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Sunday meds lotus squareI began practicing martial arts at the age of eleven. My life has been dedicated to exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching the methods and philosophy of ancient Taoism ever since.

I’m a master of the Taoist martial arts – tai chi, xing yi, pa kua and white crane and a doctor of Chinese medicine.  I’ve also been an avid student of philosophy, belief systems, spirituality and human potential.

I studied psychotherapy with RD Laing for three years and shamanism with the native American Indians of Taos, New Mexico for four years.

Returning to London in the early 80s, I ran the UK’s busiest acupuncture healing practice for 17 years, growing in acclaim and treating celebrities including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger, the Pink Floyd etc

As well as being a master sound-healer and music producer, I am author of 16 books including HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR, LIBERATION, MANIFESTO, and more recently PURE , THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH HIS EYES CLOSED and THE MESSAGE. (Visit Wayward Publications for digital and hard copy books.)

I wrote a weekly column for the UK’s national Sunday newspaper The Observer for five years, have been a regular on radio and national TV and hosted my own TV show.

I now travel the world running workshops and retreats, doing talks, holding club nights, writing, making healing music, as well as teaching the Taoist way through my transformational training courses.

What people say about Barefoot Doctor 

“Barefoot has inspired me and given me so much positive advice. Depression and anxiety have been a theme in my life for many years, Barefoot and his knowledge of ancient Taoist wisdom have helped me to re-frame the experience and get on with life. He’s a great guy with a big heart and a lot of compassion, he wants to help folk, and that spreads from person to person, surly that’s what it’s all about?  That and seeing that it’s an amazing miracle, the whole thing”.  Jakob

“I’m heard about the Barefoot Dr after a neighbour bought me Return of the Urban Warrior – I related to so much of it and immediately embraced his breathing techniques since they resonate with my hatha yoga training, i have recommended him to clients and students and bought two other books by him.” Sue

“I would say that BD has plugged me back in to the magic of being alive, and has shown me how powerful I am. He has shown me how I have created the reality I’ve got, and how to create anything I choose from here. Through his materials, I live so much more in Tao-consciousness; I’m happier, more loving, more compassionate, more healed, healthier, so much more positive – my life has unwavering direction and purpose; I feel so, so much lighter, I trust life and know that it supports me, I have much, much less fear. Life has become an epic adventure, and my future is indescribably marvellous.” Steve

“I came across the Barefoot Doctor two years ago when I was in hospital being treated for cancer. A friend bought me his book Manifesto, the Internal Revolution. I hadn’t read any of his books before but was intrigued. My main concern was that the Barefoot Doctor would turn out to be a charlatan, giving people false hope. On the contrary I discovered him to be deeply compassionate, loving and passionate about helping his fellow humans. He was a huge help to me during my illness (I was given the all clear last August!) and, as I take tentative steps back out into the world, post-cancer, he continues to provide support with his books and teachings.”  Eileen

Being a cop in Los Angeles County, I have a front row seat to the drama of life. I have seen the best in people and the worst in people. People have shot at me and I have shot back. I have been in countless fights and pursuits, yet I have managed to maintain a high level of emotional health and vitality, largely in part to Taoist wisdom and specifically, the knowledge and skills passed down through Barefoot. He has inspired me to always be of service and to see the greatness in everyone I meet, even those who are hell bent intent on trying to do harm. The Doc’s wisdom, humor and selfless devotion to making Earth a better place have inspired me beyond measure. He is my greatest mentor and truly is a hero.”  John

“I think the main thing for me is the Doc’s stuff has gave me a framework for viewing reality which I didn’t have before. I see things more in terms of divine will as opposed to fear based stuff and I know that even though fear exists, the whole idea is to navigate it, acknowledging that the fear’s there not to stop you from doing what you want with your life but to keep you safe and grounded in the process.” Ryan

“I have been a member of the website community for more than a year now. It’s a great source of advice and help for living. Barefoot helps you to pick out what exactly is troubling you. Sometimes one just gets overwhelmed and feels that everything is wrong. He has great insight and knows how to ask the right questions to pinpoint what the problem is. He also gives you an alternative way to view things so they are less negative and easier to live with.”  Vanessa

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  • savanna
    3 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE your book ‘barefoot doctors survival handbook for the urban warrior’.
    It is an inspiration! Once i read the whole book it was easy to open at any page and start again. I ADORE your sense of humor throughout the book! It does make me smile! The ‘nobody exercise’ Is my favorite one as it make me realize there are people who i subliminally compare myself to! I love that book…It comes camping with me so i can show people on my travels too because it is such an amazing book. A genuine thank you with appreciation for you.

    Much love

  • Marie Jean Hamilton
    4 years ago

    Yes please! I would love to know more! ;))