Diving Into The Great Current

To enjoy the ride to the full it's of paramount importance in the order of tools for keeping yourself balanced,...

The Mysterious Path

It’s a mystery this path we tread and there’s no way of knowing where it’s going to lead us, other...

Into The Inner Chamber

We talk about walking a path, as if we’re engaging in a linear process, whereas in fact, the path only ever leads inwards, always urging us, step by step into the innermost chamber of ourselves, for there and only there will we find the peace we constantly crave and which we vainly strive to attain by changing the external conditions of our lives.

MONDAY SPECIAL – Can You Ever Really Be Too Free?

MONDAY SPECIAL – Can You Ever Really Be Too Free?

You ever get where you just let yourself go and stop thinking? You ever get where you’re just following your body wherever it wants to go? You ever get where you’re so

MONDAY SPECIAL – How Profoundly Perfect

Take yourself off on a little journey of the imagination to a distant land in another dimension, where the sky...

Hexagram 35 – Advancement

Whatever the object of your inquiry – will this or that happen, what will be the outcome, should I proceed this way or that in connection to it etc – this week will see you advancing towards your goal by a series of three quantum leaps. But to

All tasks perform themselves and you just take the credit

All tasks perform themselves and you just take the credit

How to fuel yourself through phases of extreme challenge in respect of getting temporal things done and done well. Bear with my repetitiveness if you’ve been in this conversation a while and hear me say it many times before, but the medicine of the ancient Taoists, which is nowadays simply called Chinese Medicine – a bit like calling say Elgar, the Beatles, or Blur, English music to someone who’d

Weekend Special – connect the energies of heaven and earth

While on the topic of things the ancient Taoists knew, along with the technique I mentioned in the public Wisdom Drop, entailing using the mind to draw the kinetic power of the earth up through the bubbling springs in the centre of the ball of each foot, up

Weekend Special – making everything go with a wonderful whiz

Though the ancient Taoists weren’t able to calculate exact speeds, they knew the earth was round, not flat, and knew...

Getting yourself to feel OK no matter what

My three sons are all grown men now but when each was a baby, I’d find myself walking around holding...