your thing!

  • Much thanks BD. Always enjoy your stuff. Particuarly liked the exercises in Urban Warrior and especially Manifesto. Any vids on manifesting. Thanks again BD. Mitakuye oyasin

  • I would like to thank you doctor barefoot I’ve been experiencing some stress and out of sorts, after watching your video and listening to your voice and doing the tapping exercise I regained my center love your videos


  • Shirley (in Salt Lake City)
    6 years ago

    Thank you Steph for taking the time to do this video and making it available to all of us. The Taoist processes are so elegant, and I can do this series in the car, or at my desk! (No excuses. :-)) For many years I have equated the energies in my solar plexus with the rightness or wrongness of how my Chakra (once I learned about chakras) was functioning at the time. You have given me a new understanding about the energies focused there and being joined with the Spleen. I remember that from the time I was about 8 years old I used to wonder if I would have the intense feelings in my stomach 27/7 all my life; and could I die from those feelings! Understanding that these are the energies of excitement to be here (earth) and resistance to being here(my perceived life/relationship/self-worth issues)equates to how I need to feel to feel alive, resonates as such a truth to me.
    Any of your videos in this series will be a contribution to our well being, but since you asked – my vote is for the authentic self.

  • I do feel a little better. I’ll practice tomorrow again.
    I prefer the : Authentic Self please.


  • Thankyou for this incredibly timely video… while meditating few days ago had the strange experience of a sharp pain on my left side I hadnt felt like this before so I was curious and looked at an anatomy book for what was there in that area of pain and saw it was the spleen but was none the wiser as to why this pain had arrived here, then just watched your video and it has explained alot this excersice also bought a feeling of warmth and groundedness.

    So glad you have shared this bit of wisdom.

  • Vicente
    6 years ago

    Thank you! I really enjoyed the video. It was powerful and energetic. I would like to see first the authentic self first.

  • Lovely subtle lift and spread of energy. Thank you xx

  • Thank you for the exercise. I did it and clearly I am ready to move forward through this since the tears poured instantly – tears of release since I really got it; I mean I really got that the internal struggle and my perception of it is what I have needed to stay alive. What came through was the realization that I have permission to live and not only do I have permission I have the freedom to live and as the acceptance of that embeds itself internally, it manifests externally. My heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to present this and to me for taking the time to do it and to the Divine for leadng me here.

  • Thank you for this video, have to practise a bit more, seems to be exactly what I need right now, and as the next step I would like to do something about the authenticity.
    thank you so much again, reene

  • Thank you for caring. If you must choose which problem to tackle first, please help with How to be Your Authentic Self. That one seems to hit home the hardest because in business you are always told to “fake it until you make it” or “perception is reality”. After a while, you lose who you are and what you’re really about.

  • Thanks a million for this video Doc, its already starting to free up my blockages/fear of moving on. I’ve been living apart from my husband for 5 years now but somehow I am still afraid of getting into a new relationship so I am my own worst enemy. This exercise is just fantastic and exactly what I need – I can feel that as I start to release my blockages other people are also sensing this and I feel much more open and joyful. I’ll leave the first choice of the video up to you, both ‘freedom to make own choices’ or ‘freedom to be authentic self’ speak volumes to me – thank you once again for sharing your invaluable wisdom.

  • Thank you very much for genuinely wanting to help us all BD. Tried the exercise and didn’t automatically feel any different but will try again over next few days. I would like to see the video on how to be my real self (or how to be free from fear) first please.

  • Gary James
    6 years ago

    Thank you BD great video, I really liked finding I was here in the here and now at the end! keep up the brilliant work. Much love.

  • Hi Doc, My lovely friend Lynn MJ sent me this link, knowing I have been depressed lately. I lent her my copy of Manifesto years ago, and we have both been converts ever since, however I have lost my way recently. This exercise has reconnected me and helped me to change my focus. Although I feel rather weepy and queasy, I know for certain that when I do the exercise a few more times, it will have the desired effect. I would like to stop people pleasing first please. I have tried to do so on my own, and have ended up grumpy and bad tempered. Love and blessings form Lorna xxx

  • Thank you so much for your caring, BD. Your exercises are beautifully simple, but I need to keep repeating them to make them work for me.
    Because I am basically timid, I look duplicitous because I am not assertive enough, and don’t easily come out straight with what I mean. But I think i also tend to hide my deepest feelings from myself as well as others.
    So for me Freedom entails fighting my timidity in order to have the freedom to be truly myself.

  • I found this video amazingly relaxing and calming. I have practised the routine 3 times today and have definitely felt a tipping sensation. Thank you very much.

  • Suzanne
    6 years ago

    Dear Doc,

    Thank you for yet another step Ican take towards feeling GOOD

    Love Sue

  • Vanessa
    6 years ago

    Thank you for all that you share.

  • Linda Allen-Tawes
    6 years ago

    BD, Thank you for the video, my spleen was just a tad tender at the start, and feels ‘softer’ now. Either video choice works for me, as do all of your informative works. I really enjoy the e-mails you send — I love your energy, too! LOVE & PEACE, Linda

  • TamaraJo
    6 years ago

    Dear Barefoot Doctor, Bless you for your years of study and knowledge. I am deeply grateful that you take the time to infuse it with wisdom from your experiences and share it for the transformation of us all. Everything I have from you works expediently for me. Thank You. I believe your priority for the 2 videos: The Authentic Self; because when we focus our energy on our own truth, we stop pretending and seeking acceptance from others. Many Blessings to Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew and You. Love’Allways’TamaraJo

  • Thank you Steph for making the video. I should have known the spleen was going to be one to be called. Really enjoyed the feeling after the channel tapping. Feeling pretty good overall on what has been up to now a poor day.
    With respect to the next video choices, both ideas sound great but my preference is the authentic self choice.
    love and respect

  • Siobhan
    6 years ago

    Thanks Barefoot.
    Been awol awhile. Think I’m back. Great video. Helped a lot.
    It’s hard to choose between the 2 choices for next video.
    Whatever the Spirit leads you to do will be right and good.
    Bless you x

  • Thank you BD, I’m very grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and love. I did feel a sense of calm from the ”spleen tapping”. I’m looking forward to both the ”people pleaser” and ”authentic self” videos and don’t mind the order.

    You wonderful caring heart full healer you
    Both video ideas sound great
    As a self confessed people pleaser(or is that mummy daddy pleasing:-)
    I would like(need 🙂 that first
    Blessings and joy

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    I feel immediately very calm and pulled together after doing the exercise.Thanks for that. I do want to be able to be my authentic self, after what feels like an entire lifetime playing various roles, and feel that as long as I am trying to please others I will not be able to be so, so both are inter-related in my mind.

