On this ball of rock and molten lava

I’ve always been one for reframing as a way to break the hold of the trance of the everyday, which otherwise constantly threatens to numb me to the infinite majesty of the adventure – too wrapped up in the details, you forget to see the whole – and I noticed myself on the flight back to Spain recently, almost spontaneously

Trees, Rocks And Mountains

Today is a good day for visualising an increase of the inbound flow of energy to your life – a...

Into my world

So was Jesus Christ the son of God? Only if we all are. And is God another word for the...

Like A Large Red Turtle

Following on a bit from the previous let’s-escape-in-a-boat theme, I’ve been on the lookout for other potential craft that might fit the bill, in case I trigger a rush, perhaps something one could harness comfortably to one’s back and carry around rather like a large red turtle, while actively engaging in the affairs of the world, yet ever-ready to

Sail away

Come dear member, let’s sail away – let’s get in that small sailing vessel with its humble white sails and set off into the wide blue yonder, without a clue about our destination other than that we know somewhere out there in the heart of the mystery, is

Countless Blessings You Thought You Were Too Blocked To Receive

You ever get the sensation that nothing’s going to go right even though you’ve been in similar places before and...

Hexagram 17

Hexagram 17 – Flowing with The Way

This has come up a few times recently as a reminder, perhaps, to remember to follow rather than try and force the flow of events. Start by having an intention to produce a specific outcome, say you feeling fine and dandy through and through on account of having managed to manifest a huge positive shift in your life and then relax and allow

A certain je-ne-sais-quoi-ness

A certain je-ne-sais-quoi-ness

Being in the final/pre-final stage, blessed be, of bringing all the rather huge number of moving parts together for AMPED, in a crescendo of detail management that didn’t exactly start out lightweight from the beginning of the project in the first place – never knew you could say the same thing three times like that in different ways in one sentence and still sound relatively sensible – yes,

Weekend special – The power of presence

Doing tai chi is like acting out a metaphor for life in general, through slow graceful, effortless movements, emphasizing  calm...

Weekend special – Visualization exercise for being present

Visualize yourself walking along the road of life, the past, seen as a swirl of multicolored moving memory-shapes, is behind you, gradually vanishing into the distance, the future, seen as a swirl of white light (still in the potential, hence uncolored, state) undefined