A vote for fearlessness

In the wake of the solar eclipse and the general sense of unease it apparently elicited, no doubt augmented somewhat by the looming euro crisis (I’ve received an unusual amount of messages the past couple of days from people around the world complaining of anxiety), I’m reminded of the Zorba the Greek, the 1964 movie, and one of my favourites of all time) in which Anthony Quinn plays Zorba and Alan Bates a young Englishman who’s inherited land on a Greek island and has come to live there.

Along with the land he’s inherited Zorba as his foreman. In one scene the two of them are walking to the nearby village, when they both spot a beautiful widow peering out from a window at the Alan Bates character, evidently feeling an attraction to him. Zorba says, “She likes you. Boss.” The younger man feigns an air of English propriety and declares he doesn’t want any trouble. Zorba replies, “Boss, if you want to live life, you’ve got to unzip those pants and go looking for trouble!”

It’s that kind of fearlessness, that willingness to override tendencies to be precious about the orderliness of life, I suggest is required now. So that rather than expend energy avoiding the pitfalls, the way might be to go striding headlong into the adventure, and let be what will be.

To wit, using mind rather than muscle, without arching your back, subtly project the centre of your upper chest (the thymus region) slightly forwards and upwards, in a gesture of rising up and meeting all that’s beautiful within and around you, a gesture of coming to meet destiny with dignity and nobility.

And whatever scenarios you’re facing just now, visualize yourself emerging unscathed and successful, smiling and grateful to be alive, no matter the outcome.

Trust your way, your Tao, to be benign and it will be – remember the Tao acts like a mirror: whatever you believe will be reflected back at you amplified in this world of the ten thousand things.

If this resonates, I’ll be providing a tip or two to help engender this fearless state in the members-only area.

May all your endeavours yield surprisingly beautiful fruit for you today, the whilst.

With love, the D

3 Responses to “A vote for fearlessness

  • I love your words.

  • Jeannette Barr
    6 years ago

    Doesnt causing mischief cause far reaching ripples of pain to ourselves and others

  • Frances Folan
    6 years ago

    hahaha….that so made me laugh doc ..the whole ‘unzipping your pants and go LOOKING for trouble’ thing…made me realize how terribly namby pamby I’ve become…jeez better get a grip methinks!! Bye the way soooo enjoying rereading ‘Twisted Fables for Twisted Minds’ – has similar gunho joviality about it which is so cheering 🙂

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