  • thewallacer
    6 years ago

    Freedom from people pleasing, then Freedom to be your authentic self please.
    Suppose I could try being them both as of now!!
    Thanks BFD

  • hello Steph Barefoot, massive thankyou’s for the help along the evolutionary path!! I so often find that I am relating to the world through my pain body (Eckhart Tolle’s terminology) the shoulders go up, the rib muscles tense I can’t breathe deeply and feel like a contemptible maggot, so although the authentic self sounds more enticing I think the stop people pleasing would get my first vote. thanks again

  • Thank you Stephen for the wonderful way that you put things across and your very calming influence. I have only just received the video and today coincidentally or not! I had decided that it was my stomach/spleen meridians that needed balancing. Then received your email and video regarding the spleen, thank you. Doing the exercise did feel quite liberating I will do it some more and let you know any further developments.

    Don’t mind which video is done next. Thank you once again and bless you.

  • Hallo Stephen
    Thank you for helping all of us with the concept ‘freedom’. You are right – acknowledging that one owns what is going on means you can change it. Empowering and helping to set the authentic self free to BE. Thanks for caring so much. Corrie

  • Jan Etoile
    6 years ago

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for doing this work. I love your authenticity, dedication and love for us all and humanity. I really love the simplicity of your teaching and it stops me from being in the monkey mind and lets me just be. I can’t work it out so I don’t. Hooray!! I’ll keep prscticing.

    I would love for you to start with the authentic self. Being me is all important. What else is there??
    Bless you

    • Bless you too, dear Jan, what a lovely thing to read – funny, I was just feeling that global love for all before reading this – love, Steph xx

  • Hi Stephen
    Many, many thanks for the video. My spleen point is always very sore so need to do this exercise a few more times. I can’t say I felt any great shift but found myself gently “burping” which is always a good sign that I’m shifting something!

  • How to stop being a people pleaser please!

  • Thank you for the video and the time you have taken to do it for every one. Have just tried it for the first time and feel like crying, hope thats a good thing. I will keep practicing until your next video, I don’t mind which video is first. Thank you again.

    • Hi Sharon, yes crying happens sometimes when we get back in touch with ourselves – I think it’s partly relief at being hpme again momentarily, l

  • wow doc, southampton uni sent me free coaching for post cancer, now this, the tao, is bountiful, I would love more on my authentic self, as I have no worries about the paople pleaser, have stopped that, i think lol, I use EFT too, how ever question, with the spleen, being a mature lady and nature being nature, is it under the breast? top of ribcage? when i tapped there it was sore not painful but unplesant, i did feel the turn over, bizarre, bit like when i stand up too quick, cheap ride lol, once again thanks for all the blessings u share, and fro u being u, and of course to Sue and all the team, have a wonderful day love n light xxx

  • Martina
    6 years ago

    Thank you Stephen you are very much appreciated.

  • Thanks again, Barefoot, you’ve been helping me through your books for many years, but it’s so much more powerful to see and hear you talk through the spleen energy exercise than reading it……

  • Hello. This is realy great great break true…staff.I felt imidiatly changes. Thank you very much for helping us all.I prefer nex video to be, How to become autentic self. God bless you.

  • ik heb een van je boeken gelezen en ik vond het een geweldig boek, mijn gevoelens zijn gevoelens van slachtofferschap spijtig genoeg; ik ben een beetje veel kwaad op wat er in de wereld en rondom mij heen gebeurt en kan dat ook niet echt loslaten en ik weet dat dat niet goed is ik bots altijd tegen hetzelfde
    aan.Ik zou zo graag veel meer echte liefde zien tussen mensen en vooral tussen koppels. Mijn moeder en vader hadden vroeger heel veel ruzie en mijn moeder was altijd het slachtoffer ik draag dat nog mee denk ik weet ik. Ik ben heel veel met spiritualiteit bezig maar kom in mijn persoonlijke gevoelens niet verder. Dank je voor je interesse in mijn gedachten.

  • Although I have followed you for years and read all your books, and sure I do feel a difference and feel more aware of myself, I’m not breaking free. The pressure points and the acceptance do release the pressure but I know more needs to be achieved. People pleasing is a big thing with me as it gives me confidence, so perhaps that would be my first choice but whatever you do I know it will be right.

  • Lynn MJ
    6 years ago

    Dear BD,

    I simply cannot stop crying so I guess something has been released tho at the mo I know not what – people pleasing and how to stop it would be great for me first. Thanks, Lmj

  • Suzanne Russell
    6 years ago

    I am on the precipice of embracing my authentic self, again – I can see it, feel it, and genuinely know the feeling. I chose to bury it with fear and conforming to the opinions of others as to how I should be,this and that. The art of allowing and accepting is exactly the cornerstone to which you refer. For me, I accept my life, where I am ,and, what I must do at this time. All the while seeing and feeling, and most importantly knowing my authentic self. I can feel it swirl, almost dance within. I do thank you – You, through your teaching, caring, and sharing of all that you know to help us come into enlightenment and alignment has reminded me of what I knew from a very young age and somehow got lost in the entaglements of life.

  • Hi, I just been redoing the exercises and I felt all the power of it and the amout of intensity inside the plexus solar, it made me cry when I tank’s the Tao for all and I felt center and calme after.
    Merci it’s working your stuff, this is the best drug I had.

  • Hi Barefoot

    Re videos, although I don’t think the order is all that important, I’d suggest ‘people pleasing’ video first, then ‘authentic self’ next.

    I feel that this project is off to a flying start; as a SFW and a Qigong person, your ‘spleen tapping’ and the informatiion that goes with it ticks all the right boxes for me.


  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    Thanks a lot! Very nice exercise that brought me immediately in the present and in powerful balance.

  • Michelle
    6 years ago

    Fab, thank you – so much in such a short amount of time! I’d love to see the video about being your authentic self (although I don’t know if I even know what my authentic self is/could be :S ) maybe that video will help with that?!

  • delightedcat
    6 years ago

    To have the courage and wisdome to be one’s authentic self at all times … what freedom and bliss! Thank you dear Stephen for all the inspiration x

  • Thank you very much indeed. I love the feeling that I’am now left with and would like to expand on it.
    Regarding the choices we have to make….both will by gratefully accepted.

  • It would have to be freedom to be your authentic self because naturally the choices would
    follow, then again same again vice versa o how topsy turvu and luvin life I am!! Thanking you muchly Stephen angel master shaman man spirit! Did yer hear the crow haha!! x

  • Thank you for the exercise, am enjoying trying it out. authentic self next if i had to choose but looking forward to people pleaser also. thanks again

  • Melanie
    6 years ago

    Thank you for your time, for sharing, liberation from being a people pleaser would be wonderful, but I know I will receive what I need as and when I need it.

