8 short sharp shots of Taoist wisdom and technique – 6 (attain perpetual happiness ) – weekend edition

If you spend all your time hoping for the good times to roll round, or fearing them coming to an end, or just fearing the bad times, you can’t possibly be present to enjoy what’s going on right now, which at the very least, is you sitting/crouching/lying/moving about here reading this, breathing, with consciousness on a planet spinning on her axis at 1,000 mph, while orbiting the sun even as we speak at 66,000 mph, yet feeling relatively still all the while, in the company of over 7 billion others not too dissimilar to you, with a whole world of possibilities at your feet.

Love this as it is regardless of your hopes and fears, be willing to transcend preferences for easy over difficult, good over bad, pleasure over pain, and nothing can ever destabilize you again. A friend just asked me on a percentage scale how happy I was – I answered 70% – not bad at all, he said and suggested I feel 100% happy about only feeling 70% happy.

It’s like that. Keep reframing your moment by moment experience and every time the existential anguish threatens to bubble up and overcome you, rather than resist it, welcome and embrace it, breathe and watch it be reintegrated as pure energy back into your system.

Part 7 will be in Monday’s public Wisdom Drop, part 8 on Monday in here.

I wish you more and more mastery of the mystery and a wonderful weekend.

Love, B

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