Don’t get hung up on the good or the bad – Taoist key to true wisdom

We all get hung up on chasing the good things of life, while doing all we can to avoid the bad, deluding ourselves into believing life’s solely a linear process, overlooking its lateral circular aspect and its inherent yin-yang (contraction-expansion) cycles. All manifest reality is relative, hence

Diaper-Changing Times

If you watch the process carefully, you might notice a tendency to half-consciously react to each change, each new piece...

Fluid balance is the key to success today

In seeking balance in your life, start within. In seeking balance within, start in your body. Begin with the breath. Equalize the duration of the inhalation and exhalation, as this equates to your

Walking the high-wire of life like a master

People tell me they feel foolish when they get anxious or worried, as if they’ve let themselves down as warriors....

Monday edition – technique for aiding and abetting a good de-stress

Tense the back of your neck, hold for a moment and release with an out-breath. Tense your face, hold for a moment and release with an out-breath. Tense your chest and belly, hold for a moment and release with an out-breath. Tense your pelvis, buttocks and lower back, hold for

Instant de-stress – Monday edition

When I was unwell recently the only important thing was to take the next breath and stay alive. As soon...

Hexagram 9

Hexagram 9 – Feeding

Looks like the storm clouds are gathering but no rain falls and nothing untoward occurs. To the contrary, success is coming once the storm blows over, success that will feed and fulfil you satisfyingly on the local plane of existence.

Protect yourself

The issue of people-pleasing and the significance of learning to stop it is one to keep exploring I think, dear Circlist. What is people-pleasing? Faking and manipulating. It starts with the so-called ‘magic word’ children are taught to say to unlock the flow of bounty their way, ‘please’.

Weekend Edition: how to maintain a positive spirit through thick and thin

At the crown of your head is an energy locus the Hindu yogis call the thousand petal lotus and the Taoists call the meeting of a hundred energies which serves as the connecting point between your local self and the world of spirit. When activated,

Weekend Edition: creating and maintaining your positive spirit

With the external world in such a state of flux, slamming you randomly between elation and deflation at every turn,...