    Bless you


  • Peta Jane
    6 years ago

    Thank you I felt a sence of calmness after completing the exercise. Being our Authentic self would be good to see both vedios will I am shure be helpful.
    Spring Blessings,
    P J

  • susan wright
    6 years ago

    Dear Stephen,Thank you so much for being here for me this morning,your passion for wanting to help us all feel better makes me feel so good, Truly.I loved this exercise and will incorporate it into my daily routine along with the ones I do with you on u tube which I find so uplifting.I actually do the spleen point under the arm when doing EFT and always felt it to be a powerful point for shifting stuck stuff.Really appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes.At the end of the exercise a smile spread across my face like the Sun coming back out from behind the clouds.
    I wish for you a day laced with magic and miracles.I Love You.Sue

  • You always make me feel uplifted. Read Liberation a couple of years ago and will make sure I do it again. I’ve always been a ‘people pleaser’ so would like the freedom of letting go, but ‘authentic self’ is a necessity too, so whichever will inspire I’m sure. I will carry on ‘tapping’ until we meet again. Thanks for being you. x

  • hi doc
    Thank you for sharing this video with me and i am going to the exercise a few times today as my brain is a bit mush today. I would like the people please next time as that is just what i need at the moment. By the way i use you web site daily and it helps me no end. thanks for all you do

  • That gave me a nice, warm and somewhat familiar, fuzzy feeling. Thank you!

  • Georgie
    6 years ago

    Awesome to see some meridian tapping in the Taoist mix! I’ve spent the past year using EFT to release myself from the cage of dominant parenting. It is an amazing to feel free! It was also the hardest year of my life mind you! Thanks for doing this awesome work BD – love the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern ideas – we live in a very exciting time! xx

  • A big heartfelt thank you for the video – feels great to do and will be doing it more that’s for sure. Just to know you are out there helping, for me it is the perfect timing. I can’t decide which one i would like to hear more so maybe i need to hear one about how to make a decision!! Maybe the people pleaser one as i’ve done that all my life and it hasn’t got me very far 🙂 x

  • Dorothy
    6 years ago

    Thanks Steph, I’ll keep doing the exercise above until we get the video. I would really like both, but if I have to choose I’ll start with the authentic self. So grateful for your expertise, knowledge, & love.

  • Thank you BD. Authentic self please. Nice bird chorus in the background. MVL

  • Wow! That felt instantaneously great.
    Ta very much
    Authentic self please.

  • Video goes blank like nothing on the screen after 2.30 min when you talk about ‘Accepting it owning it’ after you said ‘I will show you’after that point…. I tried to forward it, so it skips that point….nothing… stays blank for the rest of video…It happen every time I let run from the beginning and it always on the same point…Please help….Thank you!….

    With Acceptance

  • Thanks for that, I enjoyed that video and hope to reap the benefits later, I would love to see a video about freedom from pretending.
    All the best with love and gratitude

  • Hi BD, I really enjoyed doing these exercises. I loved the ‘brevity’, yet the power of this presentation. I will continue this practice! I deeply appreciate all the wisdom and encouragement you continue to offer me on my life’s journey. I look forward to your presentation on quitting the pretence. Love and light, Brigid.
    P.S. i WISH i Had your knees!

  • Hi BD,
    A lovely calming exercise to start my day – thank you.
    I’m looking forward to the ‘authentic self’ video – stopping pretending. Tough one!

  • David Phillips
    6 years ago

    Dear Stephen,

    Thank you so much. Your compassion, love, joy and wisdom always shines through in your beautiful gifts to us all. Thank you for all that you do.

    Much love.


  • Gillian
    6 years ago

    Namaste Steph

    Totally agree, acceptance, starting with oneself then expanding out to others is fundamental to our healing process.
    The exercise feels good ~ “People pleaser” would be good to start with!!
    Warm Regards

  • WOW!!!!! I cried and cried. What a wonderful release and for the first time in a month I did not wake up in the early hours of the morning with discomfort in my belly and I hadn’t been grinding my teeth. This was what I had been asking for. Thank you so much.With much love, Ruth

  • Hi, great video, thank you.
    My choice would be ‘ stop being a people pleaser’.

    Have a wonderful day all of you.

  • Thanks for your contribution, thoughts on the people pleaser issue would be much appreciated. Have a nice day!

  • I’ve got no sound either – and unfortunately I cannot lip-read.

  • Help! I’ve got no sound! Help. Dawn

  • I watched with interest, and would love to see a video on “stop being a people pleaser”.

  • Beautiful! An exercise on the authentic self would be most welcome x

  • Morning Steph and thankyou – a lovely way to start my day 🙂
    I didn’t get any feeling from the exercise but after listening to your words again they resinated with where I am, so for that reason I would choose “Freedom to make your own choices” as I fully understand that I am my choices and your video just confirmed that; so from NOW I take responsibilty for that part of me. THANKYOU xx
    Wishing you a blessed and fruitfull day 🙂

  • Hi Doc and everybody,

    I would choose the people pleaser theme, too.

    After pushing my spleen i`ve got a really cool fealing – suddenly my vision cleared.

    Thanks for that,

  • Elisabeth
    6 years ago

    🙂 Thank you, I read Liberation but found the exercises sometimes too complicated when just reading them – also as English is not my native language. So seeing this on a videlo is absolutely the step that helps me to actually use the Liberation book – great.

    I would like to stop pretending more than the people pleaser topic, though both are important.

    Love to all here – great to be part of this community around Doc 🙂

  • Valerie
    6 years ago

    Brilliant !!! Love it !!!

  • Jonathan
    6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the video, calming sensation ensues. I would like a video on stop being a people pleaser first as I think we all gain some measure of self worth from the feedback we get from people around us. we then learn quite quickly if we please those people around us we get good feedback and therefore feel better about ourselves, however negative self belief probably becomes the dominant feeling as you cant can’t please everyone and who would want to?

    Thanks again

  • Love it sensational jus a short exercise and I don’t feel the uneasines that I had in my solar plexes
    like when we are afraid or when you have a gut feeling. I love it thank you soo much Steph.
    Peace, Love and Joy.

  • Awesome video! I would like to see you address how I can be free to make my own choices and to not be a people pleaser.

  • – a simple, yet very effective exercise, thank you! It went surprisingly deep inside
    – authenticity, please, this is the key video for me


  • HI Steph
    What comment do you need ! your dance through the crap to deliver Taoist magic is inspiring and very real,I love it.
    The exercise made me sweat and relax ,leaving space and connection. Blue skies and love Neale

  • Greetings!
    Just prior to opening your video, I was in tears as I rehearsed a presentation that must be tear free when given. I had not been able to identify the core issue. Feeling defeated and frustrated, I had no idea how I would present if I could not stop the flow. The Barefoot Doctor’s email – serendipity.
    The Universe always delivers exactly what we need!
    In gratitude ~ Lizz

  • Delight
    6 years ago

    Dear Barefoot One,

    I echo deeply the sentiments echoed above by Ellie. You are indeed a rare being, living an honest, authentic, expression of love and caring. I so resonate with your love and understanding of life and our journey, you enrich this life in ways words cannot describe. I will say simply that the’tipping point’I feel through your input is arriving, the place where I allow myself to teach others, to reaach beyond any confimenments of individual expression.
    I would love to embrace any teaching relevant to letting go of “pleasing others”, and living the dream life of pleasing myself.
    I love and appreciate you and the abundance of high vibrations you reign upon us all. Much love, Dale

  • Stefica Sladecek
    6 years ago

    Your wisdom a power forces to heal human mind.
    Thank you, I enjoyed and I am grateful for your message.

