8 short sharp shots of Taoist wisdom and technique – 5 (dropping a love bomb) – weekend edition

When you want to jumpstart a sudden and huge new phase of good fortune (in any or all its guises) in your life, bearing in mind good fortune may be sent by the Tao but is delivered by other people, based on the premise that the energy you transmit returns to you multiplied, visualize yourself hovering like a huge unidentified flying object far, far above the earth’s surface and in your gigantic hands are holding what is evidently an organically styled rose coloured bomb-like structure.

Glancing at its side you notice a warning: contains pure, highest octane, universal love – highly inflammable, handle with care!

Gazing down at the earth, use your internal target tracker till you locate your favourite spot on the planet, as this will increase the love-magnetism. Then simply let go of the bomb, Let it fall to earth and watch it explode on impact into an implausibly vast and bright cloud of rose-gold light, which rapidly spreads everywhere like a million tidal waves of rose-gold light, until the entire planet is covered in it, all pain, suffering, misery, discontent, hatred, greed and fear instantly obliterated in its rays, leaving everyone feeling remarkably better, warmer, more loved, more loving and generally healed than ever before.

Then swiftly dive back down to earth and as one of its citizens, avail yourself of this benign fallout too.

Part 6 in the Members’ Wisdom Drop, part 7 in here on Monday.

I wish you more and more mastery and a wonderful weekend.

Love, D

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