A short lesson in chanting OM

By request here’s how to chant OM to align yourself with the creative thrust of existence – have a listen and try it out.

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6 Responses to “A short lesson in chanting OM

  • Parks Stearns
    12 months ago

    oh, man, that was SWEEEEEET! Thanks for the gift, Doc!

  • Thank you, dear stephen – i bought some 2- 3 years ago your 108 book and now I start reading, fine, yes, more than that – now I listen to your lesson on chanting OUm – it’s a long time I had and still have difficulties in relaxing and meditating.I’m testing you now that I re- discovered you. Thank you again!! I’ll be back

    • Hi Iren, I’ll be here waiting – trusting I pass the test and am of help to you, love, Stephen

  • Lorraine
    3 years ago

    Not sure where to post these comments so I hope here is OK…

    Heartfelt thanks Stephen for the generous gift of your knowledge and teachings at QUEST in Devon this weekend (including the value of OM). You were exceptionally generous with your time and knowledge in both the morning and afternoon workshops. You are a highly perceptive and attuned guy and the messages you delivered have already had a profound effect on me. I look forward with great enthusiasm to delving deeper into some of the practices you introduced. I return to my home in beautiful Cornwall with a lighter heart and step. I wish you continued joy and success in all you do. PS: loved the conscious clubbing

  • Zdravka
    4 years ago

    Thanks Stephen.

    I have just discovered you.I listened to your chanting and I have to admit that your voice had an immediate positive impact on me.
    “When the student is ready the teacher turns up” Wayne Dyer.

    I will start exploring your wisdom-you have already inspired me.


    Kind regards,

    Zdravka Stoikova

  • Serretta Wilson
    4 years ago

    Found this… its been awhile since I was with the sacred OM..
    its good to be back …with love Serretta/Bo

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