  • christine scott
    6 years ago

    Hello Barefoot- Thank you very much for this very powerful exercise.
    Just what I needed today and has helped me through some decisions I am wanting to make.

  • lindsay
    6 years ago

    I’m joining the wave of positive responses above, and agree that ‘to thine own self be true’ embraces both aspects so both can be starting points.
    Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity!!

  • I used to do a lot of EFT but didn’t realise the underarm point related to the spleen…good to know as I’ve recently had some problems with my spleen. A video on ‘the authentic self’ would be great. Thanks for the support!

  • čestitam,zelo lepo zamišljeno in predvsem koristno za mnoge,ki bodo videli ta video.kakšni so efekti ti povem drugič,moram najpreje isprobati to tehniko,ki jo ti tu demonstriraš,poznane so mi neke druge tehnike,to sem danes videl prvič.
    lep pozdrav in veliko uspeha pri tem delu tudi v bodoče.

  • Hi Doc, many thanks for such a simple and straightforward exercise, although I didn’t feel any effects this time I’ll run through again over the next few days and see what happens. For me the People Pleaser video would be good to see first as I feel it would pave the way for the Authentic Self more readily than if they were shown the other way around.
    Again many thanks and keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you for that.
    I have just done the exercise and gone from calm to agitated as the energy flipped. I did it again and I am now back in a calm state, which is good as I am finally having a knee replacement tomorrow.
    Peacefully yours
    Love and light katyx

  • Thank you BD…but why did this video make me cry?
    Yes..the People Pleasing video would be great and many thanks, Liz.

  • Thank you, BD. Feeling a little fatigued today, therefore having a rather flat response in the solar plexus
    area. Will give it another go. I like the Authentic Self video. Thanks again, Monika.

  • R Grant
    6 years ago

    Wonderful exercise, thank you! I haven’t logged on for a while but you have reminded me how positive one feels when one does so and will make a more conscious effort to continue to do so. Almost instant sensation of calmness. Incredible and a big thank you. Just what I needed at this time.

  • Thank you for a useful lesson. I look forward to the Authentic Self video, in particular.
    Peace and Love

  • Patricia McNally
    6 years ago

    I found that short video very useful. It’s useful to be shown practical ways to shift and move “stuff” .Lets have some more Steph.and whichever video you make first will be welcomed because I’m sure both will have a little nugget of wisdom we can make use of along with a practical process just like this one I’ve just watched and engaged with…..Much Love and Blessings to you…..Patricia

  • Thanks Barefoot, I would love for the authentic self element of freedom to be addressed first if possible.

  • Tapping on the spleen point was tender and my temperature spiked then calmed down. The point under the ribs was uncomfortable at first and tears welled up in my eyes – it wasn’t sadness or pain – which threw me a bit until I relaised that I was connecting with the acceptance of all that had gone before and if I am feeling waves of emotion then that is good. I am processing what is happening in my life so that I can move on.
    Your point about the spleen processing food and information has triggered something in my brain because I have a love/hate relationship with food so maybe if I can get my spleen energy working properly I can resolve some of that. For me, the issue of being authentic is the most important. I feel that if I am my authentic self then the people I am around will sense that.

    I will keep practising this exercise and I am going to share it with my daughter.

    Thank you.


  • Karin Pearson
    6 years ago

    How wonderful to see you sitting in the beautiful Spring green and speaking your calming wisdom…brings back memories of SFW 1 2 3 which absolutely changed my life in miraculous
    ways…I hope anyone viewing this video will consider those classes…impossible to express
    my love and gratitude to you dearest Doc…XO K

  • Thanks BD – is wonderful to see you in the countryside again teaching simple but fundamental techniques to help us all with acceptance and freedom. I did the exercise just now and it felt powerful and connecting. Will have another go tomorrow. I would say authentic self next please x

  • raymondo
    6 years ago

    Steph sssssssssssooooooooo gggggggggooooooooodddddddd as per your hear your intoxicating verbals,and trust me i used to consume alcoholl like the proverbial fish. As regard the video one round of excersize created the exact effects described,and left my tum bathing in warmth…All that from just sittin down !!
    and what phenominal themes your bringing in this year of what my term the year of the cuggass … Compassion-Understanding-Gratitude-Growth -Self awareness Self acceptance .You are loved!!! but love u anyway.

  • Thanks Doc, I need this right now. Big long anticipated changes are happening in my life, but I feel like I’m thinking through porridge. I actually got a pain in my left temple when I completed this which I put down to some kind of release. Love xxx

  • Dear Barefoot Coach
    I tried your exercise and video and really liked it. The main effect was a big release of tension within my shoulders. I will try it again as did not find much happening around the spleen area but I felt good. I think a video on being your authentic self would be good. I feel I have done a lot of work around this area but still need to do more as I want to run my own “design a sparkling life” workshops and something is slowing me down. Thanks Dr Barefoot, Jane (aka sparkle coach!)

  • Many thanks for your time and sharing :)Barefoot Doc its invaluable, I look forward to using the exercises, Thank you very much …….. for me first would be have to be freedom from people pleasing as I feel freedom to me my authentic self would then follow

  • Martine
    6 years ago

    Had a moment of calm – so looking forward to trying it out some more. I’m most interested in looking at the authentic self (don’t seem to have an issue with telling people how it is!)

  • Immediately calming. Thanking you

  • Corrinne
    6 years ago

    Wow, that shook up my spleen – thanks for that. I await developments with interest. Authentic self next please.

  • Ingvild
    6 years ago

    Thank you,barefoot.
    I´m too tired now to feel much, but I have known about this acu,pt for many years without using it ,and since my great acu. teacher. van Buren told me, I have inherited a week spleen ,I think it´s about time I get to know this pt,a little better. Thank you so much for input and for your dedication to help.

  • I’ll give the exercise a few more go’s tomorrow. Suggest freedom from pretending might be a good place to start?

    Kate x

  • Hello Barefoot,
    Thanks for the video, will have to give it a few more goes, wasn’t too confident about the underarm and tapping moves so far. I found your introduction very helpful. I would be inclined to vote for the people pleaser video next. Thanks for all the good feeling you bring me when I listen to you and read your books.

  • Thanks so much for this – it really sounds like you are speaking to me personally, and the sensations happened exactly as you said they would.
    Look forward to both videos, but people pleasing first gets my vote.

    Best wishes

  • Stephen,

    to go back to the freedom question- personally, its about freedom from the tyranny of the self – on the line of ego’s where I go, and Freedom from an excess of internal dialogue.

    I just did the spleen balancing exercise with you (on video) so a bit too early to respond – will try exercise again next few days



  • Hi BD
    Authentic self would be a good.
    Your a Star. x
    P.S nice background

  • Hello stephen lovely to see you again

    By the comments flowing above mine it seems like we are all coming from the same place. We all want to be free but we are all programmed in some shape or form. I have done the simple procedure and calmed this raging energy within…being free to make my own judgements and decisions has been very difficult for me in the past as it is now…the feeling of being selfish to be me and wrong not to consider others was put into my head at an early age…and its there everytime I take a step forward…I would love to feel whole and not guilty for taking the freedom road. I will break through. I have learnt so much from your teachings and find your talking to me extremely powerful and therefore look forward to the next video. Its amazing how we all feel this powerful change that the world is going through and we now have to regenerate ourselfs and in doing so set our children free too.

    Thank you

    Blessing and love xx
    CHI Jill xx

  • Felt nothing. Nothing! Though actually, I suspect that this may be due to having eaten too much cake. Interestingly though, I feel OK about feeling nothing. Normally I would be trying the exercise at least 27 times until something happened (would not want to feel like some sort of a spiritual failure now, would I ?), so perhaps it has affected my acceptance after all! Anyway, I’m going to bed, and I may try this exercise again in the morning. Or I might not. Either’s OK. Night night x

  • Lisa M. Smith
    6 years ago

    Very Good, Doctor. I connected more with the power of being authenitic. Thank you so much!

  • Thanks Steph! Like those exercises you have shared before, amazing in simplicity and effectiveness. Very timely, just what I needed today. Thanks again for being there and sharing your wisdom with all of us!!!

  • Wonderful exercise, thank you! Almost instant sensation of calmness and giggles, yes a definite softening, thank you!!

    Either of the two exercises you mentioned would be good too thank you! Off to practice that one. Thank you so very much for all you do, so very very much appreciated.

  • Hi, yes i could feel the exact sensations that you described apart from 1,the feeling what i was meant to in the solar plexus area at the end ( i will re do this until i do ) wow i would love to have your knowledge. thanks stephen & i look forward to the next video and to freedom.

  • Lovely video, thankyou Steph – also remembering the spleen sound ‘Hooooo’!
    Having the courage to be completely authentic in this slightly mad world is key to being free. I think it’s time for everyone to realise that they can be themselves and create their own reality using their heart(not the head) as their guide.

  • C.marie
    6 years ago

    Hi BF,
    So good to see you again on video. Your message of hope is appreciated.I do not feel anything when doing the exercises- But I will continue maybe after several attepts at doing them I will begin to fee I am alive! My choice for the next video would be On Finding Your Aurthenic Self.Thanks again and have a wonderful day. 🙂

  • Maureen
    6 years ago

    Very grounding. And plays really well into the concept of ‘being here now.’ (Where else?) Either subject would be appreciated, but perhaps authenticity would lead nicely into alleviating people-pleasing tendencies. Grazie mille.:)

  • Thank you Stephen for accepting us all as we are and reaching out and delivering us some tools to help make this journey of life a great one. I look forward to your next two videos

  • Richard
    6 years ago

    Greetings Steph,

    Thank you so much for this very helpful video as not only did the technique with the spleen work it created a strange sensation instantly. The other two points of energy focus just below the ribs appeared to be comfortable right away not sure if that is strange or not. The solar plexus is very active energy wise so by placing my palm in front of it was kind of like feeling waves of energy penetrating through my hand. Now only a brief few minutes have lapsed and there is a sort of heaat transiting round the area of the spleen. A good deal of change with only the first application I shall do this several more times.
    As for the questions of freedom to make choices or the freedom to be completely your authentic self I lean more towards the second one though both are valid. The first has alot to do with feelings for when we make choices we emotionally consider how they will affect others. The second appears to lean more towards the grace, joy, and expanded awareness of learning who we truly are and then choosing to radiate from our hearts all the time.You hit the point so apply for it would seem the yang is dominant in this world while the yin is the energy of our real spirit which is a constant conflict in some ways. It is in obtaining the harmony inwardly that in turn we can express it outwardly. I sincerely appreciate your insights and sharing Doc and your help as well Sue you are so genuine in your caring.



  • Dear Steph – Thank you for the superb exercises, I felt immediate release from tapping the spleen. Over the last few weeks I have come to see (or not to see) how subtle resistance can be in my daily life even down to the little things. When I have caught this resistance and then changed the thought to acceptance of what is I have felt release = superb. Thank you for the love you share with us all through these videos, whichever one arrives first will be perfect. Bless you x

  • I can’t believe all the coincidences. I have just started doing a bit of thought field therapy,after a good few years, and was tapping under the arm quite a bit last week. My reflexologist was worried on Saturday that I had a blockage in the stomach area and I have been feeling tender under my ribs. This morning before watching this found a sound spray called Be Yourself that I bought 2 years ago and gave myself a spray. Any videos gratefully received and big Thankyou with love

  • Thankyou BD, i love the tapping and releasing you teach, it makes me feel that things really can and will change and as for which one next, both are eagerly awaited … ”chicken, or egg” comes to my mind; i think it’s all wrapped up in one and thankyou for the light you’re shining on ‘it’ all 🙂

  • Thank you! I haven’t participated for a while and I’d forgotten how powerful your techniques can be. I am struggling to trust myself and the universe that good things will happen. Not sure which video next – I am resisting people pleaser as I don’t think that’s my problem which means that is probably the one I need!
    Love Barefoot x

  • Hi,
    thanks for this video, this is really interesting. I would love to see the “how to stop being a people pleaser” next.
    Many thanks for the gift you give to the world.
    Love to all!

  • charlotte
    6 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing x I would love to uncover my true authentic self.

  • Thank you so mutch again. I realy liked the part explaning about all imformation of the past marked in the pluxus solar région and the fignt betwen the fears and the plesure of being alive. I feel that connection betwen internal organs and thinking process and I think you are so nice to share your own taoïme tricks to cure it. I trying to see my body like a musical instrument that I have to learn to be able to get as mutch hapiness as i can to share it with my loved ones and also for the peoples i don’t like when I am gonna play more nicely with this instrument.
    Stop pretending is my choice of your next vidéo and, for me it include the fact to be able to stop pleasing everybody.

    merci et passez une journée magnifique


  • Gabriela
    6 years ago

    The video is not being heard from where I am. Could you fix that.

  • Michelle
    6 years ago

    Hi Barefoot Doctor! Thank you for that awesome video and exercise :). I think I may need to try the exercises a few more times to get the full benefit. I would love to see the video on the authentic self first.

  • I feel so inadequate. I start things and then don’t finish them. I try to please everybody and end up pleasing no-one, least of all myself. So I would like the next video to be on people pleasing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Hi Stephen, thank you so much for posting this video. I found it very informative, didn’t notice too much change but will do it a few more times. I would like to see the ‘people pleasing video first’. Thank you so much for taking time and energy to produce these videos, you are very kind. Sending you love and light. How I wish there were more people like you. Thank you so much.
    Anne x

  • Margaret
    6 years ago

    What I felt with my hand on my mid-self, my belly, was “wondering”.
    About what I do not know. Just floating with a soft sense of wondering.
    Authentic self sounds good………..and thanks for this.

  • Significantly effective. Thank you. Authentic self please… though content with either. Love, and hugs.

  • Carolyn
    6 years ago

    Authentic self, I would really like to get to know her !!

    With Thanks.

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the Tao and the body! It is always extremely powerful to engage the body when we are dealing with our thoughts and beliefs since we hold all of that in our cells… So, I like the idea of speaking to freeing the authentic self by putting a stop to pretending. I feel that people pleasing is just a form of pretending. I like going straight for the root! You can then help people see how people pleasing is a symptom of pretending?
    THANK YOU for sharing your gifts!!

  • Teresia
    6 years ago

    Wow man,that felt great-instantly! I look forward to more.Both sound intriguing but I’m leaning towards the “moving away from people pleasing” technique. Many thanks and love to you.

  • sandra offord
    6 years ago

    Sounds good as always, but need to do it a couple of times to get the benefit of it. The next video should be about not being a people pleaser. Thanks Barefoot.

  • WOW. When I watched your video I was totally gobsmacked. This is something I have been struggling with for years, only now have I the time and space to deal with it. I have been living my life according to other people’s wishes and society’s ideas for too long. In not being happy where I am in my life for some time, I was spending all my time blaming everyone else for this. Now I have the courage to stand up and accept who I really am, eventhough I will not fit into other people’s expectations. Thanks BD, the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, has never been so true as it is now for me. You are a Godsend.

  • Thank you for sending this on what has been the most difficult day of my life I need the authentic self video first to help me most. I thank you for your generosity in sending this video.

  • Thank you so much for the video. I felt a little woozy the first time I tried the exercise, a tad unreal. On a physical level several muscles in my right leg that had been very tight and sore, due to an injury, gently released. It started near the hip and gently rolled down my leg like a wave. Unexpected and welcome relief.

  • Marie Herbert
    6 years ago

    hello Steph. I found the spleen point under the armpit to be very tender and it is good to have honed in on this, with the other spleen point. Feel quite warm and light after doing this. What I find particularly interesting is your ‘take’ on the questions offered by people. And I think this is part of your healing way – in that you ‘see’ things differently. So the idea that to be one’s authentic self is to stop being a people pleaser, as well as to stop pretending to be what you are not was quite revolutionary. As always I am delighted by your teachings and exercises. Thank you. Love to you and the Barefoot Doctor Crew.

  • Thanks for sharing, it works. Looking forward to the next video….. 🙂

  • Felt the sensation….. felt fab… freedom is mine to find with a few guided steps from souls like you Steph! xx Much Love always. Jai Mataji xx

  • Staffan
    6 years ago

    Simple and quite effective exercise – will try it a bit more. I was though a bit distressed by the quality of the sound in the video. I listened with ear phones and It came out only on the left side and there were a lot of squivelling strange noices in the background.

  • great to see and hear you, barefoot, and as always at the right time with the right issue, thanks! this is adding very nicely to the helpful taoist techniques, they work softly but steadily. will practice this and watch the system change.
    your love and energy is appreciated so much! looking forward to see and hear from you again, no preferences, it will be the right issue again.

  • Sorry darlings, no audio…. thanks love you all so much.. Enid

    • Hello Enid and Barbara – sorry to hear you’re having difficulty viewing/hearing the video – I’ll get our tech team to look into it – we think it may be an issue for Mac users. Sue

  • Hi Thank you for all your videos, they are excellent. Would welcome a small reference booklet referring to the info you give in each video as a reminder or maybe there is one already ? Authentic self sounds good but I am sure which ever you do will be great.

  • I think the exercise helped me identify that “feeling” as I rush through the hurly-burly of every day. Made me feel like a little oasis of still and calm and quiet. Yes- powerful thoughts, too, that all my life has brought me to this . I’d love you to start off with a choices video please- the people-pleasing one ! Thanks so much for this. I love your work.

  • StephenH
    6 years ago

    Thank you Stephen for your kindness and generousity as always, the spleen energy flip exercise most benefitted me immediately, it was instant and powerful. What a gift a friend such as you is!

    I would most like to see the video for being my authentic self first please.



  • thanks , that is really helpful brings me into the present happily xx

  • Helen McConnell
    6 years ago

    Thank you, Steph! After doing this exercise, I’m feeling a buzzing in my lower chakras. I’ve always thought that my lower chakras are my “worldly” chakras (as opposed to the spiritual). I feel a great shift, and a lightness. I live an amazing life, but sometimes get caught off-guard by fear (mostly about money). I’m looking forward to experiencing new freedom in my life. I AM excited about my life and the evolution of humanity.
    You do such great work/healing. Thank you!

  • Hello Stephen – Thank you so much for the video. As always, you deliver your message so clearly and honestly. You are definitely right to self- acceptance to all that has passed – certainly cannot change the past – so truly have to accept as things are right now. Will keep doing the exercises over the next few days – and I know they will be effective. You are truly a very inspring man in eveything you do and say and your humour is very enlightening.
    As to which video- both would be welcome with deepest gratitude.
    Thankyou Stephen
    With love

  • Jeannette
    6 years ago

    Hi Doc

    You’ve done it again Doc, the Master at work. Thankyou and Love, Jxx

  • chrissy
    6 years ago

    Thankyou so much Doc, that was sheer bliss, instant freedom and relaxation from everything that’s gripping hold of me, i can not wait for the next video’s which ever will suit me as always everything you teach hits the spot exactly when i most need it, you are my hero!i also look forward for more training this is a brilliant idea thankyou always Cxxx

  • Doc,
    Wow! The spleen, after getting hints about this in my dream here you are with the necessary action, seems to have activated something, slightly nauseous, but smiling all the way. Thank you for the video and looking forward to more authenticity and less people pleasing! 🙂

  • Thank you Barefoot.
    Due to grief I was pretty much orbiting somewhere in space. I haven’t slept much in 4 nights nor eaten much either.
    This has brought me right down to earth and I feel i am ready for a much needed sleep.
    I would say the authentic self vid because of my need for validation..but this taps into people pleasing.
    Will do this again when i wake.
    Many many thanks and much love to you Barefoot x

  • Hi Doc, thanks for the video. I appreciate this gift of love from you. I look forward to both videos. Being my authentic Self is what I seek most of all.

  • Hi! Many thanks for taking the time to make this video available. The tapping point is familiar to me from EFT. I will continue to use this exercise as I had just started working on acceptance of where I am right now.
    My vote for the next video is for the authentic self to be addressed. Having surrendered my authentic self long ago, or buried it deep inside, I am now trying to reconnect.
    I am looking forward to the next video.

  • Dear Barefoot Doctor –

    What I surprise to have pondered my resistance to life earlier this morining and open this e-mail and have you address this very issue. The exercise is easy to do and to the point. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this. I very much need the people pleasing video and pretending one so whichever one you start with will be fine with me. I feel a sense of safety and lightness as a result of doing the little exercise just once. Sincere thanks!!

  • Loving it Doc, thanks have used your wisdom for years…starting with Manifesto. Results great..respect

  • Georgina
    6 years ago

    Thanks Stephen,
    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. The theme of the day for me is me resisting life. I would like to watch both videos you suggested and the order doesn’t matter since they always seem to be in perfect timing! Thanks again Stephen.

  • Penny T
    6 years ago

    Very nice video BD! My spleen was very sore at first but then I felt a warm sensation come over my mid section and into my head. It made me very relaxed and a little sleepy…..first time I have used this pressure point so I will continue. I am people pleaser for sure so do what you wanna do first…lol! Thanks so much for your time! Love & Chi!

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    Felt wonderful after doing the exercise. I know I tend towards spleen weakness so this is potentially fabulous for me. Can’t wait for the next video!

  • I’d like you to start with the authentic self issue, please. I’m not really a people pleaser, I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone, so you’re best just doing what you can to make your own life reasonable though not at the expense of others.

    I like to think that, mostly, I accept where I am & my situation though there are days when I get annoyed & upset & frustrated with the pain and other people’s ignorance of my issues. That said, I do feel so much calmer having done the exercise & said the validation. I’ll be sure to find the space & time to keep doing it for the next week or so – thank you, Steph. Love n hugs D

  • Beautiful. How are you xx

  • Thank you for all of your videos. I would like to see a video on how not to be a People pleaser. I will
    be looking for ward to it and every other video.

    Your the best,

  • Linda Chambers
    6 years ago

    Thank you hearing the call and as always responding with healing information.
    This has been an issue in my life recently and a pattern has risen for this to be addressed for many. I think the issue of authenticity is paramount as so many other issues would automatically become non issues if we were free to simply be.

  • Hi Stephen, thank you so much for the video. Every time it is so good to hear you explain things. I am using the EFT points (under-arm and under-rib) already several times a day for every issue I think I need it and it helped me a lot. I would like you to do a video about the authentic self first. Many thanks again, also to you Sue! Love Ank.

  • Thank you for adding some peace and calm into my day. I feel it, I like it.

    Begin with freedom from people pleasing.

  • Branwen
    6 years ago

    After an initial attempt at the little exercise I feel I have a long way to go! The tapping felt the most effective, the under-rib pressure felt uncomfortable 🙁 But I will persevere and try again gently later… I’d love to see an Authentic Self video. I find it so hard to be calm and centred when interacting with others… Thank you BD!

  • Thank you BD – spot on as usual and a powerful exercise. ‘Stop pretending and be yourself’ is what I would love to learn and its going to be my mantra from now on. Love and Chi x

  • Very grateful BD! I love learning this! My absolute first is the connection I have with the Tao. Honestly I don’t even know what to call it, but I love it. Thank you for SFW, I had gotten a bit lost in it all. I’m starting to really understand the importance of being present in my life, thank you. Looking forward to learning Tai Chi online with your friends. And manifesting, life is meant to be fun for sure…I know that. What I feel in the solar plexus area is quite powerful sometimes, the sensation of pressing on the spleen was very pleasant. Being authentic..I guess it does mean an excavation of the soul? Much love.

  • Thanks for the video Doc, and I would like to see the people pleasing video first….

  • Michele
    6 years ago

    This video and the information it gave, is much appreciated…strangely, I awoke this morning to pain exactly where you asked for us to tap…now I understand why!
    I am really looking forward to the next video…and in the meantime, will be repeating these exercises …

    Much love

  • Thanks, I found the exercise left me relaxed, open and happy. Will do it every day for a while (or forever??) Would love the ‘people pleaser’ video first, but need both!! xx

  • sheelagh
    6 years ago

    right on right on!thanks for your video and ever-lovely and ever-generous energy, BD.
    some years ago, my fave TCMD teased me that “my spleen had packed its bags and was RUNNING down the road, and I’d better run really fast if I ever wanted to catch it!” I now grok that SPLEEN is Earth energy, grounding to Mother, the Belief that “I have the RIGHT to be here, alive, OCCUPYING SPACE on EARTH (hahahaha!!),,, and underneath this is the ultimate….I AM LOVED, I AM LOVE, I.. AM THAT…I AM.
    yes yes yes, everything I have chosen to orchestrate, experience so far in life has brought me to this exact spot, exactly where I need to be to receive the gifts of the lessons of life. yes excited and struggling simultaneously!!
    and now the same c’m’re,c’m’ere, go’way go’way feeling of surrendering to LOVE< surrendering to GOD, surrendering to ENlGHTENMENT. It's a wild and craaaazzzy life, this Earth Walk. gotta love it tho?!
    Infinite LOVE< infinite GRATITUDE

  • Barbara
    6 years ago

    Hi Steph my new iMac will not let me play your Video!
    I will go back to the shop!

  • Hey Doc, thanks for the video. Like many others this tapping point is familiar for me from EFT and I am hoping for some relevations over the next few days. Either option for videos would be gratefully received, however, my personal choice for the first video would be finding the Authentic Self.
    Much love and gratitude
    Maria x

  • Dearest Stephen,

    You are so deeply moving with your genuine knowing and your love, thank you sooo much!!!
    I am happy to realise, I am right on track…☺

    Love you for You and making such a difference in this world(s).

    Authenticity Yesss!

    Blessings and a big embrace!

  • Merilyn
    6 years ago

    Hi Stephen
    Thankyou for reminding me that everything that has happened in my life including what is happening now is there to make me feel alive.
    I will look forward to seeing both the videos but the one with the most resonance for me is the ‘stop being a people pleaser’ one.

  • Nicole Catllà
    6 years ago


    I am amazed to see how relevant and useful every video or message is when I open it. Acceptance: what a difficult issue to deal with.
    Thank you for your help and your sharing. Your exercises were a reminder of Qi Gong massage which I have neglected for a while.
    As to which video I would like first, I do not know. Both seem so interrelated and important.

  • Faith Fletcher
    6 years ago

    Thank you!
    How do you find the freedom to be your Authentic Self I feel is the most important video to focus upon.
    You must truly know thy true self before you can live a full abundant life.

  • Much gratitude, the people pleaser video would be my preference but both sound great.

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Hi,Doc – When I think of addressing the need to change important things in my life the first thing that usually happens for me is a great weight of anxiety and depression descends on me as I think about how dissatisfied with myself and my life I am, and then kick in with an unsympathetic reminder to myself that my situation is a result of certain choices and decisions I have made. Then I move on to panicky feelings about the shaky state of the economy, guilt about the awful state of the environment due to human greed, and my personal uselessness in making meaningful change. It’s not a feeling I enjoy so I usually tell myself I’ll address all this when I feel more ‘up to it’. I had thought that acceptance implied that at best I should cultivate equanimity about my sense of inevitability, and of my fears to take any big risks in attempting to change things.
    Your take on the value of self-acceptance is a whole lot more positive so I’ll work with that and see what happens.

  • self-empowering advice, easy to do and remember – many thanks Barefoot Doc.

  • Thank you~ I enjoyed the exercise and will repeat it today and in the next few days. I’m interested in the authentic self video.

  • kimberly
    6 years ago

    I don’t feel better. I have adhesions/organs etc stuck sp/st lu/li si/ht & more, hernias
    I tap & work visceral w/ organs, however NS is in hyper mode

    I hope people w/ less intense issues do well.

  • Spleen-tastic.

    Start with “Stop being a people pleaser”

  • Hi Doc, your help has come to me via a very good friend, Becky Jones. Over the last couple of years between you you have brought a new way of living… but… I still hang on to some of the things I need freedom from. Have watched your video, done the exercise and I gone very hot and begun to perspire, had a bit of an epiphany. A people pleaser is exactly what I have been and I have pretended that all is well for the sake of those I want to please rather than for myself because if I please them then surely I’m happy that they are happy.

    I am going to be a me pleaser, not selfishly but selflessly (does that make sense). I’ve already taken the first steps and have retired from the job I’ve been doing for 20 years. I’ve focussed on my talents and believe I recognise them, although I feel there are more I haven’t yet quite grasped, and already have a business venture in the initial stages.

    I feel that today I must start to declutter my life – concentrating on my environment as a starting point. Becky taught me about cutting cords which drain me and cloaking myself in healing light from the Angels and I made a huge step forward in one matter some months ago which, in itself, has been life-changing. I’ve been told I have developed a kind of glow, that my eyes can draw people in, they trust me and admire me and I don’t think that was the case before I attended my first Angel Day with Becky.

    I’m very excited and very nervous about going forward in my new life and letting go of the annual salary, the benefits of being employed…the stress of meeting deadlines and dragging myself into the office to meet them and keep my corporate employers happy. So enthusiastic about what is ahead that I’m counting down the days to packing my desk and saying “Shona has left the building”.

    There’s something tapping away at the back of my head.. trying to tell me something about my life ahead, but I can’t quite grasp what it is…. perhaps over the next couple of days practicing your exercise it will finally come to the fore.

    Many thanks for your insight, knowledge and support. May love and blessings always be with you.

  • Thank you I really connected with your message on self acceptance and my experiece of tapping and holding was of relief as I could feel the energy flowing again. When I think of Liberation and your question – which video first, my suggestion is to start with Authenticity and both are important.
    In gratitude.

  • thanks for the exercise it really helped me check in with myself. peoplepleasing seems to be my biggest issue so i would like to learn how to stop it. thank you again for your help

  • Thank you for another useful video. My vote is “how to stop being a people-pleaser” for the next one. I really do appreciate all the work you do and refer to your books regularly.

  • Awareness in the here and now – I love it – thank you so much Doc. Felt a real sense of the flip over on doing these simple exercises. Good feeling – will continue to practice. I would vote for a helpful video on the Authentic self. Many thanks.

  • Hi Steph, heartfelt thanks for this, just what is needed right now, really helpful. Going to practise this. Would love to learn more about being my authentic self. Love to all xx

  • Good stuff! Assuming that my authentic self is a loving, joyful and abundant self that’s the video I’d like to see next please so I can find out how to have freedom from being a cranky, fearful and broke self! : )
    Thank you for your generosity xx

  • I love your authenticity, humbleness, your presence. thank you for sharing so honestly. is rare to see, hear someone talking, sharing so honestly. is inspiring to witness your journey. thank you for sharing all that you do and are. Namaste

  • Thanks for the video exercise. I did not really notice any change, but I will try it again. I do a lot of EFT so have tapped on the underarm point a lot. But the under-rib point is a new one. I vote for the people-pleasing video to be first.

  • harpreet
    6 years ago

    Really good one thank you very much for posting …..god bless you.

  • Self-acceptance – so central in many paths, including EFT (meridian acupressure tapping). I like the exercises you give – another tool toward fully expressing oneself, myself in the world

  • Hello Barefoot doctor,
    thank you for giving us this video. I will make sure to do it a few times a day, it makes perfect
    sense to me to accept where one is.

    I would love to see a video on how to be my authentic self. I guess it is similar to stop being a people pleaser, but I think it may go deeper-being one’s authentic self gives us the freedom to be true to ourself inspite of educational upbringing, social and familial expectations, etc. I would love it if you made a video for that.
    with great appreciation,

  • Thank you for these exercises. I notice that one of the tapping points of EFT is also the one you used to affect the spleen. Very interesting. I have resisted tapping that point as it is uncomfortable…. now I will consider it in a different light.
    On the question of which of the two choices, I would love to see the authentic self issue addressed first… but either will be gratefully accepted.
    Thank you for your time…. it too is valuable….;-)

  • Much Gratitude.

  • gian rosario
    6 years ago

    thank you for yours advices. They are very poweful.

  • I really felt connected to Barefoot – need to watch it a few more times. In the meantime many thanks. Its not going to be something I can only watch once is it!?

    • No Chris – watch away as many times as you like 🙂 Sue

  • Hello everyone, just testing that the comment function works on behalf of Doc! Hope you’re enjoying the video and the exercise – he’s waiting to hear how it goes for you. Thanks for watching and giving it a go. Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

    • Great stuff as always Stephen.
      The video format is brilliant for motivation

    • Started working on accepting myself about 10 years after my divorce, so have had 18 years using a variety of approaches with great success. Liked the tapping and pressure. Hand over the solar plexus has been a staple for me for years. After several deep breaths, I place my other hand on top of the first and just slightly off the body, take it to the top or my head, still slightly off the body, then release that accumulated energy up to the sky and into the universe. Silently I use the words: “Now I am free to be me!” This has been very helpful over many years to not only accept myself, but help me be in a place of calmness and reassurance. Thank you for the video.

    • Your advice in your books and videos and e-mails is really useful and all makes sense. I really need to become my more authentic self and find work where I am appreciated and my talents are used. I hope this is my first step to making those changes. Fab 🙂

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